Microsoft office or alternatives?


I love Libre office have not found anything better that is free and open source


I highly recommend Office 365 as in addition to all the current apps on my laptop I also get them on my phone, and iPad, and eventually the V. Plus the included 1TB of OneDrive storage has been very useful on a daily basis working between devices.

Libre Office is good, but still not as good as Office 365. Worth the money in my opinion.


Late to the discussion, but to add to the popular opinion, I also believe that like Libre Office is “good for the purpose” of a MS Office alternative.

Just that Microsoft Office is “better”, to the degree that I’d purchase it (or subscribe to Office 360) if I have to use it for a reasonable amount of time. I personally use nothing other than Word, Excel and Powerpoint though.

I also seen myself using Google Doc a lot more than several years ago.


Has anyone had experience with an alternative to MS Publisher?


The writer yes. LOPresentations is rather basic and there are many compatibility problems with MS Powerpoint.


The only other thing would be adobe illustrator, or not? Publisher is easier to use, Adobe could do much more in better quality. Other programs I don’t know.


Have a look at “Page and Layout Designer” from

It’s not particularly well known but is an evolution of a DTP program on the Acorn Risc PC back in the '90s and is very capable and easy to use.


Ups: roll_eyes: , thanks @Hawk_Hunter, I use it very seldom. Gone load Libre office right now.


You are welcome :wink:


I’ll weigh in quickly. I’ve used “them all”, so to speak. For many different purposes. I hate to weigh in on the side of the evil Empire, but Office 365 is great, and at around $99/yr it’s hard to beat the price. It’s just more polished than any of the alternatives, and an important point for me is that everything is integrated. 1tb storage, great apps. I use it for everything from music (I play professionally as well as teach, create docs w/ office), to use w/ real estate/rentals to legal work to trading cryptos. Bit of this, bit of that basically, anything that pays the bills. The main selling point for me is the ease of integration.

–> I’ll add as sidenote that my dream is that Eve’s next project is a Surface Phone - Surface Phone killer, that is - please! :wink: Again, for the integration, syncing and ease of use from platform to platform.

Antivirus: maybe someone mentioned Sophos and I missed it. Sophos has fantastic av for personal use. Currently free. They offer much more than personal, but here is link to home version:


LibreOffice is a good substitute for Microsoft Office, but it’s not 100% compatible -e.g. the format of the cells in the spreadsheets. However, if you are working on somewhat lengthy documents, LibreOffice is the one I go with.

Google Doc is good. It’s extremely useful when you are working with others at the same time, and you can open the file whenever you are logged into Google. However, the process can be slowed down if you are working on a heavy document or with many people at the same time.

LaTex is very clean and simple, but it has a learning curve. It’s can be cumbersome to put figures and draw diagrams in LaTex as well. If you are working heavily with mathematical equations, LaTex is the one that I recommend, but if you need to work with lots of figures and diagrams, it’s not really efficient.


It depends on on the figures diagrams you need. I am studying technical informatics, er drawer all kinds of automatas and structural trees and LaTeX is the best Tool to acomplish that! If you already made your graphs in another program you can just embed them as vektor graphics (PDF) or as Pixel graphic (png, jpg)
But the learning courve is rather high, but in exchange you get beautiful documents which do not get messed up by Word when moving a picture :joy:
Also you can easily deine shortcuts to write things for you or execute some Code for you to make your life easier :smiley:


But OneNote is free now, without a subscription.
Even for the desktop (x86) software.


ugh! Again I’m going to weigh in on side of evil Empire (microsoft). Office 365 version of OneNote is superior to the free version. I make extensive use of OneNote. Also, there is an addon called Onetastic that offers bunch of great features you can add to OneNote, sort features, etc.


The desktop version I’m using is the exact same as the Office 365 version, except for maybe macro stuff I don’t use (not sure on this).
The app versions are different from desktop, yes, but all the desktop versions are the same.


Can you share what is different and how it’s better? Lots of curious minds want to know.


I just saw this, sorry for slow reply.

I use OneNote on my desktop quite a bit. Someone above mentioned macros, and that is one aspect that makes a huge difference. I didn’t like OneNote much because I was looking for features that Evernote has, sort functions for example. I added the Onetastic and downloaded a bunch of their macros and it makes everything much more useful. There’s another 3rd party macro site, forget the name, but similar. Either would be good imo.

I do a lot w/ OneNote, so for me the paid/subscription (Office 365) version is more finegrained, and allows a lot more manipulation of things I’ve written, etc. One thing I do a lot is use a ton of screenshots for trading - mostly crypto but some daytrading etc too - and then mark them up, save for comparisons etc. The paid version just works better for this.

I’m on laptop now, but can review more w/ screenshots on the desktop later. Using on desktop lets me have really good notes for laptop. OneNote on android is horrible, imo. Wish they would work on features