Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March


First message in this thread! - near Grand Central


I would buy something actually valuable instead of splashing out like crazy :smile:
Choosing a seat on an airplane isn’t worth even $5, i’d rather get a big burger for that :wink:
Speaking of plane crashes, it’s usually either “everyone survives” or “everyone dies”, so no real diiifference here.


Perhaps its not worth it to you. However should your earthy length exceed that of 190 centimeters, being able to sit with extra leg space, e.g. where the classes are divided or next to exit, could mean a difference between arriving well slept or anxiously sleep-deprived over a 12 hour flight across continents. :sunny:

This I write having flown quite many times between Helsinki and China :wink:


Well spoken, Sir! 190cm here , too :smirk:


So see you guys there! “Where?”

Unless we let you know otherwise, aiming to start 7:30 PM Thursday 23rd.

I guess me, Konstantinos and the Underdog guys will be there a bit earlier, to make sure you guys are welcomed warmly :slight_smile:

And of course the earlier you arrive, the better chances for you to have the first look at the V :wink:

Really happy that we managed to get eveans in for this meet-up! Let the good times roll!

More meet-ups ahead?

“New York” by Alicia Keys goes: “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere, that’s what they say”…
Sure we can make it in New York, but where else after that!?


I think it’s time for Europe :wink: and it should be a bigger meeting, planned in advance. When you announce it a week before the due date, people simply can’t come from other countries, and even those who live there sometimes can’t get free from their work… What about Helsinki, as most of the team is there? In summer? :stuck_out_tongue:


How about somewhere more central as a flight from Spain to Helsinki is quite a distance…

Otherwise I suggest Iceland :grin:
(that way it’s not too far for people from North America)


Well, Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe and I don’t mind :smile:


Of course… with the right calculation method I can make any place the center :stuck_out_tongue:


They were saying same about the Czech Republic … :wink:


Yup but we have a line in the Guinness record book :smile:
But yeah, I know pretty much every country has a center of its own :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d also not be mad if we chose germany/austria :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, for this “lazy” community manager that doesn’t want to fly all the time :smiley:

EDIT: Also @Riku please make sure @Konstantinos does not destroy his prototype until then :wink:


And maybe don’t let @Konstantinos anywhere near your mouse >_>


Just a side note:

Eve office seems to be the absolute geographical center point of the globe. If I stick a pole right down the ground, the rest of the world will be placed around it. All of it. :sunny:

And yes @iKirin actions are being taken to prevent any unhappy accidents to the V prior to Thurday night :slight_smile: Luckily my mouse is not so entertaining that @Konstantinos would have much interest for it. So it should be safe :slight_smile:


Have fun tomorrow gang! Send video and pics!
@Konstantinos and @riku how’s the jet lag?!

Edit: it’s not Thursday; just Wednesday!!!


Have a great meeting later on today (EST) with some of the community - and a productive session with Underdog

@Konstantinos @riku


Cheers guys!!! We will take pictures!


Keep’em coming! I’ll be waiting :wink:


@Konstantinos spill the deets on last night’s meet up!! hehe. inquiring minds want to know!



The meetup was awesome! Thanks @Alexandr_Smirnov, @stlblufan, and their friends joining the meetup it was fun!

During meetup we tested V in all kinds of ways and then had great time talking about food, work and other stuff.

I have to say that we have amazing community and we should have more meetups in the future!

@Alexandr_Smirnov, @stlblufan how did you like meetup and V???
We are all excited to hear:)

How and When can you upgrade your V to 1TB SSD and get some V-shirts?