[merged topic] Linux on the V



It supports every OS that runs on x86 hardware. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux… Although stuff like Mac OS would require a lot of effort to find the right drivers for it.


With Intel wifi it’s highly unlikely you will get that to work on Mac OSX. I don’t have much hope for pen input either since I believe it uses essentially the same hardware as Surface. But should be able to get the rest working.
As soon as they ship there will be some members working on Linux pretty much right away. I suspect will be available soon after shipping if not sooner.


Just wanted to put my vote for this too. I’d love to back/buy, but I can’t do that in good faith without the commitment that I can 1) buy a version without paying for a Windows license, and 2) that the team will assist with Linux support and choose hardware that has good Linux support.


A question: is the final hardware configuration fully Linux compatible (and V Pen, offcourse) ?


As it was said in other threads, no. At least not officially by Eve. But we can make it work as a community :slight_smile:


Hi @C4Rd0!

As @pauliunas mentioned we can’t officially support it (due to the various distros and our comparatively small team size) however many people from the community have shown interest in making Linux work and I’ll support them as well as I can (both officially & personally)


Would be cool if we knew it would support some version of Linux out of the box.


Sorry to say, but things won’t change when people keep posting in different threads while there are already answers. We have 2 kinda large threads about Linux on the V, so if someone is interested in contributing or just wants to stay up to date thats the place to go.


Maybe one can merge the 2 I posted and possibly few others into one? Or create a subsection for all Linux-related stuff? (@iKirin)


Don’t forget the Ubuntu partnership thread, even though it wasn’t meant exactly what it was used for…


Basically this plus the threads mentioned by @Tirigon at the end :slight_smile:
Plus this awesome thread by him: https://eve.community/t/tirigon-arch-on-v-v-rocks/6271


Does anyone know if there is planned support for Linux?


Planned by Eve : No.
Planned by Community : Yes.

Have a look around at this forum, you gonna find quite a few posts on this topic.


Thanks, I did look before I posted but I guess I didn’t look hard enough.


No problem :slight_smile: You found the right device if you plan to use Linux on it.


Have you missed this one? Or was there something else that you were after, i.e. official support etc…?


Thanks for the link. I had missed that.


Hiya there @LinuxLover! :slight_smile:

I think @Tirigon already gave you the answer, but officially as well - we’re right now not supporting Linux on the V, however most of the hardware is supported (at least according to @Tirigon’s testing with Arch Linux) which you can read a bit more about here:



Arch makes sense to use. I will continue to see how things progress.


What would Linux support look like for the device? I kind of think if it could crank up Linux distros without probs (Arch/Fedora/Ubuntu etc.) then I would strongly consider to be part of the bandwagon.


Hi @haqthinh, and welcome to eve.community!

You may want to have a look at these threads, where our community members tested Arch and Ubuntu on prototype Vs: