[merged discussion topic] eGPUs and how awesome they are


Really!! i didnt know ! xD

So 1060 is more than suficient!

Thanks @Jason_Yang


I think that the CPU will not be able to reveal 1060 . the best and most portable option is the geforce 150mx (it is made for laptops and does not require a lot of energy and can be really portable )


If I understand correctly, MaxQ is a “design standard”, something similar like Intel’s Ultrabook.

You can’t really apply a notebook design standard to an eGPU, or more precisely, its not much more than utilizing a good design and fitting in a mobility GTX1060/1070/1080 in.

What this would essentially mean is to make an eGPU with good cooling and mobility Pascal-based graphics card.


Idea is great. I really like it. But I’m thinking it is important to define why would we need it? What are the use cases?

I’m not sure that gaming is good option for such stuff. You’ve already got some cloud streaming services like Liquid Sky

I use it on my surface pro 4 m4 and it is working great.

Although in gaming CPU can be bottleneck, although we should remember that Thunderbolt GPUs are 10-20% less powerful.

I think you will need extra gpu power when working with video or image editing.
The power of V is limited due to integrated graphic and intel Y chipsets so probably some video/image editors can benefit from it.


Cloud streaming may not be an option for some people because:

  1. Physical server location – latency: some people live in regions faraway from their data centers (presumably in US?)
  2. Local Bandwidth: Some people have bad Internet connections
  3. One-off payment vs Subscription: Some people don’t like recurring subscriptions
  4. Game restrictions: Some people play games that are not available on the cloud stream service (depends on provider)


I definitively like the prospect of eGPU, but I don’t think it’s feasible to include a battery given how much wattage a GPU can drain. Some quick numbers taken from a google search about 1080 gives an average idle draw of 7W and a gaming average draw of 173W http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-pascal,4572-10.html.

Wikipedia gives energy densities of lithium batteries from 100-265 Wh/kg. Basically this means you’d need around one kg of battery to power the eGPU for a bit over an hour(given an average battery energy dense battery). That means it would probably be expensive, and especially limit the portability.

The MaxQ technology might avert some of this though, but I don’t really know much about that as it’s so new. I do however expect MaxQ to be expensive which definitively throws me off.


The GTX1080 used on mobile platforms is not configured as with their desktop counterparts:

There are roughly three variations of the GTX1080, same chip, different specs.

  • Standard GTX1080,
  • Mobile GTX1080
  • Max-Q GTX1080

They are clocked differently, have different voltages and power consumption.
The Max-Q version would consume a lot less power than the other two.


Usually eGPU’s use desktop components though for the flexibility that offers. Might be possible to create an eGPU with mobile GPU’s, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing that and it will have the drawback of not being modular.

In that link the Max-Q version consumes 110W, which is still a bunch.


Any wattage that high is probably not expected to be used on battery, but plugged in.

It would probably be in some low-power mode, or if it works like Optimus, it would probably not be used when on batter at all.


I found an article that may help with this topic.

Theoretically Max-Q can apply to the same GTX line of nvida, so there’s not only 1060/1070/1080 choice in the future, 1050ti should be available soon with lower and lower watts to push it.

Moreover, I think the MX series should be more suitable to V due to its performance and energy balance. (Example like surface book GTX965M, which is still great to run AutoCad, photoshop and some light video editing too.

Since V is designed with no fans inside, so I think the community won’t do the GPU stuff at least in this version, as they prefer us to use external GPU with Thunderbolt for the graphic demanding works. :slight_smile:


THIS IS THE BEST OPTION FOR GAMERS!!! Connecting an external gpu via Thunderbolt 3!!! Perfect! If you could purchase these for like $100-$200 this could be amazing!!! I just ordered a gtx 1060. If I could put that in my eve v I would be very happy with my purchase! Great idea!


There is only one device from eve available soon: The V. You can have it with m3, i5Y and i7Y. All of them will have thunderbolt 3 to connect it to a EGPU as far as I know…


You’re currently opening many new threads in the support section. Please take a step back, take a deep breath, relax and use the search function to read the forums for a bit. After that choose the right category and create a thread if needed.

Just screaming in all caps that an eGPU is a great idea doesn’t help any of us. We might get one in the future but it definitely won’t be bundled with the current Vs and will definitely cost extra if there will be a bundle at a later point in time.


Thank you for the feedback! I will try to make a more constructive argument. I am just so excited for the eve v! I have been researching these typesof laptops for months and this one really stood out to me! I will also try to do more research in the forums before causing a mess.


@LazerCut Thats why it needs an external psu with it. Something we can buy ourselves.


Yeah, there’s a possibility to create a case that accepts standardized ATX PSU’s, but it does have the drawback that using one such would increase the size of the case. If it’s not too expensive I’d rather have a PSU integrated into the case, and different versions offering varying wattage. I’d also possibly like the case to just fit the small form cards since you can get cards like the 1080 and 1070 with lengths down to 16.9cm(granted, this is the smallest that exist).

This in my opinion would be the best way to emphasize the portability of the V, but I wouldn’t exclude having a bigger case either. It would be up to how expensive such an endeavor would be, and I recognize that supporting standard length GPU’s might be better in terms of compatibility with the rest of the world. Maybe if Eve could offer three SKU’s for an eGPU that uses mini-ITX cards for 1060, 1070 and 1080 with PSU’s that are rated accordingly.

Also, since this thread has been merged, i’m talking about a standalone eGPU case, not a keyboard dock.


I’ve tested things like the ExpressCard-based eGPU devices before and honestly something that looks like that, perhaps with a space for a power supply would be completely fine by me. A cheap plastic enclosure would seal the deal.

One of these things:

These are janky as all hell, especially when used with a standard non-modular ATX power supply. It looks like a lovecraftian nightmare when assembled, but it works. The drawback is that usually laptops that supported this did it through a PCIe Gen2 x1 connection, and use Core 2 Duos. If we can get something like this that just plugs in via Thunderbolt 3, that’ll give 8 times the bandwidth.

Applications I would love to try an eGPU out with: I’m a power user, but I also see myself as one day living in a tiny apartment in Japan where space is at a massive premium. If I can just have an Eve V and a Thunderbolt dock tucked away in the corner of my room with some monitors sitting somewhere, I see it as a true desktop replacement for most of my needs. Assuming it doesn’t thermal throttle to death, even the Core m3-7Y30 trades blows with Core 2 Quads, Phenom II x4s and even some desktop Sandy/Ivy Bridge i3s. That’s more than enough for general-purpose computing, and for quite a decent level of gaming (despite what the Skylake-X/1080Ti SLI jockies will tell you)


I see what you mean, but with things like the razer core being $500 and the akitio egpu’s being $300 I, as a consumer just want what works but, a 200w power supply could be obtained for cheap, especially considering that eve would buy them in bulk.


While they could be cheap, I would want them sourced from reputable manufacturers who build good power supplies. A power supply is the one part of a computer system that should never be skimped on just to save a few dollars. They’d only be 200W, so I’m not suggesting they be hundreds of dollars or anything, but I definitely don’t want a $30 power supply powering my $500+ graphics card :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally understand. I just meant like in GENERAL a 600w power supply on amazon for $40 so I don’t want it skimmed on I was just saying you could probably fing a 200w 80+ bronze for $15.