[merged discussion topic] eGPUs and how awesome they are


This is a merged thread combining a number of topics discussing external GPU modules or enclosures (eGPUs), what benefits they have when used in combination with the Eve V, and whether Eve should develop their own.

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eGPU for this new product by @Jackson_Chai
Proposal for eGPU Solution for the Eve V by @Marius_Hoppmann
eGPU - Super portable and Powerful by @Hello_EVE
Eve core! best idea for eve v! by @Michael


I am wondering, if this new product will have compatible eGPU with e.g. Razer Core or Asus ROG XG Station 2 or EVE will make their own price competitive eGPU Docking station?


We will be compatible with the eGPU standard that is used by the Razer Core or other eGPUs that use TB3 to implement the eGPU :slight_smile:

We might also develop our own eGPU later down the line - depending on if the community wants it & if it’s viable for us.


Actually Core doesn’t use TB3 official spec standard. They use some proprietary stuff. But we will support the full spec of thunderbolt3 (fingers crossed) so we should be able to support a lot of different TB3 spec based eGPU enclosures.

Indeed we are also keenly looking at the possibility of launching an eGPU enclosure of our own. Potentially very quickly after The V launches!


Hey I may have a line on a new GeForce GTX 1060 for dirt cheap (sells for $339 here and I may be able to convince him to take $50 - it’s a bankruptcy sale) and I’m wondering if I should jump on it for my eventual egpu… thoughts?


It will be three to four months or so until you have your V, by that time that GPU will be even cheaper.


I would love to see eGPU make by EVE for V. it still few more month hope EVE team is working on that will be awesome.


stick me down for four!


That would make any backer more than happy and would distinguish definitely the V from other so called surface something…Arnaud


Have been thinking about eGPU a lot. Like to play :-). Instead enclosure or docking station, I was thinking why not integrate a (laptop) GTX 1060-1080 into a EVE’s charging brick, with network cable plug and HDMI for example. It would be bigger than original, but for a good reason.


Well, it would basically be the same as a dock. We (the community) were thinking about an eGPU case that also charges the device, so it’s a charger too :slight_smile:


You are right, it would. I was just thinking, it should be as compact as possible. And if I take it, I basically don’t need traditional charger anymore. The power in it travels with me with ease :wink:


Seems like people want many different things here :confused:
I, for one, could not live without knowing that I can replace the GPU. In fact, I would not buy the box if I couldn’t install my own GPU there, because that helps me save money…
Then there are guys who want a bazillion of extra ports there, and guys like you who want it portable…

Anyway, back to your suggestion. Don’t you think it would be move convenient to have it separate from the charger? That way the charger would be really really compact, and the eGPU thing would also be more compact than if it had a charger integrated. You don’t always need eGPU with you, so it might be convenient to have a choice whether to bring it or just the charger :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t enjoy carrying around an eGPU when i only need a charger. But an eGPU should be able to charge the device anyway, right? So in a way an eGPU is a charger with integrated graphics card …
This gives you an option to choose which “charger” you’re taking along on a daily basis.


Everything well explained. Thank you for your attention. Have a nice holidays.


Sorry to break it to you, but with GTX 1080 we can straight away forget about portability. Those things are HUGE. Check out the size Razer Core for reference “portability” :smiley:

Its not only the card you need to be able to fit in, you also need space for airflow to fix the thermals and some additional space for fans, power supply etc…


Forget travelling with a GTX 1080 in an enclosure, otherwise you get crying because of a broken gpu card and the so lost $$$$$

Already broke a gpu Card by travelling with my PC case :frowning: and i was :cry:


Anybody knows where (europe) to get the akitio node before End of March?


Hello Guys,

I am thinking a lot about which tablet / Computer to buy. I already ordered the i7 eve, am testing the Surface Pro 4 but have the opportunity to get an Surface Book i7 512GB for 2200$ with a dGPU.

Planned is, to use the eve mainly for mobility but I also want to be able to play some games.
I already read some Topics that eve Team plans to develop an eGPU for the eve and I got an idea.

I would really dislike to have another huge box or bulky Thing next to the eve which i always have to carry additionally.

Why not make it like Surface book 4 and embedded the gpu into another thicker Keyboard?

Of Course the Keyboard would be a LOT thicker, need Ventilation etc but it would be the maximum mobility possible?
I dont know what the plans currently are for an eGPU but i really would need one along with the eve…

So if anyone could confirm that a solution like this is planned (not a bulky case which you have to carry along) then i would be really really happy.

what do you guys think?


There probably are going to be some official statements shortly after they start shipping the first Vs.
Discussions about eGPU has been going on for quite some time now, and what you propose has been proposed before. But as far as I remember it won’t be possible to do it like the SB, as the kb connector doesn’t have the bandwidth necessary.
It might be possible to do it as a kb, with a cable going to the TB 3 port, but that is just me speculating right now (as in, I know there are pros and cons, but won’t think about nor list all now).