[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V



The other one uses Qualcomm :wink:


I’m not certain exactly the one you posted and I’m not an expert in the particular needs of the V wrt charging.

There’s nothing wrong with having an AC inverter built in - it may come in handy, I just would not use it if I had the OPTION to use a DC source. I would also check into HOW the power is inverted. Is it a pure sine wave inverter (more expensive) or or a modified sine inverter (the cheap ones)? Some electronics can be sensitive to modified sine inverters (I suspect audio equipment would benefit from a pure sine wave)

In all honesty, if you really want extra power, I’d consider buying a larger battery (perhaps even a deep cycle marine one or even 2 6V golf cart batteries…) and a small quality pure sine inverter. (I have 2 and they each have USB ports) It’s not as pretty but you can get a lot more Ah out of one of those. and if you just set up once a day, you won’t be lugging it about.I believe there are also DC-DC convertors that convert the 12V battery (which usually are not exactly 12V) to different voltages and regulates it. (step up or step down according to what the V needs - which I’m not sure of…)

As for the Ford - it’s really not that difficult and can be done relatively cheaply- the expensive part is the battery (or batteries) and the inverter. The isolator is pretty easy to install and can be found for relatively cheap. Or you can just buy a simple kit that would come with all the wiring. I mean, you can go crazy overboard and have all sorts of sensors and monitors and stuff, but you don’t need it. Mine is basic, the switch starts charging the spare battery when the bus is running, and isolates it automatically when stopped. Or you can go with a manual isolation…easy peasy. :slight_smile: you should do it - you’ll be glad you did!




Thanks…I ruled out the “car battery” option for busking eons ago (some buskers use them for their amplifiers). In fact, I tailor my set-up to how much moving about I have to do. Phone + lightweight battery charger + 6 pound amp + backpack for busking supplies + soprano sax is the lightest weight. It goes up from there! tenor sax + large amp + busking bucket + piano (I have two for this, one lightweight and one heavier) + mixer = heaviest.

Everything runs on AA batteries (except, of course, me and the saxophone).

In NYC, I’ll not only be setting up and tearing down more than once per day, I’ll be taking public transportation and walking. That means lightweight piano (which demands a computer), whichever horn I feel like playing, and the lightweight amp.

As to Ford, I checked out inverters, and they are $400. The van store charges even more for them, and crazy prices for the isolator. I will also need a battery box, etc. I need to figure out where to get this stuff cheaply.


I bought myself a Omnicharge pro from another IGG Campaign.

Omnicharge Pro

Should also work perfectly with the V if not using the Quickcharge port! :wink:

I wanted to have one power bank for all my devices and input protection, cause I sometimes have to work with Power from Generators and so I need something to balance it…


Nah, most audio equipment won’t benefit from any sine waves :smile: It does benefit from very clean DC, though :stuck_out_tongue:


While that may be true, if you are using AC, I prefer a clean, pure sine wave. With a modified wave, some stuff is less efficient, sometimes you’ll cause a hum in audio, and some chargers don’t like it.


AC isn’t really useful anymore. Most of our devices convert it to DC anyway… So I don’t see why you would use inverters when you can instead use a battery like this:
Looks very similar to the one linked in OP but this one actually supports the USB PD standard so it wil charge Eve V without any problems.
(btw it should be able to fully recharge the tablet twice)


I bought the Omnicharge too and I am sure it will work with the V and all kind of other gadgets :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting because I ordered the European version :slight_smile:


I assume you mean with respect to supplying power to battery powered electronics - as AC is definitely still useful to power my fridge. :wink:

My only reason for talking about inverters is IF someone needed an AC plug for some reason (ie maybe a portable amp or something else that runs strictly off 110v) is to mention to spring for the extra and get the pure sine if you’re going to run audio equipment, charge (some types of) batteries, and a few other devices, or if you are concerned about efficiency.

Certainly, if you’re just charging DC devices, don’t waste power by double converting. The one you linked looks great for that, and reasonably priced!


I mean that most electric devices - including computers, audio equipment, LED lighting - use DC current. Kitchen appliances are often an exception since they’re mostly made for collecting or emitting heat, in which case it doesn’t really matter that much. On the other hand, if you have a smart fridge, a big part of it is running on DC :smiley: We’re using AC because that’s what most generators generate, but that doesn’t mean we should convert from DC to AC :wink: Unless you want to connect a fridge to a battery! :smiley:


And because AC loses less energy over long distances :slight_smile:


You sure about that? I know that high voltage loses less energy, that’s why they have 10kV poles. But I didn’t know about AC being more efficient… Anyway, we’re already having USB wall sockets, I wonder how long we’ll stick to AC :smile:


This is from Rav Power’s Site, not Amazon’s. I THINK it is the same thing as you posted (note: they have so many of these things, so thanks for the post):


My question is: is the 30 watts enough for the Eve V?



The original charger is just 27W, so yes it’s enough. The tablet wouldn’t even benefit from anything more than that, as it doesn’t support faster charging than the default. And yes, it’s the same charger but I don’t really see the point in searching for it in the manufacturer’s site, as they redirect to Amazon for buying anyway :slight_smile:

By the way, even a simple 5V/2A power bank would suffice for keeping the tablet running. It wouldn’t charge it fast, but it wouldn’t let the battery die either :slight_smile:


Right! That’s what I was thinking of!

For more ancient history of cell phones, probably on moo tube, input “grey poupon phone commercial”

That’s the way it was …


To be honest I just relied on the words of my former physics teacher in high school :smiley:
But I looked it up and it’s a mix of history and economics:
AC can be converted to high voltages (and low currents) relatively easy with transformers and high-voltage DC is a bit more complicated on that front (and I was too lazy to read about them all http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HVDC_converter), but actually over long distances it loses less energy than AC at the same amount of Volts, but the converting stations are much more expensive in building and maintenance. Therefore HVDC is used for connections between countries and for undersea-cables and AC (especially the tri-phasic sinus one) is still used for everything in the countries themselves. So, it was probably just the historical aspect of AC being very easy to be converted into high volt/low current and therefore being more efficient up until the last few years.


I’ve been in contact with Rav Power’s support team, and they keep directing me to the AC one - but that was for the 45 watt ASUS Transformer 3 Pro.

I will buy from Amazon - but one always has to check them these days - unfortunately, they’ve gone “eBay” on selling older, replaced units.

To review, ANY 5V-2A power device with USB-C plug will keep the V running? I need a new power battery anyway, so I’ll probably go for he larger one. Mine was stolen!

Off topic, but any news on prototype recipients? On ship date for “Feb/Mar” batch? I have to make my payments by the end of the month.



Here are the prototype recipients: http://eve.community/t/winner-of-the-prototype-testing/

And the shipping date is still last week of March/first week of April, I guess. Didn’t see it stated otherwise anywhere.