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EVE TEAM, I think this is important -

On the website where you do a comparison of the V to the surface pro, the last line has a price for the surface pro and question marks for the V. Either put a price in there or take out the line. There is no reason to raise Fears, uncertainties and doubts because of a carryover. You can put Indegogo pricing if you want, but question marks just begs a question that is not necessary to beg.

I would vote for just taking out the pricing line, we all know that pricing for the V will be less than the Surface Pro and that the Surface pro doesn’t include a keyboard or pen. If you want filler, put a line called included accessories, and put keyboard, pen next to the V and none next to the Surface pro.



I agree and second that vote.

If the pricing is being kept confidential for now, then don’t refer to pricing or simply put in the words “To Be Announced”.

However Marks suggestion of not referring to the prices at all until the V price is set, would be my preferred option.


I personally think that the question marks are ok, it acts as a TBA tag, and I think it adds a sense of mystery IMO.