Meet our manufacturer and R&D partner Emdoor!



Hi Community!

In our industry it is common to hide suppliers and manufacturers. As you know transparency is one of our core values and we think it is great if you could know what other people are involved in the project apart from our team.

In this post I would like to Introduce you our manufacturer and development partner Emdoor.

Here is the link to their web page

This guys are one of the leading Chinese ODMs (Original design manufacturers). They have produced for Lenovos, Chuwis and Cubes of this world.

Why have we chosen Emdoor instead of Foxconn or Pegatron?

We believe that you can’t beat competition by using same suppliers:) So we decided to partner with an ambitious Chinese company that is led by passionate people.

Additionally our strategies perfectly align. Emdoor would like to focus on “high-end” devices but tradionl retail customers and brands are not interested in producing top notch devices. So Eve was a very good match!

FYI, Pegatron and Foxconn are suppliers for Apple and Microsoft :slight_smile:

What do guys at Emdoor do?

They help us to create a mass producible flagship device. They have a lot of experience in electrical engineering and mass production. Also they help us source some of the components using their established supply chain.

Here are some of the most active guys who helped to create V and push it to production (when screens arrive :blush: )

This picture was taken after we signed golden sample for production

From left to right:

Jacky Liu: Head of R&D - Mastery level over 9000. He solves any problem we have :slight_smile:
David Han: Senior Mechanical Engineer - This dude implemented kickstand that passed 15,000 openings
Lamon Wang: Senior Electrical Engineer - He fixed headphone jack static :smiley:
Eason Yuan: Quality Assurance Engineer - He was the one who spotted display quality issues
@myien & @Konstantinos - Eve folks
Thomas: Eve account manager - Wants to make sure we can sell as many Vs as possible :money_mouth:
Archer Liu: Project Manager - He really cares! he calls this project his baby!
Shengbing Hu: Project coordinator - Makes sure all teams have all they need to get stuff done!
Kevin Shen: Software Engineer - He enable various TDP options in BIOS :slight_smile:
July Zhao: Sales - Helps out Thomas to make sure we sell as many Vs as possible

###To summarize

We just wanted to let you know about other people involved in this project making it a reality!

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Great to see the team and the details about who designed/solved what, it adds even more value to the V to understand the human work involved not just from figures.
Having a look at emdoors home page it is Interesting to see what level of innovation these young Chinese companies are capable of. Well, that is another example of how the playing it on the safe side\marketing analysis driven product design slows progress down…


By the way! If you want me to tell something to those guys let me know :slight_smile: Community is hard to access in China as it is https now so you need VPN:)


Great to meet the people even beyond the EVE Team!

Btw, love that guy in flip flops :grin: i wish i could work like that :sweat_smile:


@Konstantinos i would like you to tell the team in China that in my book, they are sticking close to the roots of true craftsmanship. In my trade as a carpenter it is common to see houses or projects that have been ruined because of the money-first mentality, either because the customer doesn’t want to spend the money to do it right or because the contractor cut corners to save himself time and money. It is a breath of fresh air to find individuals or groups that want to go back to the old ways, that is, a focus on quality first. The issue with the screens could have been easily passed up in order to get the devices manufactured sooner and for Emdoor to get their check sooner, and I’m sure there are other examples. So, Emdoor, keep up the good work!


How are the teams divided?


Everyone makes “cheap crap” Foxconn as well:)


That makes sense :smile: I was just wondering why you chose to highlight these brands in your post, you know, they probably won’t earn them any honor and respect…


Well I think some of the clients are confidential. Can’t leak those :slight_smile: even though you guys know I’d love to:)


I guess the ‘worse’ ones aren’t confidential :joy: I wonder who Razer, HP, Dell use to make their premium products (who knows if they use different manufacturers for different quality requirements).

And if you can please answer my earlier question :slight_smile:


You’d be surprised to know who they use :slight_smile:
As for the teams they are divided by area if expertise like sound engineers, packaging engineers, quality engineers, etc


I appreciate the transparency. You explanation why to work with them is on point. Can’t wait, both in near and far future!


Great to see the usually hidden faces behind the creation of a device. The V is awesome thanks to them too.
Invite Eason Yuan and Lamon Wang to some extra 啤酒 , what the hell everyone else too… XD


Great stuff

Look forward to Eve amongst the partners on their home page!


So nice to see the V shaping and to see who’s behind it.
Great job and thank you team for the transparency and all the affort and letting us be part of it all.

I for myself don’t regret supporting you guys ( hope still saying that after I receive my V :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you please give them all a big hug :hugs: and this

Super cool to see the silent superheroes :heart_eyes: