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Because of this, I’m waiting on the technology to improve. Would make more sense to buy a laptop with a GTX 1060 or even a Max Q 1070 than go through the eGPU setup. But I see it feels a niche. I just wish the eGPUs were cheaper than they currently are.


I’ve been using a super cheap power supply for over 6 years now with my PC. Actually, two of them. When I upgraded my graphics card, the old PSU didn’t provide enough power anymore. But that’s a whole different story. The point is, it’s not worth wasting money on expensive power supplies. Just get one from a brand you’ve at least heard about.


Erm… You do realize the post you were replying to is a year old?


Oops…:joy: I didn’t see that! I was just browsing the forums and thought I could help a guy out.


I agree. 99% of PCs will never need more than 500W. There’s no need to spend scores or hundreds of dollars on an AX1200i for basically any machine that isn’t running quad 290Xs. But in the context of power surge protection, efficiency and clean power delivery, it’s always good to get something decent. It’s not pretty when a poorly-built $5 chinese power supply fails. There’s a good sweet spot.


Using Thunderbolt3 to connect eGPUs to laptops has proven to be a bottleneck. The best solution, for what I have been able to see searching the web is the proprietary solution of Alienware with their Graphic Amplifier, so I guess it would be best to opt for a proprietary connection, where the eGPU is connected directly to the motherboard. In all the tests I have seen, what limits the Graphic Amplifier is the CPU, in those games/applications that rely on the CPU as well as the GPU. I say that to have a deal breaker on a truly universal machine that allowes portability on the move and gaming/workstation performance when in the usual workplace, we need the best possible CPU sacrificing battery life, perhaps, and a proprietary connection to the eGPU box, in other words another EVE V, (maybe called EVE V Plus?) for those who need the most powerful compromise (a desktop will always be better!)

For the time being if it's possible to get a eGPU box for cheaper with a Thunderbolt3 connection, it maybe useful, but only if it doesn't add too much to the cost of the graphic card.


I think that we should defiantly make something along these line but not yet we ether have to be the first do make an egpu with tb4 or we make proprietary connector that runs at a pcie x8 speed witch is all you need for gpus. I think the latter of the two makes the most sense because this has never been done before and will draw many people to not only buy the egpu but also the laptop leading to more sales. Also i think it is pretty dumb to make a egpu with maxq because the intier point is to get full desktop power on you laptop the only thing the only thing that would make a little sense is if the egpu could have a battery so you could take it in cars and stuff


While this might be more true for a tech giant like Apple or Dell (alienware), Eve is a pretty small company with little more than “feisty upstart with boatloads of potential” status. Not a lot of weight to throw around in the tech space as it stands at the moment. Proprietary formats and interfaces have a long and tragic history of either becoming standards in the end, becoming overshadowed by better, non-proprietary standards, or falling out of favor entirely. Sony is the poster child of competing with industry standards by coming out with proprietary formats that were doomed to fail.

In my opinion, a proprietary interface, while better for bandwidth, would hurt sales because it forces customers to buy into an ecosystem they can’t necessarily get out of down the road, which narrows down the amount of people who are willing to do that. The CPUs (which seem to be essentially underclocked Core i3s) in the Eve V will likely be larger bottlenecks for graphical capability than the interface itself. Eve is much better off by sticking with good, widely-used interface standards like USB and Thunderbolt. Also it lets the device appeal to as many people as possible, whereas a proprietary PCIe interface would probably appeal almost only to gamers.


Giving the option of using an external GPU does not force anyone. Building a beefier Eve V that can turn in an almost-workstation could appeal to many professionals, expecially designers. Considering that the Eve V has a pen, is already appetible to designers and creatives in general: rendering and graphic applications are power hungry and professionals would be prepared to spend more if the tool augmets their profit making potential. We are not talking about new technology, the effort would be in finding the most viable solution amongst the many that already exist and projecting an eGPU box doesn't seem to me to be a high-tech-giant-only venture. I see it as a possible next step.


I don’t disagree that eGPUs are a great thing to get into. I’m all for it, and Eve totally can do it, all I’m arguing is that the most viable solution will be the one that is most flexible. It looks as though Thunderbolt is almost plug-and-play nowadays, and with a small, reversible connector like USB Type C it’s small and compact. Yes, you don’t get the bandwidth that you do with a proprietary x8 or x16 solution or a standard desktop PCIe interface, but this is for a tablet smaller than many ultrabooks - the CPU resources of the tablet for many if not most use cases will be exhausted long before you start hitting serious bandwidth limits.

eGPU compatibility makes the Eve V and other Thunderbolt-equipped tablets and ultrabooks very much a jack-of-all-trades type of machine. It’ll be decent at basically everything, but beyond a certain point, a full desktop workstation will have to be the go-to solution. I think that at some point down the road, Eve should absolutely look into developing eGPU docks, but giving people the option to use 3rd party enclosures by using a standard like Thunderbolt is never a bad thing, and I think they made the right decision by implementing it in their first run of the V.


ok this is very theoretical and will not happen on the v but maybe on a future device what if eve made a cpu that was expandable through a port that is not part of the io bus but part of the cpu data bus and the cpu would be able to reconize if it was connected through this bus and switch its command set to one that was made for dual cpus witch would help the bottle neck of the cpu and also you could theoredicaly have the egpu and ecpu in the same package and the cpu in the external box could talk to gpu and not the cpu witch is further away. I am still pretty new to the tech space and since you probley know more that me can you tell me how that would not be able to work


@KemoKa You're right when you say that thunderbolt3 is plug-and-play and, without any doubt, it's a very strong point in its favor, but, if you read my first comment, I am talking about a "bigger" version of the Eve V, a new model, perhaps even a proper laptop; it's an idea that came to me because the main criticism to eGPUs with the thunderbolt interface is that they do not give enough advages to justify the price tag: at the moment you spend at least 400€ for a box with a basic graphics card and for 1200€ you buy a laptop wich runs faster; with my solution, on one hand you're not forcing anyone to buy anything because you could still use a thunderbolt eGPU, on the other you give an option that lets you get full advantage of the eGPU.@ThePromisedEnd I have no idea of the implications what you suggest, but I fear that is very far ahead of our time, the technology I am talking about is already available.


It’s understandable to think of it that way, but unfortunately for pages and pages of reasons, the idea of having an eCPU would be infeasible. Not because it wouldn’t work, but because it would get to the point where you may as well just install the graphics card into a desktop system and call it a day. There are computers that have multiple CPUs, but those are used for very heavy workstation and server applications.

It’s a neat idea though, and in terms of CPU workload offloading, you are sort of on the right track - heard of the Xeon Phi coprocessor cards? Those are basically massive x86 CPUs on a card that help in parallelized CPU workloads. But because Intel is Intel, you need a platform that has their special stamp of approval and a BIOS that supports memory-mapped I/O address spaces of larger than 4GB for Xeon Phi cards to even work. Not going to happen over Thunderbolt. And even if it did work, you’ve gotten to the problem of finding applications that would utilize the compute card. And I’ve already ranted myself off the rails and it’s just really bad and I’ll shut up now.

It’s okay if you don’t know a lot of the stuff I just said, it’s stuff that you’ll pick up down the road :sweat_smile:


could you use an egpu with dual thunderbolt 3 that would still work with one tb3 port so if you were useing the current v as computer then you could use one port and if you were using a macbook or a hp specter then you could use 2 this would not be great for eve right now because the v only hase one tb3 port but i am sure lots of mbp users would buy it and mabye the next laptop from eve could have 2 tb3 ports


There’s a new eGPU on the block, but this one trades upgradeability for portability, a choice many would agree or disagree with.
It costs 449$ for an RX560 and 599$ for an RX570 which is just too much, considering the fact that Aorus stuffed a GTX1070 into one for 599$…



For that price, one might as well get Apple’s kit that gives you an enclosure which is upgradeable, and an RX 580 (yes, Apple’s solution is cheaper, which speaks of how cost effective these new eGPUs are…)


[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type

There’s another Sonnet box, dunno if it was mentioned already… Costs around $200 on eBay. It’s really a very minimal eGPU, it doesn’t even fit double width cards, but you can use it with a PCIe raiser. It has a built-in PSU that provides one 6-pin connector, which should be enough for cards up to GTX1060. If you want a 1070 or 1080, then buying the Gigabyte box becomes a better deal, as the box itself is definitely below $200 when you subtract the price of the graphics card inside.


But you know, the worst thing with those boxes is that most of them only sell in the US. I just can’t find them for sale anywhere in Europe… And shipping from another continent is really expensive.




I believe you linked another product there.
Here’s the one you were talking about, it’s 300$ though:


Of course I did… That’s why I said there’s another Sonnet box :slight_smile: I think it’s totally not worth buying the one you linked when the one I linked is much cheaper…


Eve-Tech could be a dealer of selected egpu-solutions like this. One way would be to organize a crowd-order from Sonnet for example.