Monitor Flicker and Black Screen Issue

Hi All,

After getting your Eve Spectrum, have any of you experienced any issues?

My monitor on v102 was having flickering issues while watching Netflix and upgrading to v104 this is no longer happening but had a issue a moment ago where the screen was just black.

Would be able to navigate the menu for a few minutes but then nothing, just changed to video input changes while using the navigation button. Changed all cables on monitor and computer but nothing worked. After a few minutes of struggling and switching over to my secondary LG monitor the Spectrum started to work again.

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before firmware 104 I too had screen flickering and moments of my screen turning black for a few seconds. How i fixed mine was changing my hdmi cable to a certified hdmi 2.1 cable, changing hdmi ports on my rtx 3070 card and updating nvidia drivers which stop black screen and flickering for me. Now upgrading my pc, updating to firmware 104 and to windows 11. i am no longer getting screen flicker and black screens. double check if your drivers are all up to date and use a certified hdmi 2.1 cable. if you are still having issues via hdmi. try a displayport cable.

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Thanks for the reply @LoneWolf but using both hdmi 2.1 and DisplayPort cable bought from Eve’s store. All drivers updated on my computer and still on Win 10 but yeah might try another DisplayPort cable lying around if I can find one.

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I’m still having this issue and it’s pretty intolerable - were you able to find a solution to the monitor flickering? I’m using DisplayPort 1.4

I had this issue for a while, turned out to be a bad batch of certified DP1.4 cables that didn’t perform. bought a new set of cables (using the same type and length for both my monitors) and the spectrum worked again. now, a few months after this issue first came up it has come back, aside from updating drivers and such (as you do) nothing has changed in my setup. but the screen blanking issue has returned. doesn’t seem to relate to the content on the screen as its happening sitting idle on the desktop, and in game. my other monitor, an old acer 2k display is fine and doesn’t blank at all. just the spectrum. this is almost certainly an issue with the monitor

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man that really sucks, I’ve been trying to reach out to their support team but no luck. Switched over to HDMI and now I’m seeing more problems.

Could you provide some more infos from your setup?

Did you use the 102 version from the forum or from the official download section?

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Hi this is happening on my Razer Tomahawk Nuc,

  • Which Device is affected?
    PC - Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop with GeForce RTX 3080 GPU and Intel NUC | PC

  • OS Version of Device (Windows 10/11, Mac OS X/Y, Xbox/PS Version)?
    Windows 10

  • Which cable is used for the connection (HDMI, DP, USB-C)?
    Original flickering issue on DP, current issue with screen image problem on HDMI

  • Which Firmware is the Spectrum running on?
    v104 as mentioned in my post and yes downloaded from official section

  • For PC: Which GPU is used?
    RTX 3080 founders edition

  • For PC: GPU Driver Version?

  • Describe your Problem as good as possible, if possible, add Pictures
    Pictures already shown above.

I’ve been advise to try a factory reset, and this issue has only happened twice so far. I will give this a try next time the issue occurs.

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I am also seeing some bad flickering and other issues.

I’m using the HDMI 2.1 port on my 3080 with an HDMI 2.1 certified cable. On the desktop, when set to 144Hz in Windows, the Spectrum flickers badly. When playing games the adaptive sync means the framerate is rarely ever pegged at 144Hz, and I don’t notice any issues.

My solution, for now, is to set the refresh rate in Windows to 120Hz. I’m not seeing any flickering with this setting.

The display also seems to have trouble waking from sleep sometimes. It will sometimes wake and connect, and other times wake and not connect, while the menu is also unavailable for 10 seconds or so. Other times it will connect and disconnect several times until it finally connects permanently. Yesterday it woke and parts of the screen were all jarbled. Turning it off and on resolved that for now.

Firmware v104. GPU driver 496.76.

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Only solution I’ve found was to switch from DP to HDMI, but having the messed up screen image at times from HDMI and only way to resolve it is by powering off the monitor and turning it back on.