Maximum Number of likes


No worries, nothing’s changed. It’ll stay abysmal… :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I only liked what I actually liked. If that makes sense.
I just lowered the mental barrier to actually click on the like button. That should give your self esteem some well deserved confidence :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m able to like btw. About 17h after the like limit. Even though the website state (usually) i had anywhere between the 200 and 255 hours to go.


I don’t think I’ve ever ‘liked’ as many posts as I have ‘liked’ in this thread… including on Social Media… being of a somewhat disliking and generally miserable disposition! :slight_smile:


Please do not feel selected, finger-pointed or be bothered by ‘it is you’ sentiments, but:

Likes are, for most people (means not me :hugs:) a kind of social validation loop, very responsive in human psychology:

More likes —> more posts contributed . . . . . .

Oh help, I will never send a post again.
Well only a few . … . …
I got a like !!!

euhh . . . . , oh s****t


Actually it’s probably good if it’s kept bronze. If you look at the list of users who have gotten the badge, most of them have not continued to be active, many of them have not posted for months. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think it says a lot about the significance of that badge. I’m not 100% sure how the badge is dolled out, but it seems like one person could make one or two posts that get a bunch of likes and that’s all it would take. Again, nothing wrong with that, just doesn’t really feel like it’s worthy of a gold badge.


Did you talk about gold? Who cares for gold … I want a V!


That is somehow a bit weird SQL… but i’s hard to judge if I don’t know the exact meaning of the table columns.
To me it is unclear if that table …

  • contains every like of every user with a timestamp, but then I would not understand why the same table would contain a more global attribtue limit_reached that had nothing to to with the separate likes.
  • contains only the timestamp when the limit was reached. In that case it wouldnt need tha column limit-reached either because the timestamp would make that clear already…
  • or maybe the last possible like gets a 1 (true) in the column limit_reached? Then it would be easy to make a query to check if limit has been reached for a user, but actually that should go into a separate table, not into the table containing the likes.

In any case: The query groups over all user_id and counts the lines with the same user_id. Lines are only in the result if a user appears >= 1 times.

Maybe you could make 150 likes per day possible and at the same time grant the badge for 50 likes per day? Otherwise we could see liking wars…

Seems like we need to understand what exactly happens in that table from the screenshot. I can’t determine from the query which of the cases actually is the one that is used.