Make a Smart Device of some form


Something that might be good to consider is making some form of a smart device. This could be almost anything and we should just start listing off ideas. This could be a device like Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Google Home. Or it could anything that works with one of those devices. There are a lot of things that work with those from lights, to thermostats. We really can have a lot of different options out there what we could go off of.

Some options are:

  • Smart Speaker (Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Google Home)

  • Lights

  • Thermostat

  • Lock

  • Wireless Router

  • Health tracker

  • Many, many more

There can be many more then this and it could be something that I have not said yet. Also it could be something that one else has done. There are plenty of opinion out in the smart device category. What do you think? What device should Eve make? If you think Eve should make something tell us why.


Do you want a Smart device by Eve?


  • Yes
  • No

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Don’t list what is out there… Tell me WHAT YOU NEED :wink:


At this moment I really do not know what I want. I am somewhat polling the community to see what they would like.


You should have started then by creating this poll: :smile:

Do you want a smart device by Eve?

  • Yes
  • No

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There are so many smart devices that a poll like that I feel won’t do justice to it (I think it’s a term too generic to get a good feel of what the community’s opinion is)


Well, there are people who are not fond of the “smart home” idea at all, like me for example. So first we need to find out if people want anything of that kind at all. Because if that number doesn’t reach 80%, I really doubt we could still have a majority on a specific kind of device. If a poll like this one gets over 80% “yes”, then we can consider that the community likes the idea and start figuring out what kind of device we want. If not, there is really little point in discussing the kind of device we want (or don’t want).


Good point and thank you for the suggest. I am still trying to get use to this community. We will see where this goes if anywhere.

@Artur maybe I did make it to generic and if so I will think of something more specific and see what the community is thinking.


You can however open a new discussion where people interested about the topic can discuss about it.

e.g. Headline: “Do you have smart connected devices, like google home?”

Then see if people wanna pitch in and start openly conversating.

Usually the easiest way to approach new categories etc is to open up with new discussion, then create a follow up based on the information learned from the previous one :wink:


Ok thans for the suggestion.


Something tell me that this is not going to get many people. I think I might think about one smart device and see what people think about it.


But what’s the point in discussing the need of one device if people don’t want any device at all? This poll right now is balancing around 50/50, so I can’t imagine you getting more than 30% votes for one specific type of a smart device. But 14 voters means nothing. We need to wait longer. Maybe adding the poll to your original post would get more attention :slight_smile: If you want to add it, click the gear icon when editing your post and then “build poll”.


Hey it worth the try. Thanks