Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leak


Yeah I wonder how that port can support data transfer at such tremendous speed and charging without actually overheating :slight_smile:

But it could be true. Does anyone want to submit a support ticket to Microsoft? :slight_smile:


He’s still one random guy on a forum claiming things he can’t prove because “reasons”.

If I want unsubstantiated claims, I can watch Ancient Aliens.


You know that a mere agent in the support team won’t know. :slight_smile: Feel free to PM jnjroach at TabletPCReview Forum, though, and he will corroborate his statement once again.


:wink: He is a high-level contracted employee (technical director) at Microsoft. Currently, he is heavily involved in much of their media and PR for Surface, if I recall correctly. He even knows when the Surface Pro 5 is going to be released.


Reasons for keeping the proprietary surface connector could way more banal than you guys think.

  1. Money
    SP4 and SB have both seen very strong sales and are available for corporate purchasing. Keeping the proprietary connector means that more likely than not, people and IT purchasing departments would go with buying MS and not third party accessories like dock and extra chargers
    All of their accessories are rather expensive and likely help boost the sales figures significantly

  2. Power delivery
    USB-C power delivery limit is 100W. SB power brick is at 102W so the surface connector is likely better suited for higher power needs


It’s exactly what I suggested it is - trying to build a walled garden and keeping 3rd parties out without having any real technical merit to back it up.

Just ol’ Microsoft looking at their 90s playbook but this time in hardware rather than software.


Well at least this time around their chargers are top notch and they are magnetic (thing that MBP users are whining about after loosing it :joy:) I’ve used SP3, SP4 and SB (briefly) and wouldn’t mind having same surface connector on SP5 SB2


Personally, I like keeping an open mind and don’t necessarily buy into the David and Goliath, open versus walled garden ecosystem narratives which are often the byproduct of new tech startups. I simply buy products based on intrinsic value which is why the EVE V and Surface Pro 5 (given the Surface Pro 4’s track record) are on the top of my wishlist.

However, what you say is certainly possible given Microsoft’s history, especially when Steve “Man Child” Ballmer (who holds a record for one of the lowest CEO approval ratings in the industry) was bungling the company with this Microsoft 90’s mindset. The Surface Pro 3 and its proprietary Surface Connector came out right about the time when Ballmer was walking out the door.

Unlike Ballmer, though, Satya Nadella is quite open to and even bullish about third-party involvement. He is also one of the high brows who was behind the original Windows NT project, who actually knows tech unlike Ballmer. So he is quite intelligent and probably can see past the balminess (pun intended) of locking customers into a walled garden.


That actually wouldnt surprise me if they keep the legacy ports. Microsoft has been VERY hesitant in adopting USB-C in their computers for some reason. The Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio all released after the USB-C standard was rectified, and yet none of them has a USB-C. Not even one port. In particular the Surface Studio, which was released almost 2 years after the USB-C standard was rectified. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they only put one of those.

I believe its the ‘extended’ one that’s featured on the Surface Book laptop dock, not the regular one that we see in the docking station.


And suddenly, the Surface Pro 5 got a whole lot less interesting. This practically seals the deal for me with the Eve V:

OK sports fans, here’s the FINAL word from Foley and Thurrott on Windows Weekly:

Foley said that she and Thurrott confirmed, from different sources, that the Surface Pro 5 will be IDENTICAL to Surface Pro 4 except for Kaby Lake Processors. She emphasized nothing else will change. :cool:

Sources: (The episode was just live and will be posted shortly)


What? Identical? That’s crazy - surely they added a TB port?


Apparently, per Thurrott and Foley who have multiple anonymous sources to corroborate this, they are just doing a drop-in processor upgrade. Color me extremely underwhelmed and disappointed. With the recent J.D. Power study that was released, one would naturally think Microsoft would try pushing the boundaries at least a little bit more. They could have gone just that little bit further (at least that Thunderbolt 3 port) to assert dominance and narrow the gap in sales between them and Apple. I guess not. They are more interested in releasing a–frankly–lame OS SKU to complete with Chrome OS, really, yet another repeat of their Windows RT disaster.


Same stupid Microsoft decision was Surface Studio without USB-C and ThunderBolt 3 ports …


Well maybe some other organization needs to push boundaries then :slight_smile:


yep - this is nothing but good news for the Eve team if it is in fact true!


I wonder who that might be… :wink:


Well maybe they thought because of the backlash Apple got, they could leave out USB-C for another generation. But missing out on new innovative ports is even worse than leaving all of the “old” ports behind in one sweep.


Exactly …


But maintaining both the old (full-size USB-A) and new (USB-C) ports would have effectively eliminated any criticism of adding a new innovative port. The problem with the Macbook is Apple eliminated the old ports altogether and entirely.


Yeah, that’s why I said it would be even worse than what Apple did. A mix of old and new (like the V :slight_smile: ) is the best solution from a user perspective.