Long awaited Muse update!

No one (including Bose) have been able to get to the xm3 level of ANC. How are you able to achieve this? I know you intend to use Sony chipset, but I doubt they will sell their industry leading anc version to others?

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Multipoint bt? You meaning being able to connect to multiple devices? Then that’s in BT 5.0 which is one of the previous specs.

We are going to use the XM3 DSP, together with the amount of microphones and placement of those microphones we can get XM3 level of ANC.

The info regarding this is showcased in Project Muse Prototype and Specs are here!


Multi point bluetooth will be there! Have a look at the QnA. We will update specs too

Good point here. It is important to separate Active Noise Canceling, Passive and combined. The reason Sony has the reputation for its ANC is because they are the biggest headphones out there(in terms of having a lot of space for passive noise canceling) while Bose and others often try to achieve slimmer and more shallow designs. In terms of the actual Active noise canceling Algorithm Sony are not the best. Cleers Flow 2 same as Sony are not the smallest sized headphones out there.

But this is something that will be for prototype testers to test out!


@Konstantinos will Alcantara be an option for headband material, I think it will offer a good feel. One more thing how are the testers gonna be selected.

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My understanding was that you were to have prototypes sent out this month, meaning that it was nearly done, short of tweaking based on feedback before going into production. This feels like at least two steps back.

There has been zero discussion about the Cleer Flow II in the Head-Fi community that I can find. Until I hear for myself or see more focused feedback, I can’t be sure that it’s due to lack of audio quality, or just that it’s a new company focused more on the bluetooth/noise reduction/mic features. Either way, I’m not too excited about it compared to the idea of using the folks behind the transducers used for Audeze.


Personally I don’t like the look of that shiny ring on the Cheer Flow II’s. Especially how the rings (and the ends of the headband as whole) are circular but the ear cups are oval. Something in that bothers my eye.

But that’s about it, otherwise they have a simple design which seems like a good starting point. If the earcups were changed for circular ones (just as an example), I think you could make them look great.


I can second this! He has a wall full of headphones and I’m certain that he would be able to give excellent feedback on sound and comfort.


Does it have any form of waterproofness or do you consider adding it in the future? It rains a lot in my country and I would love it if they survive some rain.


I could be misremembering this, but I think the idea was to make them water resistant (but not water proof), so they could be used during exercise without absorbing sweat.

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The main thing is that the GrandSun are looking, in my opinion, pretty old and cheap. Surely, the features and components inside of the headphones are way more important, but they also should look pretty cool. I guess Eve also wants to keep a corporate look around their devices so it would be awesome to have something black, modern looking with just a little logo on it or something. The last thing I want is to run around with a headphone which is looking like my dad’s old TV-headphones, he used when everyone else was sleeping.
I will try to find some design which are like I want.


As always, thank you for providing a lot of insights quickly folks :slight_smile:

I can make a short summary from our side to address main questions here:

  1. Even if we use Cleer Flow as a skeleton for Muse we will achieve all of the specs crowd wanted. Things like 4 mics, dedicated AMP, QCC5124 chipset, Google fast pair, AptX adaptive, multipoint Bluetooth are requested by eve community and will be implemented despite Grandsuns product not having them currently
  2. Grandsun is the manufacturer of those Audeze headphones and ironless driver technology belongs to them so we will be using those awesome drivers
  3. It is clear that design of Cleer is not very hot. To be honest we are not the biggest fans either. So Propeler will start redesign project with us. We will have to keep some parts of Flow but other things will change.
  4. We will make sure to improve on current shortcomings of Flow that are known and make sure to implement feedback of our community prototype testers. This will be an exciting next step of the project!

Most importantly remember we are making an Eve product and simply white labeling what’s out there makes no sense! Our product has to be able to kick ass of flagship headphones our there!


Multipoint Bluetooth is not a bt 5.0 feature. Bose has it in their qc35 ii which is bt 4.1. This bluetooth feature has been around since 2008, but many manufacturer chose not to implement them except some select few.

Article from 2008 explaining the feature:


I didnt know how to word this in my post but you hit the nail on the head! I think having the option for the ring to be a similar color to the material next to it is a must.