Many issues since first day

Hi guys,

I am writting to the community because I have a terminal that has had issues since very first Day and I am still waiting for Support to give me a solution.

July 13: first Day, HDR image is completely burnt.
July 23: no HDMI connectivity
Sept 19: yellow stripe appears on scree, image fades in and out usin DP

91 days waiting for a solution

Anyone has had a solution from Support different from updating firmware and sending all the evidences as I have done?

I may have made the mistake of not coming here at first and trying not to panic other potential customer. After 91days I really hope this gives me attwntion from Support and a solution so I gwr what I have paid for.

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Hey @Juan_A,
I am so sorry to hear you have received this support experience. I will be raising this will the team urgently.

In the meantime if you could send me your support ticket numbers this will help a lot for the investigation.

Please give us some time to investigate, and I will get back to you as soon I can. Rest assured we will resolve this for you.

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[Eve Distribution Limited] Re: This is a follow-up to your previous request #35086

Thank you


Another week goes by without response…


Hello I hope I receive any communication from you
96 days

Have you tried following the instructions and updating the firmware to the latest version? This should be the first thing you do. Instructions are available on this forum and from eve.

Also you might want to spellcheck your post.

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It is broken, no HDMI and a yellow stripe on the screen
And yes I have updated the firmware.
Thanks for nothing, spellchecker

I have had a defective monitor since day 1
No response from Support rather than update the firmware and silence… 96 days now.

How a consume in EU can request a refund or return the product?

It looks like it si not possible.

Potential buyers, be aware of this situation.

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