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Can anyone share the number of community members who posted that their V did not arrive? - Is the number of voters in Wickedly’s poll a good indication?
A correct number will surely help to get the “scolding level” down. put :

Do we really have to know that the whole Eve

The situation is already annoying enough for everyone without having to work through all those “lying rats/ liar/ never produced the V” and other muddy posts.

Honestly, did those posts really change the situation we have to cope with?
Prove it!

If one chooses to wait, it is his free choice.
If one chooses to get a refund, it is his free choice as well.


They hold funds because they are liable if seller does not fulfill terms. Protects processor from losing funds. All companies deal with this. New companies more so.


Well, a reasonable guess should be great.


Thanks for the explanation.


@AML i was going to be more precise than that .
Nickname - date - post linked - situation - came back or not


Wow, that should great!


If you have any more ideas please do share.


I think I will answer with the same logic. Did any of the nice posts change the situation to something better?


So comparing the way Mike described it, and the way you described it, there’s no difference. So dunno why you’d say he is confused?

Whether the investment releases funds, or the investment funds manufacturing that lead to the release of funds once they are shipped, it’s the exact same outcome, what’s the difference?

The reason the funds are frozen is purely in the payment processors interests. The risk for them is if Eve doesn’t have the equivalent cash in the bank to cover the payments processed then they will lose out if things go bad with manufacturing. As soon as capital is injected that risk all but disappears.


What do you think the risk to the processors is?

Their risk is if there’s an influx of chargebacks and the funds they’ve released have been used to manufacture the product, with no cash reserves elsewhere to honour the refunds. So when Eve sell 2 million euros worth of tech, it gets the Collison’s risk team a bit worried.

Had Eve had a corresponding figure of cash to the value of the orders placed on their balance sheet, then there’d be zero issue with frozen payments. The risk is offset. That’s what they want to see. I put a big chunk through Stripe in month 1 with zero issues recently, funds were not withheld they landed within 7 days, nor was any reputation built. All we had was a healthy balance sheet which was enough. I don’t even think Stripe knew what we were transacting tbh before we started doing orders, can’t remember what was even needed during sign up. The only time it would have been looked into was if the chargeback rate was high, fraudulent orders were flying in or the volume of sales being absolutely huge in terms of $$$$$$ that it dwarfed the cash in bank a la Eve.


Tomorrow there should be a cancel order option on the orders page rigth? :call_me_hand:t6:


or/and wasntme-


4th Dec Flash Sale - #12xx

No Mail. No Info. No V.


[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I just took the English as it was used in your answer, sorry to have misunderstood.
Just a little detail: what means ‘unreasoning’ when a question is asked (“proof it ?”)


I am still awaiting my refund, Joanna isn’t replying to me and I’m stressed as hell

It has been months

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

The key point is that it seems no one received, in the last day or so, an email confirming the shipment of their V. That all of the people that follow this forum are in a minority that are delayed defies logic and believability.


There are two very shocking things that Mike’s message reveals:

This implies that Eve did not check with the payment processors whether funds would be released before initiating sales. Who tries to run a business without checking that the business model is feasible first? You would think that paypal freezing their funds in 2016-17 following the Indiegogo campaign would have shown that this is a risk.

If Eve requires the investment round to be completed before they have the additional funds to buy the parts and start the manufacturing process, and that has still not been completed, why were they stating only recently that everything was going according to schedule?

This is what I said back in November 2017:.

It seems they continue to make the same mistakes.


Almost the same story. I returned mine, and I am still waiting for my money. email @Konstantinos, no answer. Customer support, promises and more promises, but not delivery.


INcredible, literally. For sure I’m gonna “blame” the email issue on Outlook. SMH, I’m disappointed.


Well, Eve is quite fast in deleting posts about doing something with the V which is not allowed in the community. Incredible fast, to be honest.
Interestingly, it is not as fast in responding to any news, any support cases, stuff about missing drivers, etc…