Little pre-update


What about for the people who had been in contact with your staff and was told to wait by the end of June for our refund to be processed?

I was contacted by your finance manager back in February 2018 and was told in the nicest way possible to wait. I had been waiting patiently and their has not been a update.

Would it be possible to get a simple update for people like me? When are the refunds being processed?


I think/hope this(we) will be included on the monday update.


So it’s the 1st, and no shipment from Eve on my order. I understand shipment delays, I work in manufacturing, but at least be honest, at least have your “customer service” send a message stating that the order will be delayed by x number of weeks. What did I get, no word, but a strong sense that nothing was going to happen. You have delayed my shipment twice, and I am frustrated with you. I want to believe in your product, but it seems like those that have received defective devices have not been taken care of by your “customer service” group. I put it in quotation marks because quite frankly you haven’t taken care of your customers. You have spent our money, probably paid yourselves, but haven’t delivered a product. Please be honest with us, so that we can make an informed decision about whether to stand and wait, or get refunds and publicize your inability to deliver on EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET AVAILABLE. If you succeed in delivering, we will publicize that as well.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I’m just hoping the update tomorrow is actually sufficient in terms of refunds and accurate dates for getting devices for people who are undecided (Ie me currently!).


here it is Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Same here. Been promised an end-of-June-2018 shipping/update/postponement from Eve-Tech re my missing accessories.

Heck, I just logged in back now to check how things are, and it seems to have gotten worse! At least I can say that the HEB/LEB backers were much more patient or forgiving than the flash buyers. Can’t blame them, though.


I guess the situation for flash sale buyers is somewhat different for HEB and LEB. Those backers are participating in an Indiegogo campaign which is a crowdfunding project at its essence. Delays are to be expected for a lot of crowdfunding project and eve wasn’t an exception. Flash sale buyers have much higher expectations as they expected this to be a regular purchase from a store delivered within a reasonable timeframe as indicated by the estimation (People naturally have this expectation, even though eve uses just-in-time production).

Another thing to consider is that Indiegogo backers were participating in the development process which people could see real progress being made on the NPD/production. The periodic radio silent from the team in the last few months and the fact that a lot of flash sale buyers weren’t involved in the forum didn’t help with the current state.

These are just my few cents and personal interpretations. Probably made quite a few typos on my phone:(


That’s what EVE and some ultrafans used when there were delays forq HEBs and LEBs … there were saying, then flash sale will be different …


Right. Too bad that I wasn’t more skeptical about this whole thing when I was looking at their somewhat misleading product page. I mean it was never fair compare the i7 V with i7 Surface pro. Should’ve thought a bit more on that falsehood I caught before I made the purchase considering the incredibility we’re dealing here today.


They are still selling the V and taking payments on the website. This may ultimately be the thing that gets them in the most legal trouble. Taking money for a product they know they can not supply.


For my skepticism here I was kicked out from Senior Creators group … (BTW it was same as when I was kicked out of Pionyr - a commie version of Hitler Jugend for attending church).

On contrary I think you can compare EVE V with MS Surface Pro 4 - and in some cases V is slightly better. I have access to both in real life use.


Right this was well reflected in the crazy unrealistic shipping schedule on their web store in March (I think) when they still had something like March shipping on the store when they haven’t even shipped the Dec 4th buyers in late March


Yeah I think I still remember you as part of the Senior Creators group. Anyway it’s easy to access a SP4 today and get reasonably good support from MS compare to the roller coaster ride here. If I had gone with Surface, I would’ve been using it for almost a year now. I came in with an expectation of delays in the first place “pretty sure I said that at some point in the past”, but this went far beyond my expectation, not in the good direction.


Lots of people buying V in December 2017 did not thinkthat V is mid 2016 design - in that time it was a great 2in1 mostly without competitors. Originally was promissed to HEBs in February/March 2017, for LEBs in March/April 2017and for rest of world in late April 2017 …


Good to know those dates. I know there was a drama about the screen supplier issue I think. Pretty sure Konstantinos mentioned at some point that they had a similar payment problem during Indiegogo. Smh they didn’t seem to learned much from the past.

Edit: the Y series chip in V is quite old now (671 days old). Processor age on Notebookcheck Yeah I know 7th Gen Y-series is still the latest today, but it is reasonable to think that Intel will need to refresh this lineup in the foreseeable future.


They had problemwith PayPal releasing IndieGoGo payments.
Thay had a big issue with screen supplier.
They lied about 1 TB SSD availability.

Typical for them, when they ran into problems was long radio silence then comming with - everything is great, just there will be slight delay …


It is one thing to take money on something that has not yet been made publicly available.

It is quite another for them to take funds from consumers knowing that they cannot deliver in a reasonable time with the terms in their agreement.

No other company I have dealt with has terms like that. Nor will I ever deal with one that insists on it.


I eagerly await the next “update” and nuanced excuse for customers without product or refunds.

I’m going to enjoy every post that fanboys author to help with EVE excuses.


That wouldn’t bother me if I would get my money after all…


I think maybe we are all lacking in a little empathy and it’s not helping us tbh. Myself included. I was about about to write something nasty (and even envoke the word Trump)
We feel angry because we feel afraid that we are not or not soon going to get or V. And we feel our trust is violated, which yeah. And that makes, at least me, afraid of everything really, trusting other people’s projects, trying to be an entrepreneur myself, other people’s intentions.
But I just think the anger is misplaced. We are all frustrated, and pent up energy becomes quickly misdirected. But really, deep down I know that the team at Eve really really are trying their best. The problem is the scope of their struggle, which is all of our struggle, because we helped create them and they . They made mistakes, maybe not even, maybe they used deceptive language, but marketing is difficult , honesty is difficult.

So whatever, forgive them, life is fucking hard, fucking impossibly hard sometimes just to make a buck and pay the bills.
And these people, who are just like you and me, tried to take down Microsoft, and Apple and everyone.

And we supported them cause we do too.
We don’t like Apple and we don’t want Microsoft. We want David, not Goliath.

So when Eve is meeting w investors, on the last days of their sales pitch, we are filling their own message board w hate, fear, and vitriol which is prbly super unattractive to investors and theref prbly not self serving to our own interests.

Full disclosure, def drank some wine tonight.

I think tho. I support you guys Eve.
Thanks for trying