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So we have one person who follows the forum that may have received an emailing saying their V shipped. Hard to believe that if emails went out, the people that follow the forum are all in the small minority that are delayed. Something smells fishy


as I already stated previously yes…


1/ when you are asking for a refund, it’s normally the responsibility of the company that you have interacted with. Here it’s Fortress, but if you would buy from a local shop in Flanders like tones or mijnitshop it would be them not the assemblers. So you shouldn’t be using your payment sub processor as PayPal or your bank to do this. Agreed ?

No, I don’t agree.PayPal or any other Payment Sub Processor was part of the contract (pay via XYZ) which lead to the decision to spend money to a unknown company to deliver a product. Knowing there is the saftey you will get the money back if the company acts like eve - selling a device without delivery.

Or would you go to your local store, give them money for something and go out of your local store without something?


I can assure you that here in belgium, first you need to deal with the company you interacted with not the payment processor. The payment processor can offer you garantees but that’s not necessarely included.
That’s why for professionnal credit card you don’t have any garantees on internet orders. You need to deal with the organization you interact with. Of course the credit card company or the payment processor can offer you some help for that but that’s not their primary objective. The primary objective is to give a way between 2 actors to offer a trade platform.

And yes actually, I order all the time all my IT through local shops, not Amazon, not ebay, not big retailer company, with professional bank account and professional credit card and it’s in NO cases the responsability of my bank if there is a delivery or not. They can intercede for me if a problem occurs but only as a help to customer not as a legal responsability. And so to clarify my answer, yes I’m always paying in advance for IT and other stuff, remotely, never on site, for materials I didn’t see. And yes I’m trusting the system in belgium for local shops or local professional vendors, because they have the obligation to offer warranty even if the builder is not offering any, and they have the obligation of delivery. And all that trust, not because if they don’t they won’t be payed by the payment processor(which actually occurs in the 48 hours (be payed I mean)), because if they don’t governmental services will be on their back and it will even give them problems on their fiscal evaluation.
Actually in belgium, and I’m sure it’s same in many countries in Europe, for professional actors and person to professional, there is governmental service who intercedes and who have the legal responsibility to help in those kind of situation for no delivery, no warranty respect, etc.

of course it’s mostly in french, but for the parts of governmental services you have the english translation too.
As you can see in the Q&A, it’s always referred to the vendor, practically never to the payment processor:


Sorry I didn’t received I punch the wrong option. Dec 4, #14xx

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

minus 1 and still more proof for me ^^


been silently waiting for my Dec 4 order (#12XX), even got a Dbrand skin that’s been waiting for such a long time I wonder if the adhesive is still effective lol.

Monday the 2nd better be giving us some solid, no more delays, going to be sent news.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

another extension?


I want more @dascotis


Thank you, boistordu!

I will look at the estimator debug topic and find out do I really have the estimator or not?


Hi Konstantinos

Also waiting or support to reply about my replacement device. Replacement were a downgrade - repaired device.

Got my Eve-V - 8th March 2018 and did not switch or boot 7 days later. Lost all my work. Replacement sent - but faulty and 512GB. Mine was a 1TB

I lost all my work and still waiting for response from support.

Please, please - help

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

Yes, and that’s why the job title is explicitly “community case/situation escalator”. I mean, what else would a CM do amirite?

I mean one day they’ll even be claiming they moderate the forums.


Did you get a refund?
What did you buy?


I also did receive my EVE on the 8th March 2018. LB backer. Waited for 1TB upgrade - which I receive.
Stunning and awesome device.
Then disaster strike - after 7th time try to switch it on - no luck - Dead, dead. At the end after my NEW replacement arrived - I think it was only the Power Switch that not work properly.
Wrote to support - promise a replacement - after 36 e-mails. Received New replacement - not mine that was sent in for repair.
Disappointment - Nwe Replacemnet was an REPAIRED device. With 512Gb SSD and not 1TB.
Now still waiting for Support to decide what to do. According to Veli - at support - teh NEW REPLACEMENT was opened by Customs or DHL Couriers in South Africa - that why they will not ship to South Africa again. (Speculation by Veli - Customs or DHL Courier open parcel and swap the EVE-V 1TB - new - with a repaired EVE-V 512GB. o any fool believe this. Out come from this investigation - PARCEL was NEVER OPEN for inspection. No dead silence from Veli at support.

I still believe and hope that they can replace my EVE-V - Awesome device and I follow them and believed in there dream.

So YES, I did receive 2 EVE-V - it do exsist.


I don’t know if I feel better or worse now :joy:


Anyway you were a LB. Do in clear you were expected to receive in March in the end. But yeah the question from Patel was if anyone has ever received a V


Does that mean that you also can’t get to know why Mike posted an update saying shipment was “running on schedule” while many estimates were delayed?
Or why the new estimates weren’t achieved either?

Are you left unknowing on the company’s situation just like us or are you not allowed to say anything about it?


My order (Dec 4th) got called by Eve-Tech. After waiting for more than 7 months and going through forums (scrolling each and ever message for hours). These guys cancelled my order. I got text and email today

My order supposed to be shipped between Jun 14-Jun 28. When i followed up on 28th
I got email on 29th that they cancelled my order.

These guys suck

One of the stupid projects i ever supported and spent toomuch time on…

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Cancelled ? Can you contextualize a little bit more ? Did they talk about a refund ? Did you ask something about a refund ?


@rraju and come on man, you are not forfeiting like that… for 1000 euros minimum? do you know how much people can live for a month in the world for that kind of money? if you don’t need that kind of money you can fund my foundation if you want… explain at least a little bit better