[merged discussion topic] eGPUs and how awesome they are


Plus it’s a real security nightmare to use server located gaming station


The akitio node is $248 with 400w psu. I think this is also a great option.


Whoa, thought it costed more. Would you kindly send a link?


Interesting, I think. I appreciate the toned down appearance compared to the ROG line… Would suit better an Eve-V! :slight_smile:



If people are interested in a portable eGPU.


Interesting, But this project will probably be delivered in 2019.
So unless you can change the internal graphic card (MXM format ?), It will not be usefull for long ?

Such a shame that Eve did not make his own upgradable e-GPU … Demand is there…


Amazon… (excluding referal discount)


On the kickstarter page it’s written that they will ship in may 2018, and they have a upgrade program that allow the kickstarter buyer to upgrade for a fraction of the price the next version they’ll make! It’s a mxm 3.1 type A gpu, but i don’t know if we can upgrade it ourself!