Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leak


ummhh…it seems MS wants to wait one more year to overhaul its new design strategy and retain the same 2-in-1 form factor for 5, with just internal spec upgraded to max as possible…

time for V community to flip on V2 design and form factor. Are we ready to take up the challenge???


Would be really weird if Microsoft didn’t include any usb type c port not to mention tb3. I guess we will find out soon.


Had to change the topic title, since it was a little misleading.
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I believe that we, as a community, have created such a masterpiece that it will be difficult for us to beat it. It’s about as close to perfection as we can get(for its price, and excluding outlandish/gimmicky features), so it would probably end up as a refined successor, with a CPU refresh and some minor additions that wouldn’t sway buyers of the original V to upgrade. I may be wrong on this though, since our community has evolved and has come a long way from its humble beginnings.
So I think it’s better if our next device moves on to another category to improve that market as a whole, similar to how the V will redefine 2in1s(if all goes well).
How about a smartphone or eGPU enclosure?


Don’t mind the title change, and agree on your comments. :slight_smile:


Windows Central posted an article about a possible SP5 patent.

We can see a usb type-c port replacing the magnetic power plug.

However, I think this looks more like a Surface 4 ( non-pro ) than a Surface Pro 5 for two reasons

  1. If you look at the patent images, there’s the little band where the rear camera is. This reminds me of the Surface 3, where the band was used to make LTE connections easier

  2. USB type-c is just there to replace the micro usb type b in the Surface 3

Edit: Also noticed that. The USB type C can’t be thunderbolt because there’s also a display port?


Can’t see the images for some reason…
EDIT: Nevermind it works now.


Why not? Those two can coexist together, no?


Though some of these patents are very interesting, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to them in regards of “telling the future”. Big companies get patents for anything just to be sure. And then some journalist digs through them to see, if any can fit his article :smiley: judging on the number of patents for bendable screens, etc. we should be rolling our phones right now :smiley: this patent could well be one of several designs that they want to reserve for later use or sell.

Edit: This particular patent was applied for on 30.3.15 or 3/30/15 (whatever Americans use :tipping_hand_woman:)


I would replace the display port with another usb-c.Otherwise it would mean giving up the only charging port if you want to use adapters, which, design-wise, isn’t something Microsoft would do.


They can, but a USB C port can also do what a display port does and more. So it just makes more sense to have 2 USB C ports. Even having 1 USB C negates the need for a display port really… Unless it’s primary use is for power delivery, as then you couldn’t really charge and have a monitor connected at the same time without getting all toggley and what not.


The reason they would be keeping the Mini DisplayPort is for retraining accessory compatibility from one generation to another. Many owners appreciate not having to invest in another set of adapters with each new release. Seeing that Mini DisplayPort has been a defining feature common to all Surface Pro devices since the very beginning, this only makes sense from a design perspective.


Here are two other related leaks that point to an imminent release of the Surface Pro 5:




Surface Pro 5 will not change the proprietary magnetic Surface power connector.
It would be a ridiculous if they kept that port because Thunderbolt can do so much more. You cannot even drive two 4k screens @60Hz with current Surface devices, they are limited to 30Hz. My brain just refuses to understand why they even bothered to "invent’ something new that can do less than already existing technologies.


Because they can.

Proprietary companies like to keep control over their peripherals, hell look at Apple or any number of other businesses that deal with hardware.


Until they realized they could use open standards and just make their devices incompatible with most of the devices that are currently out there with just SW locking them out cough Thunderbolt3 Controllers cough


Believe it or not, the Surface Connector actually has over 2.5 times more bandwidth than a Thunderbolt 3 port does. That is one very good possible reason why Microsoft has been standing behind it for so long:

“Thunderbolt 3 pushes 40Gbps, I can’t tell you the exact number but the Surface Connector pushes over 2.5x the data of Thunderbolt 3…”



In that case it’s very weird that they can’t manage to get two 4k screens working @60Hz with their docking station.


It is indeed rather unusual which is why Thunderbolt 3 remains the top feature request for the next Surface at the TabletPCReview Forum even in spite of this otherwise incredibly impressive bandwidth. The Surface Connector’s resolution limitation is possibly due to implementation, perhaps the way they bifurcate or encode the data paths. It is also possible that Microsoft is purposely holding back the display capabilities since a 15W dual-core Core processor with just integrated Intel graphics could have a difficult time driving two 4K displays at 60 Hz.


I did a few quick searches and absolutely no credible information is available about the speed of the adapter - he could be pulling numbers out of his butt and post them as ‘facts’ on a forum so they don’t look like idiots pushing for the proprietary connector.


jnjroach has a reliable track record (he has been featured in several podcasts online) and has affirmed and confirmed this statement on multiple subsequent occasions in the forum.