Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March


We don’t have that option here in Canada - the notion of “cheap flights” is not really a thing here. A 1 hour flight (in the same province) can often run you $700.


What??? In Portugal flights can go as cheap as 10€ (only with cabin luggage).


I would love to attend!! Let me know when and where.

Cheers :slight_smile:


perfect time! i’m more than interested :slight_smile:


Oh this great news! I’m actually spending next week in NY.


Yes, but why would you need that? You’re not going there for half a year, and why in the world would you care which seat you get?


Nice going!

Yeah, it’s a bummer that we can’t be everywhere. Now…

@Alexandr_Smirnov @Richardxchen @stlblufan that makes 3!

More are welcome :slight_smile:

@Nick_Solyom too bad about you missing out, but hey your Broadway work sounds great. And the V really has people from all professions!

@Lukas_Fikr is there a storm during meet-up? I mean beyond the conversation :slight_smile: (in any case we have the kickstand to shovel the snow from our path to W hotel.


Maybe for safety reasons in case of a plane crash, maybe because you don’t travel by yourself and want to sit together, maybe you don’t want to sit in the back where it is more shaky and noisy? Maybe because you want to collect miles on the trip for a status or other free flights?
Don’t generalize this, there are reasons. Some people only care for budget, that’s fine… it probably all depends on how often they fly. As often as I’m on the airport, I want it all to go as smooth as possible.
Plus, I disagree with ryanair’s way of handling employee’s rights.
But enough ot :blush:


What would it take for there to be a live stream of this meet-up?


Nice commentary, maybe Eve pushes for low-cost high-service airline next? :wink:

Anyhows, this is what the superb designers from Mozo did with the V: Love at first sight with V and V pen!

And of course at the meet-up we will have the V sleeve for showing…

It would not take that much, but I must say this: Having cameras on might give some nervousness to participants, and the meet-up is all about relaxing and getting together around V and enjoy a bit of quality time together.

Ideas are welcome! Who else joins?


Because I want the seat next to the emergency exit :sunglasses:


I guess I have to pass. Crowdsourcing of my plane ticket seems to have failed and most people suggested that the border people wouldn’t let me in anyway… :sob:


Collect as many kilometers as you want that doesn’t justify paying 10 times more :smile:
And the seat problems can all be fixed by just standing in the queue for a few minutes :slight_smile:
If the plane crashes you die either way :smile:


It’s so closed and far at the same time for meeee. Can’t believe I will miss that. Can someone film it? D:


Not if you paid for the seat next to the emergency exit and have a paper clip and your parachute with you! :grinning:

Sorry for offtopic, couldn’t resist, but this is “the only tool you’ll ever need”!!!


That is your personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect others opinions. I understand that you try to save every buck you can… I just don’t get what you’ll do with the money you saved as you haven’t ever lived. And just a reminder, you can’t take it with you into the grave…

And more OT: If a plane crashes there are validated studies that depending on where you sit the chance of survival increases based on the amount of time you need from your seat to evacuate the aircraft. That does not rely to cases where the plane drops like a stone from 30k feet… but that is hardly ever the case (most accidents happen during take-off and landing as you might know and people were able to get out in not too few instances actually).


Nice VANS shirt!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The two guys in the picture must be from Mozo


I am in Northern New Jersey, less than an hour out of Manhattan. Let me know where you guys will be.

Are you guys on the Jersey side or the NY side (Jersey is far cheaper for staying, especially in the Secaucus area where you can take a 6 minute train ride into Penn Station)


Right now there are major snowstorms out east , but hopefully those will be over by then!