Lost my V pen - would pens for MS Surface work?


The topic says it all essentially. I lost my V pen - no idea when, just found out. The fact that the clip fell off months ago didn’t help in it staying in my bag. In any case - would a device like Adonit Ink or MS pen for Surface work instead?


I personally use the ms surface pen (4096+tilt) on a daily basis. Works just fine. Although it has stopped working on be a couple of time but all i did was after class, i poped down into the ms store then get a replacement within the hour. (Warranty renewed free of charge becasue of Australian consumer laws)


All pens that use the N-Trig protocol can be used with the V, this includes almost any digital stylus for consumer computers. All pens that can be used with the SP 3/4/5 can be used with the V as well. Personally I used a SP4 pen until it broke down from old age.

So feel free to get that Adonit Ink :slight_smile:


I am really enjoing the Bamboo Ink on my V


I have a Bamboo and I like it better than the SP pen.
BUT, I looked at your link now and… I want one :open_mouth:
The “pixel” seems right for me… but… NO b/c I have 2 Bamboos (had lost one and got one cheap on ebay and found the first now there are two) and one SP4 pen… shouldn’t be too greedy, right… :roll_eyes:


I don’t have a lot of experience with (digital) pens but bought an Adonit Ink and am very happy with it. So much so that I’m now much more likely to use the pen on my V.