[Merged] Which Spectrum is right for me?

By the 4k. The used market is so saturated with QHD monitors. You won’t regret having the upgrade.

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Just a question…

Since Nvidia announced the 3000 series graphic cards. I would like to hear if the 4k model 3 is better to buy than model 2 ?
Also is it possible to run 1440 on a 4k screen and does it look good?


1440p does not scale nicely to 4K since it is not exactly 2x more. It is still unknown how Spectrum will handle this upscaling, but typically it is not nearly as good as natively running it at 4K. My question is why you would want to run 1440p on a 4K monitor? You will not get any extra Hz.


Don’t listen to darkguy2, because he is weird (why would you run 1440p on a 4k monitor? Because it’s significantly easier for your gpu to do so? Obviously).

1440p will look a little bit blurry, as running games non-natively always do, but it won’t look terrible. If you’re going to get a 3 series card, you’ll be able to run most (if not all) blockbuster games at 4k60, but if you absolutely want 144hz, you might want to bump some games down. 1080p will be more crisp (because of integer scaling), but not as detailed, 1440p (using bilinear scaling) will be more detailed, but look a little fuzzy. Either way the monitor will handle it fine. That being said, native resolution always looks best.



I currently have a 1080 card. I will not game in 4k 60 Hz
I will use the 4k screen in 1440 and when I upgrade my pc to a 3000 series card I will play in 4k
I just don’t know how a 4k screen will behave in 1440


When you launch a game, set them all at native 4k resolution. And then you can ajust the 3d resolution scale to something like 60% to 70% or simply just until you get the desired framerate. So the UI will stay sharp at 4k and the 3D rendering will be a bit blurry but playable.

Then when you get a 30 series card, you can go: “haha settings go brrrrrr”


Hello, I’m very close to pre ordering a spectrum before it’s too late.

I’m definitely buying an xbox series x and potentially buying a budgetish gaming pc in about 18 months time (just for diablo 4)

I mainly play FPS like COD/Apex.

I’m just a middle of the road gamer, I’m never going to be winning any competitions etc. This is a lot of money for me to pay for a monitor so I want to keep it for yeaaaars hence why I’m thinking the 4k to sort of ‘future proof’ it.

Do you think it’s better for me to get the 4k 144hz monitor as I’ll be using it mostly for xbox gaming or would you go for the 2k 240 hz?

Thanks in advance


I think 4k 144hz is better for you if you play on pc for diablo 4 only and xbox series x


I play consoles predominantly but I also have a high-end PC (RTX 2080 super) with plans to pick up an RTX 3080 if I can secure a founders edition card.

Playing on a PS4 has spoilt me. I currently have a 4k 60hz monitor, and a 2k 165hz monitor. Now this will be very subjective and perhaps “obvious” but no matter how hard I try I am always slightly disappointed by the images displayed on the 2k display. Until recently I had reserved 1 x model (2) and 1 x model (3) Spectrum monitors.

I have since changed this to 2 x model (3). FPS is not as important to me as image quality and whilst I have no doubt the model (2) spectrum will still be amazing, for me it comes down to what benefit a lower resolution, higher refresh monitor will provide for me.

I do of course still have the 2k monitor I am currently using so perhaps this wasn’t too hard a decision to make but I want to make the most of the visuals these new cards and consoles bring over frame rates.


I’m currently thinking of getting two for my dual set up, but I’m still not sure what monitor i should get. I know one of the is going to be 4K @ 144hz, that one is going to be my main monitor for video editing, but I’m still not sure about the second monitor, I’m between another 4K or a QHD@ 240hz, I currently have a Lenovo Legion Y740 with a Intel i7-9750H, RTX 2070 Max Q and 16GB of RAM, I don’t know if my pc will run two 4K monitors, I do play often that’s why I was thinking of getting the QHD @ 240hz, that extra refresh rate is would be perfect for that but don’t know if that may cause any compatibility issues, I’ve had problems in the past where the monitors start reconnecting every time i would close and app, streaming site or game because the frame rates doesn’t match on both monitors, don’t know if it will happen with these also…

Anyone suggestions or opinions for the second monitor would really help


Just go with 4k. Mixing resolutions is rarely a good time unless the monitors have the same or at least similar ppi. Best to just avoid the hassle. And if you only game occasionally and not competitively, 144hz is plenty for you