[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V



Looks very interesting.


G-Drives are made mostly for Apple - so price is in line with Apple accessories prices.
It saves you one more charging cable - no battery.


there is so many threads about the battery accessory on this forum it is confusing, someone can please put all ideas for battery and charger together, i like this very much


Sure, there is another thread regarding portable battery chargers for the V, but there is lots of detailed discussion there…


How about a simple LIST ONLY of portable battery chargers that ACTUALLY WORK for the V (and that won’t fry its innards…)?

Nothing else, just a LIST OF DEVICES…



Anything that’s under 5V and under 2.4A or says it supports USB PD … this list is long, very long.


I have been back and forth with two manufacturers (Rav Power and Anker; I own devices from both), and have yet to get a simple, straight answer out of either one of them.

In reading the many, many comments on this thread, there is lots and lots of technical information that, frankly, is of interest to electical engineer types, but is confusing to an acoustic musician such as myself.

Any such list cannot possibly dwarf the voluminous comments on the other thread. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but It goes on and on and on…

…and many posts warn of dire consequences if the wrong battery charger is used, and insist that the V will self destruct, like something out of a James Bond movie…


A simple list, please!

Perhaps with V PROTOTYPE, real world experience?

Maybe include price, size, weight, how long it will take to (fully or 50%) charge the V, and how many charges of the V it has in it before IT has to be recharged itself?

Simple. Easy. Useful.

Thank you.


Trust me, your “simple list” wouldn’t fit on your screen even if it’s just names in 12pt font.
As I explained you in the other thread, the $60 RAVPower works with Eve V and charges it at fast speed.
If you want something cheaper but slower, here’s your list:

The only thing you need to do is exclude those that say “Quick Charge”.


I will link to my reply right here:


I could have made it clearer, but I thought it was quite obvious that I was suggesting the linked power bank to be used with V :wink:



Rav Power told me that that particular charger will not work.

That may be due to what port is being used: USB-C or whatever the regular charging port is (what size is said port)?

I’m not in the UK…

I’d just like a simple list of the various devices, cheap, expensive and in between - THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO ACTUALLY WORK TO CHARGE THE V.

I already went to the dance with two manufactures and they are not willing to give me a simple, straightforward answer. All I get from them is questions like : how many volts, how many watts, how many amps, no we don’t having anything that fits that, etc. You need a separate cable and we don’t make that, etc., blah, blah, blah.

It’s very frustrating.

So, all you tech-savvy cats, please, a simple list, perhaps with whatever cables / adapters are needed, whether it works in the USB-C port or in another port.

Maybe it should be limited to PROTOTYPE TESTERS who have actually USED the V with the stated charger?



Yes the RAVPower WILL work. Their tech support does NOT know Eve and they have NEVER heard of Eve V, so do you really think they’ll know the right answer?
Look for power banks that work with Macbooks. V uses the same charging protocol.


Have you actually used that particular Rav Power charger with the V Prototype?

I supplied them with the information that I gleaned on this site. They know their product better than anybody.

Perhaps you could contact them as well?

They flat out stated that they have ZERO products that will work with the V - EXCEPT for the one with an AC outlet, and everybody here poo poo’d that one.

Really, I just want a list. I think that it would be very helpful to post such a list here for everybody, Your suggestion is to have the user do the hunt themselves.

As to Macbooks - I have zero experience with them. I don’t know what ports they use.

And I don’t know what port the V uses, either.

What size is it, anyway?

Anyway, I’m holding out for a list.



The MacBooks use USB-C, so does the Eve V, and @pauliunas has stated they use the same charging protocol. Because no products are labelled as “Full Support for Eve V” (it is a startup, remember? ), it might make sense to look for Chargers and BatteryPacks that state the new MacBook Pros 2016 as compatible.

As far as I know we prototype testers will receive our prototype next week. Also, we can only test the V with products we have, or do you think we would purchase various battery packs to just test them with the Eve? But maybe you are lucky and someone owns a RavPower battery pack.


Rav Power stated that none of their products work with USB-C, and that an adapter is needed. Same with Anker. Then it becomes which adapter, who makes it, etc. Very frustrating!

What I am looking for (if possible) is the analog to an Internet store’s list of products. That’s all.

So far, I think your suggestion that looking for MacBook Pro 2016 compatible chargers is as best as I can hope for. Thanks for that.

Yes, hopefully somebody has a battery pack!

If it’s not clear enough yet:

  1. Does the V ONLY charge with a USB-C port?

  2. OR: does it ALSO charge by ANOTHER TYPE OF PORT? What size?
    A. If so, what IS that port?
    B. Is one better than the other? If so, IN WHAT WAY?

  3. How many WATTS does the V require? Every maker asks this as their very first question. The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro needed 45 watts, and the only one that works with that device is the AC outlet one (which requires the wall wart). I want to avoid that.

Thank you!


As far as I am aware the V can charge through all of it’s USB-C ports, and only through USB-C. The fact that Rav Power told you that none of their products work with USB-C simply can’t be true because it is offering chargers that have a USB-C Port on them

This one has been mentioned before, and as far as I am aware this one is the only one ticking off all the boxes:

  • Up to 30W

  • Supports PowerDelivery

  • Can charge at 9V

  • It is compatible with a lot of computers in the same category as the Eve V charging via USB-C including the 12" MacBook, Dell XPS 13, HP ELITE x2 1012 G1 and more

  • Has a USB-C port for charging

There might be others available, but with my limited knowledge concerning power delivery etc, I would say this a perfect match, except maybe its high price.

When you get your V you can also just order the Rav Power and test if it works. If it doesn’t, just send it back.

As stated in your other thread, the Eve V needs 27W [quote=“pauliunas, post:58, topic:5541”]
The original charger is just 27W, so yes it’s enough.

Right, the Transformer 3 Pro needs 45 Watts, so it doesn’t work with the proposed 30W charger, but the Eve V will, because it only needs 27W.


Then just buy an adapter. What’s the problem with that? You don’t even need an adapter, you can use a USB A to C cable. And the connector is just a connector, not a different protocol. The question you should be asking is NOT “does it work with USB C”. It’s “does it work with USB PD?”


@pauliunas I am curious, are there battery packs that provide at least 27W and have USB PD support that are not aimed at USB-C devices? Because when I search for USB PD power banks, I can only find those aimed at USB-C devices.


Well, they mostly use type C, you’re right… But as I said, it’s just a connector so it might be that some chargers have the power but output it through a type A port, expecting you to use A to C cable. The RAVPower one I linked above does have a type C port and it does support USb PD up to 30W, and the description does say that very clearly, so I honestly don’t understand @Jeffrey_Newton’s problem.

Jeffrey, you want a list of all the compatible power banks? Whatcan I say… We are not paid to spend days browsing the internet and writing down the names of all USB PD chargers for you, so it’s not gonna happen. I think you should be happy that you received plenty of tips how to look for one.


My best hope is actual use, not theory. Of course I am trying to avoid sending something back; it’s a PITA at best.

What is “USB PD”? Is this a different port? Is this a different protocol?

Thank you.


OK, so is an adapter needed with the Rav Power that is posted here?

If so, which adapter?

Or not?

Thank you.


Yeah, that is what I thought. Of course, they sometimes only have USB-A ports.
Final question: in the other thread there has been a lot of fuzz around Qualcomm QuickCharge, and how it voids the warranty of the V. what if a power bank features USB-PD and QuickCharge? That should work and not void the warranty , right?