[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V



I have been using this. Works great



But you have many many coooooooler bus than in the citys I’ve lived until now :smiley:


Is anyone having trouble with 30W PD power banks? I’ve tried the Anker 26800, RavPower 26800, and iClever 21000 ones (Aukey 30000 on the way), and all of them charge the V for 10-15 seconds when I first plug in, and then abruptly stop charging it. In the case of the Rav and iClever it actually appears that the V begins to reverse-charge the power bank at that time. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

BatteryBar Pro shows my average power consumption -17W when running on the V’s battery. When I first plug in a power bank, it immediately shows that I’m charging, generally around +8W (I get about +17W from the stock wall charger while running plugged into the wall). After 10-15 seconds it stops charging, going to 0W and then up to -17W as usual. And then a few seconds later it ramps up to -29W when the RavPower and iClever power packs start to reverse charge. Amazon must be getting sick of me returning these things.

FWIW I have the Meagoes 30W PD car charger, the Ofspower 30W PD car charger, the Aukey 46W PD wall jack, and the stock wall charger. They all work just fine. Also, I’ve got the i7 V.

Thanks in advance - this is driving me crazy!


I haven’t had any problems, I have the Ravpower one. What you can try doing is to hold down the power button on the charger. It should tell the charger to send power rather than receive.


RAVPower here - no issues.


Thanks for the tip, dartarian. I definitely tried that with the Rav bank but no luck. I can’t imagine what’s different about my V than everyone else’s. Yet it sure seems that there’s something wrong. Ugghh…

Any other ideas what I might be able to do? Is there any way to prevent the USB-C/PD ports on the V from powering an external device (e.g., from sending power back to the power pack)?


Sorry, dunno what else to suggest. That tip had helped me with other chargers when my other tablet started to charge it rather than being charged


Haha… certainly didn’t mean to ask you directly, dartarian! Just hopeful that someone else has seen this issue and/or has ideas how to address it. Appreciate your responses!


I don’t carry a USB-A to USB-C cable around, but do you think I’ll be able to charge my V at the bus interchange?


Well, if you have an hour to spent . . .


On the off chance that anyone else runs into the same problem I had, I wanted to provide some good news. After an exhaustive search, I managed to find two PD power banks that successfully charge my V without stopping and reversing after a few seconds. Both by Aukey - the 10,000 and 30,000 USB-C PD / QC3.0 models. Both work, though in light testing it seems like the 30,000 model consistently charges faster than the 10,000, but if you’re just trying to keep the V alive during a long day of commuting up and down the east coast either one will get the job done. So glad to have a solution in hand, finally… I hope Amazon doesn’t ban me for all the returned batteries!


i got the anker powercore speed 20000pd. when i charge the V while it is on it constantly switches between 4-10 W charge and -1.x W uncharge rate.
when it is off while powerbank plugged it seems to constantly charge…
i‘m not happy with only charging with powerbank while turned off, but at least it works.