Meet up in Hong Kong !? Flexibly during April



Each time meetups have been discussed, many potential participants have suggested other places around the world.

And yet, despite being here in Shenzhen ever so often, we’ve never properly considered the idea of meeting around here!

Thus, inspired by @riku’s inspiring meetup post, I’m rather blatantly and poorly copying the idea :smiley:

Of course we are all going to gather up on the Peak (Hong Kong), in the middle of the night

Having just again rescheduled my tickets and returning back to (hopefully-sunny-by-then) Finland on 14th of April. I’d be happy to facilitate a meetup as well! :blush:

We know there are some members from HK here in our community

So here’s another chance to see the V alive! Any and all questions will be answered.

If there’s interest, let’s brainstorm the location, time and date below! :wink:


I’m definitely interested! But is anyone else in Hong Kong going?


I think so. There has been an introduce yourself topic lately from person in HK and I remember seeing some replies there so I guess we have ppl there. At least some of the IGG backers were from HK


IIRC, @Kirz is also lives in Hong Kong :slight_smile:


Hello from Hong Kong :wink::+1:


Greetings! Would be very interesting in seeing you guys in person.


Short update: I’m going to HK today for 1 night (going back to SZ tomorrow) as I need to reset my 30 days stay in Mainland. I’ll be available tomorrow for a “pre-minimeet” if you guys are interested :slight_smile:

@TechieWeirdo @Kirz @paperdrip


@Mike Sure! When are you leaving tomorrow?


I’m flying to China soon and can easily go through Hong Kong as an alternate entry point.

When is the meeting planned and where will it be held?


@Masters888 Right now, we don’t know, but it is probably Tomorrow, we’re just waiting for @Mike to see when he’s Available


Maybe we should create a wechat group for this? Today is actually kinda tight for me and probably a short notice for many others here too.

How about we lock in a date on April?


Yup… it’s a bit too hurry and I’m attending my friend’s wedding tonight… let’s save a date in Apr :joy:

And that wechat… I’d never touch it as it’s like a spying app to me lol… :speak_no_evil::alien::skull::ghost:


Well I’m running whatsapp too :slight_smile: Anyways we need some dates here or it might get tough. How about in the range of HK electronics fair 13-15th?


I use whatsapp too. @Mike , I’m available on 13th-15th April. but of course, how about everyone else?


All dates available as it’s Easter! :grin: