[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V



Hey folks, I just wanted to share that the V works with this power bank:

and also with this car adapter:

But as for the first try, I have to say the adapter is getting quite hot and sometimes you hear some high pitch noise from it (not that loud). but I will have to ask the company if this is normal behaviour.


has anyone tested and used the ravpower 26800 for some time? it seems to be the best option (prive/value/warranty), but some amazon reviews suggest that the usb-c ports tend to break?


What sort of power banks are people using for their V?

I’m looking for a slimline one ideally Seen a couple recommend in this thread - Eve V has arrived - time to accessorize!

Any others people use to throw into the hat?


This is what I bought and used to charge my V. Comes with 30W wall charger, too. You do need to get a plug adapter if you live outside USA/Canada like me. Heaps of 5 star reviews and I’m totally happy with it, so far.


Just trying to get a list of battery banks or car chargers that are for certain to work and safe to use but based on what other V users are using. Please list



Battery Bank

Type C Portable Charger RAVPower 26800 PD Power Bank 26800mAh


Car Charger

Nekteck USB-IF Certified USB Type C Car Charger with PD 45W & USB-A 12W Built-in USB-C Cable



Does the car charger get your car charging port hot to where it may heat it enough to melt or damage it? The car charging receptacle that is


Battery Bank
Anker PowerCore 13000mAh USB C

5/5 Stars. Works great and keeps my phone and Switch powered very well.

Car Charger
AUKEY USB Car Charger

Works. Never tested the wattage

In the end. Reccomend both.


No. Not hot at all.



Does it work with the V? Or which power bank would you recomment for this?


Both devices I posted work with V - I bought them for this reason.


How fast does the car charger charge? Will it charge while the V is in use? Also, the last few Nekteck charging items I’ve purchased died on me shortly after. However, I do have a portable pocket-sized car battery jump starter that has saved me (and others) lots of times so I’m gonna go with the one you recommended

Missed out on a lighning deal on amazon by seconds that would have saved me 20 buck on the battery bank you listed smh


It is charging V - not so fast, but my V is not charging fast (in comparison with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Dell Precision Workstation) with original charger and cable either.

Yes - it will charge V during use.


I have the same Powerbank! How much do you have left in yours after you’ve charged the V from 0% to 100%? Trying to figure out the efficiency, and I believe that the faster USB PD charging causes a worse efficiency. I think I’m at around 55%. Which means I’ll have about maybe 10-15% left after fully charging my V.


Did not look at it yet. Looks like I can once charge V and my cell (Pixel 2 XL) and Trimble GPS - which is enough for me.


I have several powerbanks.

This one is most versatile. Fast charges both my S8+ and V.

iWALK 20000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger, QC 3.0 Charger Battery Pack, PD Charger Power Delivery, USB Type C Output



I don’t own a car. :sob:

But I just noticed these chargers on the bus.


Seems like US amazon is not able to ship it to Canada. Can you help me, please, solve this problem?



It’s also available on eBay from a high volume seller but at $15 more. As always, buyer beware.



I’m in the US as well. Just copy and paste the name of the one recommended fro the Canada site into the Us site. That’s what I did. I got the car charger Lukas_Fikr recommended and it works great!

Thanks, Lukas_Fikr!

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sorry, read your post wrong. The other way around should work though