Little pre-update


Yes, a LB backer from 2016.

Then there were an Upgrade to 1TB - which I bought.

So we had to wait till 1TB SSD was available. And then it was sent out!

I did received an EVE-V 1TB - which had a problem to Switch on after 7th time switching it on.

I did receive a replacement - with a 512GB - which was REPAIRED.

NOT MY EVE-V!!! Check tour Serial Numbers!!!


I’m another Dec 4 buyer who has received no email whatsoever. Having been dragged through this travail like most of you here.

I’m contacting support to ask for immediate refund process, but I suspect they will reply promptly - so probably contacting my CC before their Monday ‘update’.

I’ve been following forum for a while after the third or fourth delay, so not that much time as some of you but I have already read about the many problems with the company reflected in the forum. People’s frustration is warranted - therefore my advice would be not to tell people who are having problem how you would behave if you’ve had the same problem and argue why your imaginary response is the better one - they don’t add value here @ethercoin :wink:

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I feel like I’ve been pretty patient about it all, only signing up to the forums in the last week as I knew the deadline for the next shipment date was getting closer and closer and I thought being on the forums may give me a bit more insight than just reading their updates. Also I thought this way getting info re the refund would be a little easier as well.

I won’t lie though, it does seem a bit off that a lot of the people on the forums haven’t received any communication from Eve re their V despite most of them having been supposedly dispatched.

I feel like people are perfectly justified in complaining though, in a handful of days a lot of us will have been waiting 7 months, I fully understand delays happen and that Eve themselves are having some sort of financial problems but still 7 months is quite a length of time just to wait for a piece of technology (albeit a fantastic looking one).

Sadly I’ll be hoping the refund information on Monday is sufficient so I can easily start the process.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I think we must not blame EVe-Tech for this mishaps and delays.

We must blame the Manufacturer. They are the people who have to manufacture and sent out the devices as ordered. The Eve Team don’t see ever EVE - that is sent out and when. They depend on their Manufacture!

I still believe that believe in their dream - but Communication is the big problem


that’s one point of view.
There are a lot of false point in your views.
You are omitting:

  • money management
  • team management
  • legal management and structure of the company
  • communications

It’s great that you believe in this project, I do too. I don’t believe in lying, in hiding some facts based an actual false conceptions on which information could be relevant for the other companies that would in a imaginary world steal the concept or whatever. Eventually, I could even provide some company’s names that are totally transparent about their numbers, concept, revenue, structure and they are still first in their domain of expertise…I don’t believe either in some legal niche where startup like that could be exonerate from any consumer law. We could have totally run a charity if we wanted. It’s totally feasible at least under benelux and france laws and still get V produced and people hired and things like that. OF course, it would not have been very profitable for the managers but at least then no consumer law to respect and every delays would have been accepted.
There is no dream here. They need to respect the law at some point. Even if that means stop the project and create it later under another structure.


This is the lightest email sending of the history btw.
We’re making history here :call_me_hand:t2:


13XX December 4 buyer here.

Also no V, and no Email since the one in mid-June to delay my shipping estimate.

Seeing other unfulfilled people with such low order numbers makes me wonder what order they’re sending them out in…

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

guys… we have a winner

I think my work is done, I can rest in peace now. A V got delivered from the december flash sale recently… (hope at least)


Hasn’t there been a few people who ordered on Dec 4th who have received their V? Sure in my browsing before joining I saw the odd one. Problem is these seem to be a huge minority compared to the number of people waiting for their V.


I showed you one…


I know, it’s good that some people have had theirs delivered but as I said, a good % of the people on here who ordered on Dec the 4th are still waiting for any news. I think a lot of people are annoyed as Eve said that a lot of them have been dispatched/delivered, yet looking at the forums (granted the number on here actively talking about the Eve V probably doesn’t compare to the number not on here) that simply doesn’t seem to be the case.


You answered your own question. Most people who ordered are simply not active here. And count the people who complain very loudly - one, maybe two dozen. Out of hundreds of orders.

Just because they are more visible (and I’m not saying they have no reason to complain) doesn’t mean they are the majority.


Hi Joe!

Im sorry we missed your message and didnt respond!

This extends to all of you folks that we haven’t responded!

While we remain silent, we dont remain inactive.
Rather we are proceeding with closing up our investment round - only this will enable us to ship all units and accessories, as the frozen funds will be released right after that.

Why this happened?

As Konstantinos pointed out, the payment processors have witheld our funds and will release them in accordance of verified shipments.

This came to us as a terrible surprise and prevented us from doing - as you say - as we promised. Sadly, there was no way for us knowing this in advance…

Now we just try to take care of you guys to the best of our abilities & make the most out of this.

Surely we will be looking for ways to compensate this delay to you & others who have suffered.

Regarding your litigation plans: we can only do our best, and will continue attempting to do so, meanwhile, you of course do what you must.

Please accept my humble apologies until then…


While we remain silent, we dont remain inactive.
Rather we are proceeding with closing up our investment round - only this will enable us to shhtip all units and accessories, as the frozen funds will be released right after that.

So let me summarrize. In the past 4 month you gave us several promised shipping dates and you failed each.
Two month ago you said the same about the financial situation and promised all devices to be shipping before 30th june. Well no suprise but you failed this deadline too.
The same happend as before. No update, No newsletter, no single news during the promised estimated shipping window. As before one day after the promised date passed there is the next delay announced.

Konstantine promised detailed information for monday, which sounds like some more days.
But your announcement sounds like you haven’t even started to produce the promised devices.

We will see what will happen on monday who the promised option to cancel the orders looks like
and how many orders will be left after the orderes were canceled.


I am done with believing that the V is better for me than everything else available right now. Blaming the manufacturer doesn’t help me and does not deliver the V to my home (ordered 17.2.2018). EVE is responsible for the stuff that the manufacturer deliveres or does not! They got my money to ensure the whole process.

Judging from others who had trouble getting a working V or a replacement if it doesn’t, lets me second guess my initial trust in EVE. With every “non-update”/communication I fear getting a device that is broken or will break after short usage.

The Fairphone-team did one thing better than EVE. They did not make promises they can’t deliver. They even stated that the invested money could be lost (so they could not use Indigogo or Kickstarter back then). Honesty alone helped that it worked out. Maybe I am comparing the wrong companies, because EVE does not have the environment-friendly tagging. But this difference made me wait past the fundraising campaign for the V and I expected a faster delivery.


The above is a genuine complaint. My issue is more with the nonsense stuff about legal route.

So yours had a broken cracked / screen? What was wrong with the keyboard?


Very true. The disgruntled are going to shout the loudest. Happy eve users got very little reason to be on here championing it.

I just stuck around to see what stuff is happening, point out the obvious stupid, and share anything worthwhile I find using the V :smiley:


I fear Mike may be confused or dishonest. Bill Gates himself could invest in Eve and that will not get the processors and PayPal to release funds. The purpose for withholding funds is to protect banks, processors and consumers from this very situation. Even if an investor steps up, the processors have risk for the funds sent through them. The funds will not be released until Eve produces and ships the product they promised buyers.
The fanboys claim this is unfair and a viscious circle, but that is how it works for all businesses. Until a reputation is built and there is a history of performance there will be a substantial hold back on funds. The processors and PayPal have a fiduciary responsibility that require them to do this.
The purpose of an investor should be to provide funds to finish builds. Only then will cc and PayPal funds be released.
As I stated earlier, I think any investor will completely reorganize the company, leaving current customers on the outside. An investor would want the assets and designs not previous customers and issues. Maybe there will be a white knight investor. From a business standpoint that seems unlikely.


So no one that follows this forum received an email in the last day saying their V shipped. Do they think people are that stupid?


Surely I’m not the only person who thinks we shouldn’t have to go via PayPal or our bank, credit card just to recover our money?

If the funds are frozen then Eve shouldn’t have been able to spend them should they? In this case all our money should be sat there ready to send back to us, I’ve no idea why the funds are still frozen though, does anyone actually know why they are?