[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V



I find it very interesting that they call out, specifically, the USB-PD voltages and currents. While they don’t specify that it is explicitly USB-PD, it would be odd for them to call out those specs and it not be USB-PD compliant. Additionally, it would be odd to create a power bank for charging laptops when no non-Snapdragon laptops support QC. If the Razer Power Bank did not support USB-PD, it could, at best, provide 15 Watts, since the max output for USB-C without PD is 5V/3A. If it implemented USB Battery Charging 1.2, it could do 25 Watts, but that spec is still for just 5V/5A. Calling out the other voltages clearly puts it in the realm of USB-PD.

Additionally, the Razer Blade Stealth (specifically called out to work with this power bank), takes a 15V input @ 3A and specified by the USB-C charger provided with the laptop. It would be unlikely that Razer would provide a USB-C power adapter that didn’t support USB-PD, nor could it support Qualcomm QC, but instead implemented their own USB power delivery protocol.

Further adding to this, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 only supports 18W, with 4 pushing that up to 27W, well below the 45W rated on the charger.

Qualcomm rarely calls out Voltage/Current in their materials because its hard for marketing. Just say its QC3.0 compatible and the public knows it charges fast.

In summary:

  1. The voltages match the USB-PD spec exactly. It would be odd to not support USB-PD at this point
  2. QC is only supported on select Snapdragon phones, not Intel Processors, making charging laptops hard without USB-PD
  3. The Razer Power Bank can charge the Razer Blade Stealth which takes 45W in, QC is limited to 18W for QC3.0

This being said, it is possible this power bank doesn’t support USB-PD, I find it unlikely.


Agreed. It may be that it does support USB-PD, but the marketing department thinks QC is a bigger selling point so forgot to mention it. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this without confirming with Razer that it fully and properly implements USB-PD, but I’m paranoid about stuff like that.


Probably not worth 2x the price of the Xiaomi. Though the Cygnett does output at 45W instead of the 40W of the Xiaomi.


cheers, I’m keen to upgrade my powerbank soonish, so getting one that will charge my V as well as my phones etc would make sense. just for phones I’d prob pay £30 or so, but I don’t mind stretching to the Xiaomi. Going over £100 would be waay too much tho!

this is an interesting topic for me, since with my surface 3 (not the pro), it really struggles to charge, even with a mains adaptor. It basically uses power faster than it can charge! And woe betide you if you try to charge it with anything other than the microsoft charger, it’ll generally refuse to charge


This was interesting to me, hope it’s useful. Love Gary.


For those still interested / watching, Anker has a PowerCore+ that supports USB-C PD explicitly (30 W). It also comes with a USB-C PD wall charger (exact specs of wall charger unclear).


Yup, in fact, that’s the one I decided to go with, mostly over paranoia. I should have it this week, though until my “limited bird” V arrives, it’ll just be an OP powerbank for my also-USB-C-PD phone. Would have waited to see if anything clarified about the competion or new products, but my old powerbank decided to start acting squirrelly, and I’m not a big fan of powering expensive stuff off of cheaper, easily replaced stuff when it starts acting up.


I don’t know if this battery bank will be compatible with the V.
The project kickstarter of this battery bank : "Apollo: World’s First Graphene Battery USB C PD Power Bank"


This one is the best in my opinion for its price/value


Fast charge, but small capacity. Not sure how much of the Vs battery will be filled by this?

AFAIK USB C PD means it will work with the V


I don’t know if this battery bank will be compatible with the V.

This indiegogo project : Woobiibox: Super Powerbank & USB-C Hub


It seems like a good product. Its even more like a hub then a power bank but it combines PD with QI which seems to be good thing. Even without QC but fast regular 2.4A USB


I’ll just leave it there (in case you have another year for waiting :laughing:)


The answer should be affermative just because this powerbank uses PD 2.0 protocol… BTW is this powerbank compatible with V?

Otherwise I would choose this other:


Should be as it uses PowerDelivery 2.0 which is downward compatible with the 1.0


Care the Anker one needs a 30w charger which doesn’t seem to be included


So is anyone using a battery bank to charge their V?



i think i ll use this. its cheaper than the anker + wall charger combo
and its rated 9v/3a
i dont see a ravpower power bank with a 9v/3a


Is this one working good for you?


Haven’t gotten it yet. Waiting for it to drop in price. Both tronsmart and anker have lowered their prices on Amazon for these products. Might expect a product update soon