Livestream Questions!



Greeting everyone!

As you might know we’ll be having a livestream with the latest V prototype (more info about that here) and be answering your questions!

However, since we can’t demand you take a day off just for the stream, please feel free to ask your questions here!

And finally, here’s how we’ll handle the questions:
Since the stream will be pretty brief (45 minutes) and questions will be asked live I (@iKirin) will curate / gather the questions asked from the stream / this thread before forwarding them to @Konstantinos & @Xinjie.

So, feel free to ask away! :slight_smile:

How about YouTube livesteam of the new V with Sharp screen?
Your feedback needed for the live stream!
LIVE NOW! 🔥 Eve YouTube livestream with Sharp V. How and when to watch!

In terms of support, if there is a failing part that needs to be replaced, are we going to send back to China for repair ourselves or how is it process?
Are we going to bear the shipping cost?


In place of all the frustrated users:
“When will the V finally be at my doorstep?” :smile:
Are there any changes/details to the current shipping timeline?)


The question most people will be looking forward to: have you received exact shipping dates from sharp yet? And if so what are they?
Also has any decision been made on ssd pricing?
Honestly are there any other questions to ask that havent been asked and answered in the forums?


What kind of real world run times do we get from the V with the new Sharp screen?


I think it was suggested some time ago that the Surface Dial will work with the V but can you please confirm that this is indeed the case? With all the same functionality as with the MS Surface products?

  • What is the status is on UEFI support with the touch pannel? (Planned, done while waiting the screens, on-going, not yet planned,…)


Pressure levels and tilt for V pen and/or for substitute I.e. Wacom bamboo.

  • The performance of the 1TB ssd. If I recall, there were some issues regarding speeds, has this been resolved?


These will not change but a slight rephrase:

  • Did you have time to test the new SP pen? If yes, have you determined which new features of it you can support on the V?


In case the battery degenerates and looses capacity, have you already thought about the price for a replacement done by you (hardware costs + mab hours)? Excluding shipping costs that will be on top.

Same question goes for other parts breaking after warranty end, like the screen, battery, SDD. Since everything is glued together I wouldn’t want to do most things by myself. Will it always be hardware costs plus X% + working hours + shipping to you and back? Can you tell a bit more about this?

Could me maybe change the Fn key on the keyboard to have a status LED like capslock? :joy::rofl::sunglasses:


Can you eat moon cake live?

And more serious: In addition to @mirv and @canonlp : What is the power consumption of the 1Tb SSD in the V and how does it compare to the current one?


I know the whole focuss is on the V right now which I totally agree but I read somewhere that you also working/planing on new projects for the future and it would be awesome if you could give us some kind of insides whats next (eve phone, Computer, docking stations, egpu etc.)


Also: final design of the HEB engraving.
Totally minor for sure, curious anyway :blush:


The hype for the stream is real :tada:

As a student in his first trimester searching for a laptop, I’d love to know an estimate for the webshop prices. Also, do you have information about taxes and transport costs inside of the EU?


Do you think there will ever be a V with an AMD Ryzen APU inside for those who wish to have a more powerful GPU then what Intel offers?


120€, everything included.


I know it’s the question everyone’s been wondering… Is the true Mastermind and star of Eve going to be there? …Konsta’s cat?

When will sale of tshirts and other Eve apparel and accessories be on sale? Will we be able to order before our Vs ship and receive them at the same time as our V?
Have you given any thought to other accessories for the V? We heard konsta mention a backpack in the past is that still a thing?


To piggyback off of what @Chiesel asked, can we see the sleeve’s from Mozo with a V?


I dream to know about final V prices.!
Second, Will you ship to Egypt?
Lastly will you make folio keyboard an extra oprion?