Microsoft Surface Pro, Christmas price in local store


Since yesterday one could buy here in our local chain store:
Surface pro, Type Cover, Intel m3 7V30, 4GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, WIN10 pro.

The price is 799 € cash or 24,21€ monthly.


That offer for a low spec been around a while - Black Friday initially. A reasonable option if works for people - though still needs a pen?


Without pen, which would be xtra.


And only 4 gig of ram. That’s not that much for Windows 10.


In a big german electronic store you can get the surface pro 2017 + type cover + arc mouse for 1220€ this week.
I think that is the better deal :slight_smile:


But what processor and memory/SSD?


i5 - 8GB - 256GB