Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leak


Not necessarily. The vast majority of USB devices are still USB-A. Many people and many corporations still have over 25 years worth of literally billions of USB-A devices to support. With USB-A, you at least maintain port compatibility for all these devices. With USB-C, not so much with a cumbersome adapter (also representing an investment) being required.

Ideally, having both types of ports and multiple ones of each type would be the way to go, and only tablet in the world can lay claim to that accomplishment. :smiley:


Please don’t make this thread another USB-C vs. USB-A Discussion :scream:


Yeah it kind of depends on how long you want to use your device.
USB-A to USB-C adapters can’t provide the same functionality compared to a normal USB-C port, so that will be an issue in the next two years. If I had to choose between proprietary charging and USB-A or only USB-C , I would choose USB-C. While USB-A functionality can be easily adapted, Thunderbolt 3/USB-C functions can’t be easily added later via a dongle.
To stay on topic: I think if this leak came true that would be an even worse business move made by Microsoft compared to Apples debacle.
Especially since Microsoft is (successfully) riding that hype wave of being more innovative in comparison to Apple.


I understand. :slight_smile: I believe both are important and USB-C is the way forward but it will not become the dominant standard for at least 5 or 10 years minimally. Even then, USB-A ports will likely still be around for desktops, workstations and servers given its sheer ubiquity.


@Hifihedgehog - problem is you can easy use USB-C (with adapter or new cable) for USB-A devices, but you cannot do the same for many USB-C devices.


Whether with or without USB C if the rest of the SP5 stays the same as SP4 with just a CPU swap it is very good news for us all. MS on the other hand will still sell a ton of them as other than V they don’t really have any worthy competition. That’s why they weren’t in a rush to even upgrade SP4.


For which devices do you refer? If you are referring to video adapter cables, it is very clear that you cannnot plug in a USB-C to HDMI adapter with a USB-C to USB-A adapter and expect it to work.


True, but on the other hand the market is moving fast, and who know what else is going to be prepared for the summer by other companies (including Eve V :slight_smile: )
Also it’s about momentum and hype as well. Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Surface Studio got so much (deserved) hype by the press and tech reviewers, that a let down like this could hurt their image.


IDK about you, but I surely hope not to be using any ports in 5 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are spot on and given the current trajectories, it all but makes sense for the MS to do a simple CPU and minor upgrades for SP5 and save the real updates for the next generation. That gives them:

  1. More time for R&D on truly new gen devices
  2. Since the update vs. redesign requires less resources = more net profits for MS = more $$ for R&D next device


The problem with wireless video is getting low latency. The best wireless HDMI is still behind in this regard. Miracast and others are getting better, but there is still a lot of engineering problems to solve here.
And for most people and organizations, we still have the issue of older wired USB-A to support. But I also hope we see wireless becoming feasible and practical in the next few years!


As I know, some disk fields are to be prepared for USB-C only.

Or existing external drives, which can charge laptop and deliver data using one cable - G-Drive.


Latency problem has been getting better and WiDi with MS adapter works pretty darn well. I certainly hope in 5 years time it will be nonexistent. TBH even today recent WiDi and Miracast adapters or built-in I have tried have been more than sufficient for work, presentations and watching videos. [quote=“Hifihedgehog, post:51, topic:6214”]
And for most people and organizations, we still have the issue of older wired USB-A to support

For this the only thing I can think of from our offices are the USB 3 docking stations. Anyways this tread is about SP5, so lets keep it at that :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that the speculation is strictly about the SP5. They could, on the other hand, release another device like what they did with the Surface Book.

I personally think they will update the S3 (Surface 5?) with Y-series CPU, since there is no substantial update to the Atom since the x7 inside the S3. On the other hand, they don’t want to ‘dilute’ the perception of SP5 with Y-series CPU because there would be a lot of backlash if they did that.


That is a very good point. If you use the Y-series with a worse cooling solution than we have, it is worse than the U-series. So, a fanless S4 as an update to the S3 could really be something they do.


I’d say its less about the cooling. I am sure they will design a very good cooling solution, probably even better than ours since they got a massive R&D budget. I remember someone somewhere said that the R&D budget of the Surface Book hinge alone is roughly as large as the entire Eve V.

Its more of the perception. It is no doubt that the first-gen Core M was underperforming, and the stigma is still among many of us. The moment people hear Core M, they got an image of a sluggish but expensive laptop, like the MacBook 12". I know a lot of people who got turned off the moment they heard the V has Core M.

Oh, and imagine what the news sites will say, “Surface Pro 5 released with upgraded screen, downgraded to Core M”
“Surface Pro 5 followed Apple’s lead in using Core M”
“Turns out the MacBook was right all along, Microsoft followed the use of Y-series CPU”


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It looks like microsoft wants to focus on education so a Surface 4/5 seems about right.


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