Little pre-update


Hey konstantinos.
Well. I’ve been waiting for a replacement V since End of April as the machine is dead and i was told it would be shipped out to me in mid june. However, I have not received anything yet and it may be early july. I emailed support multiple times in the last week (support request 8907) to see what’s up but yet to get a reply.

I wanted to help a new company to create its groundbreaking computer. But It is 1,5 years since I ordered the machine and still I have no working computer. I can understand that faulty machines can be produced in so early stage of a company, but the support is not very good and not customer friendly



Rethinking and choosing the empathic way takes courage, much appreciated!


Honesty you guys were and are and inspiration.
I hope you find it to come through, slay and change the game, but I understand if you don’t.



I’m past the anger stage but I’ve reached the complete opposite conclusion as you.

Reasoning and rationality tells me that this is plain lying repeated multiple times.

The same reasoning tells me:

  1. for existing buyers, we should contact alternative ways to get our refund asap as getting useful response from them is more than unlikely
  2. potential buyers should be warned about all this lying give that they are still “selling” these non-existent products at their webstore with shipping estimate July-August

Yes, I wanted to support them as some point; but no, I don’t want to support them now and I don’t even want their investor round to succeed. Why? Because their values aren’t on par with what I would call a great company; and that is the most important thing to a company - not even the engineering ability or the pricing or the challenge to big companies whatsoever. Being good is the starting point, not the bonus. So, thinking on behalf of those investors and potential future customers - I don’t want them to go through the pain I just went through. I have more empathy towards them (who are going to be scammed) than me at this stage now.


Would you call Apple a great company, Microsoft, SodaStream, Tesla, Louis Vuitton, Amnesty International?
What are your values?

You know?.
Everything is fucking terrible, everything.
This was better, it was gonna be great and don’t pretend you don’t know it.
So what? The problem is everything else.
Why? For the same reason you were going to buy this computer.
Because everything is what?

So what? You acquiesce that everything is terrible and therefore you were stupid to even try to believe, or you turn your belief into something tangible and quantityable, what it is and was. Support,

Its prbly too late, but just admit it.


I hope you Lingnan make it through your investor round.


I don’t need to look anywhere - a company represents a group of people, so a great company is a group of great people, at very least.

It doesn’t take one much to figure out that being great as a person requires at the minimum respect and honesty towards others.

I’m not sure why you suddenly become angry - but I’m sorry I can’t help you because your problem can either be solved by yourself (by realizing you need to go through refund and be done with the company) or by them (by delivering the product to you). Given you still like the product I suppose you’d like the later option more than the first, so I wish you best luck in that regard.

For me I’m certain I don’t want my money going towards a company like this, simple as that. So no need to wait for any update from them anymore. If anything, I wish I can make some contribution towards preventing future buyers from falling into the same trap as I did.


Suddenly become angry?
This is the most calm I’ve been in weeks.
I’m fucked, financial impaired, lost clients, no new jobs coming in, only on an iPhone for like 4 months. Typed every word of this 4 times…
In should be the first to get angry.


It is now after 10pm in Hong Kong and after close of business in Finland. Where is the news we were supposed to get today? I suppose more stalling tactics.


Its coming up really soon. Hold on a little while. Sorry it seems like stalling tactics to you but its really not!


What did you buy instead?


@Orion i understand your point of view. I really am. And maybe you didn’t notice but I never, never, criticized the fact that I still didn’t get any product since …March? @ownerer can correct me if I’m wrong since we discussed it a lot. I always criticized the PR part and the honesty part. I always said that I wanted facts, truth and if we did have to wait well it’s like that. That’s even why I’m not paying with PayPal but with my company’s card or by wired transfer for my IT because I’m trusting the system. I’m trusting the companies where I ordered, which is most of the time local shops. So that’s to show you how dedicated I am when I buy something.

My problem is now that I demonstrated with the help of everyone including you, that we’ve been lying to. Not that any V has been shipped, but that exagération in the update from konsta have always occurred. And again, if you have noticed, I even encourage Mike to stay on the ball. Because he actually is more honest. Because he does provide some truth and I encourage him even to provide more truth like actual numbers, charts and things like that.
I have nothing against the project, the project is great, I fully support the project and still do and as you may have notice I’m in the baddest situation to get a refund around here like some others. So I would appreciate that you understand all of that.

On the counter part, you doesn’t seem very much educated on that subject. There are plenty of people who works everyday to make it work ideas like that and fight giants.
2 examples, one international and one local :

  • international, luis rossman. What he tells you is what you get and he s so confident in his honesty that he even do educational videos.
  • national, numerous free internet service provider which are totally local and enforce safety and freedom of the data of the subscribers. It’s well documentated industry in Belgium and France.

If you look around you closely, you will see that everything is not shitty. If you were there I would offer you a beer


You see… @mike is really into it and even answer to those ironic post. That’s why I’m enjoying him. That’s why I want him to handle PR for now on.


So no update? It’s well past 5 in Finland, and no update, why should that surprise me, if your deliveries are any indication of your business acumen. Please make an update.


I just opened a complaint with Paypal. It’s nearly 7pm here and still no email. Ordered on the 19th december and really I can’t afford to wait some more. I don’t mind the wait as much as i regret being strung around… I contacted customer support 10 days ago and they said everything was “fine”. Unbeleivable.