Mike and Konsta Q&A is now DONE!


Hey Guys!

[ Q&A was LIVE here.]

Thank you guys! It really feels like a big family!


Show is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EEST. Two hours from the start of answering.

Q&A is coming and it’s close. Tomorrow at 6pm EEST me and @Mike answer all of your questions in Reddit. We will provide the link here 5pm tomorrow. Looking forward to chat with you :smiley:

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Sourcing is real hot here now. We have so much to share with you!


2 things I want to ask you before the Q & A.

Firstly I’d like to know when do you plan doing this live session and where (skype?)?

And secondly if you’re reading through the forums - I think there are very important discussions and opinons that have been made in these past days so I would suggest you to read them and tell us what you think about some questions we asked :wink:


@Artur, thanks for telling!

To be frank we have difficulties accessing community here in China. We will need to make it load faster in China :slight_smile:

As for the feedback. @Artur, thank you for keeping us updated. To be frank, this is the busiest trip of my life:) We have meetings for the whole day discussing how to make ▼ an amazing device!

This Weekend we will try to write up some of the updates from China and answer all of the communities questions :slight_smile:

Talk to you soon guys!

P.S. As for the schedule, we suggest to have it after we come back from China so like 20th of April.


May I suggest having it on a friday/Saturday as from experience this should be a time where most people have time :slight_smile:
During the week is difficult for all members of the community maybe due to timezones and the meeting being in working hours for someone under the week.

Other than that: I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Maybe you should make poll to learn when is the moment comfortable for most people here (day of the week/hour(GMT)(start, finish))
I think we should even find out in which time zones most people live


Great idea @TAImatem!

What would be the best day to have it for you? Should we host it in reddit?


@Konstantinos, what about putting it in one of the main subreddits? You know, cheap marketing :grin:


Yes good idea! Guys i feel a bit embarrased to say as a marketing guy originally but i dont have that good of an account in redit.

@pauliunas, do you think its possible to have it in gadgets subriddit? Should we just nessage moderators???


@Konstantinos usually everyone is allowed to post in that subreddit, but yeah, since this is commercial content made by you, the team, you should ask the moderators just to be sure :slight_smile: The sidebar says that self-promotion is not allowed, but after reading all of it, I can assume they’re talking about retailers here. Even if they don’t agree, there are plenty of technology related subreddits to choose from :slight_smile:


If you can record the webinar and made it available on the Eve website after it would be great so if people can’t attend it they would at least have the info.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Well, if it’s hosted on Reddit, I imagine it being text-based, where people post questions as comments and Eve replies with answers - so we can just drop a link to that thread, can’t we? Reddit keeps old threads available for a very long time…


As long as you don’t have a negative karma on it everything should be fine :smiley:
Maybe also check other subreddits and ask if you can X-Post the “AMA”.

Getting more visible would surely be good for the PF :smiley:


I’m curious, when will the Q&A take place? Sometime next week, right? At least the email said so :slight_smile: but have you decided on the day yet? I hope it’s on weekend, so that people from all timezones can join.


I’m probably the only one here who has heard of Reddit but still doesn’t understand exactly what it is. Never had a use for it (enough of my time gets wasted elsewhere).

Does one need an account to participate in discussions on Reddit?


I’m just like you :wink:


Yeah you do, but I don’t even think they require email confirmation. But since the Gadgets subreddit has a few millions of subscribers, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to gain people’s attention.
And yeah, I agree that reddit wastes a lot of time, but if you spend a day searching, you might find a few useful subreddits ;D Apart from its trashy troll part, reddit is often used as forums to ask for advice. I got a little help from them when I was entering the audiophile world, although I must say that dedicated forums are a hundred times more productive :slight_smile:


Would this friday or next tuesday be better for you guys?


Tuesday is better for me, but i arrange time to be present on Friday


Friday. Tomorrow if possible :grinning:


Tuesday would be great! The best time would be from 15:30 to 17:00 in GMT time :wink: