[merged topic] Linux on the V



Hi @haqthinh! :slight_smile:

While we don’t officially support Linux on the V, @Helios did a great job of linking you to the topics where our community members have tested Linux already.

I can also tell you that Ubuntu works in 17.04 right out of the box (at least using it with the Live USB) without any noticeable problems at all :slight_smile:


@iKirin I would mainly cranked up an Arch and throw a GNOME on top just for the sake of it :slight_smile: Thanks.


Be aware that the touch support is really lacking in all mainstream Linux distros. I even tried some unknown desktop environments, they all suck at utilizing a touchscreen. And V is by no means a good laptop, it’s primarily a tablet, so I would advise strongly against using Linux as your daily driver.


I would like to add an answer to your question on why I would prefer a tablet over a laptop as I am primarily a Linux user too. I would like to take notes with a stylus to avoid using notebooks.


Could you make this mentioned posts visible for every registered user? That would be great. Thanks


guys. i got mint running on my V, is there any way to improve the battery life?
and has anyone tried to turn their V into a hackintosh?


@tld8102: Hint: Try Fedora as a distribution due to two important reasons:

  • Power saving / Imrproved battery life support by default (they have done a lot of work there recently and enabled them ootb).
  • Standard GNOME as desktop which is the only desktop environment which handles touch in a sane way.


If Fedora is too “high-level” Ubuntu now too features Gnome 3 and the kernel that enables power saving features should be included in 18.04 LTS (otherwise 18.10 should release in less than a month anyway).