Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March


Hello all!

Eve has a small team heading to New York next week.

To meet up and have some creative, defining session with Underdog (see here)

Two fortunate ones, @Konstantinos and @riku . The people-people of Eve, in charge of making everything non-product related actions as community/people-friendly as possible!

And while we cross the Atlantic to the New World, we know that even this continent has many Eve-folks! That is why we would like to have a

New York City Meet-up of Eve on Thursday 23rd of March

So, now: Who is interested in joining? Let us know by posting to this thread :slight_smile:

We know nothing about the Big Apple, so we asked Jeff and Matt from Underdog to suggest a venue. They said: "Living room area at W hotel, 541 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10022". We know nothing better, so that is the initial plan. Starting around 7:30 PM. :thumbsup:

Voice your interest and plans! Meet me, Konstantinos, Jeff and Matt. To:
▼ Chat and socialize a bit with Eve people (us, community members, (future) V owners, and also

▼ Hear the ideas and vision behind Underdog’s work: How the pros Jeff and Matt already love all about Eve, and what they got cooking. They are really nice guys!

▼And not to forget: Konstantinos will be carrying his Eve V prototype to the meet-up. See it, feel it, talk it.

Who can join?
Are you a V buyer? Community member? Techie? Have inverted triangle as heart?
Anyone Eve-minded is welcomed :sunny:

Tell us tips, suggestions and interest in comments below!
Be there and be flipped pyramid, or be square!

(yes, we are community-developing this meetup as well)
(Thanks to @Domestus again for the Helsinki meet-up stuff!)

Community Meeting South Germany (Ulm)
Prototype Testers! Meet up anybody?
Prototype Testers! Meet up anybody?
Your most fond, painful and cool memories from's journey?

Noooooooooooooooo!!! Why didn’t you announce this earlier? Argh!

The meetup is too late for me. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I’m leaving NYC on Tuesday the 21st.

But if any of you guys are up for a meet before that, let me know :slight_smile:


I’m a hyper early bird backer in NYC, I’d love to be there, but I work on Broadway shows and have a performance at 8 :frowning:


Sorry, that this will be so unrelated, but seeing the wallpaper on the prototype: Will you make some designs available to use as wallpapers for us? Would be neat-o :grin:

Edit: I probably should tag you, @Konstantinos @riku


I hope it is a wallpaper and not a test if paint can be removed from the display.


I think when Konsta teased this picture to me, I might have grabbed the same one for my prototype :wink:


Bring snow shovels … :grinning:



I would love to be there! But wait…
There is a tiny little problem: I still need a flight from Berlin to NY.

Soooooo… who wants to crowdsource my flight? :heart_eyes:

  • Sure, why not.
  • If you bring Cookies from NY?
  • Are you completely mad?
  • Eve should pay.
  • Maybe, need to sleep over this.
  • They wouldn’t let you in anyway.
  • No. Just no.

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Come to the West Coast too!! I’m sure there are one or two things that might interest you in the Bay Area :wink:


Come to Banff, Alberta - Rockies, hiking, hot springs, Alberta Beef Ribeye steaks …


Canada Toronto Please??? Just stone throw away from NY :smile:


Hogtown??? :fearful:


Vilnius? :open_mouth:
In all seriousness, guys, they’re not going on a world tour :smile: They’re just visiting New York with some business, and they won’t be going around the whole North America - their business is in New York, not elsewhere :wink:

But as we can see, many people from all around the world have shown a wish to participate in such meetups. What do you guys think about organizing one well in advance, letting people know maybe 3 months before the actual meetup, in Helsinki? Everyone would have enough time to check their schedules and get cheap plane tickets :wink:


What are these “cheap plane tickets” you speak of? :wink: Lol, we in North America only have one option if we want a cheap plane ticket. Go to Vegas. hah.

I can fly to Europe for cheaper than a flight across the country!


Same here - Calgary-High Level (still in Alberta) - return ticket CA$1,400. Cowtown-Frankfurt (GER) - less than CA$1,000.


and bring hat french canadian keyboard with you :innocent:


well, I’m feeling a bit sorry for you other people :blush: , but to get a realistic heath test they will have to come to Gabon Africa, today 32°C, 90% humidity and 8ours a day free open sauna.


By cheap plane tickets I mean something like Ryanair… Sometimes you can get tickets for 20eur invluding forward and back, if you book in advance :slight_smile:


but without big luggage and a seat reservation, to be fair.