Modular dock idea


I first thought about posting this in the respective thread ( [Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type ), but it might be too large of a discussion, hence another thread about docks :smiley:


I’ve drawn some quick incredibly ugly sketches on my phone to demonstrate the idea, please forgive me :smiley: and I won’t go into much detail about the specific extra ports here, but feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Ok, I thought about a way to combine a modular station (for at home, e.g.) with a mobile dock on the way and a portrait mode stand:

This is the dock from above. It has two usb-c ports that fit exactly the two ports of the V:

The two ports have a base with a hinge and behind them is a back plate that extends all the way to the port to allow the V to sit tight:

And now to the mobile dock. It has a battery and is charged via USB-C and charges via USB-C, therefore it has two USB-C ports at the exact same place as the V and can fit as well (why two, if one USB-C can be used for charging and getting charged?: To charge something while charging the mobile dock):

All the proportions are due to my clumsy fingers and the bad drawing. Doesn’t need to look like that exactly :smiley:


  • The good of both world plus a portrait stand
  • eGPU in the large dock?
  • Speakers in the large dock? :grin:
  • Anything in the large dock? :scream:
  • It allows for a connection specifically designed for the V while being useful for other devices as well (maybe we could even make the male USB-Cs removable or something to put on them to be used as a stand for any tablet? Another idea would be to make the stand and the two USB-C ports move independently from each other. So, the ports can rest on the large dock to charge the small dock for example and the stand can be used for anything and not only the V)
  • Please, name more, guys!


  • Exact spacing can be hard to manufacture (I.e. USB-Cs)?
  • Please, name more, guys!

If Eve would go for something similar, I’d like to have speakers in the large dock and Qi-charging in one of them (preferably the small one, but placing your phone behind the V makes sense as well), but it’s also possible to place an eGPU into the box as well.

So, that’s it. As you can see I just thought quickly of the idea and you can feel free to criticize, make better and discuss functions and uses and ports and what not down here!


[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type

Do you mean something like this. (can’t quite understand the differences between mobile and stationary)

If so this got me thinking. Why not have the stand/ mobile portion Non - Thunderbolt and have the GPU portion Thunderbolt this will fulfils both the lightweight and heavyweight dock options. The stand/mobile dock can have a thunderbolt pass through connection to the GPU+ module.

Advantages of your design is

  • relative simplicity for the amount of versatility your getting.
  • excellent balance of bandwidth over several ports
  • best of both worlds solution
  • verticals stand
  • its similar to my design :wink:


  • probably even more expensive than my solution :smiley: mainly because of the hinge.
  • designed specifically for the v meaning poor compatibility with other devices (this is the main reason I avoided showing something like this in my version)

Good job though!

[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type

Oh damn, now I remember this post and feel like a shameless copycat, haha :smiley:

My idea is a bit different though: I wouldn’t have the stand removable from the large dock and would have only the two USB-C ports since they should be enough and the others don’t add that much imo. And thinking about it, I like it most when the ports (the lower middle section of the stand) is moveable independently from the stand to allow use for every tablet (with the USB-C ports still remaining on top of the box and the rest of the stand folded up).

With the mobile dock I meant a simple brick
like this:

  • Two female USB-Cs to connect it the same way as the V to the large dock and to allow simultaneous charging of the small dock and a device (if not connected to the large dock and needed)
  • A few useful ports
  • Battery plus wireless Qi-charging
  • It’s basically supposed to be a small hub with integrated battery and wireless charging