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Ok Guys, here is some background reading on your rights within the EU. The first two links are in English but you can change the language at the top right hand side of each page.

the next document discusses harmonization of warranties across the EU, but section 3 is where the specific directive and associated articles that govern consumer protection within the EU. There have been updates since 2001 however this doc still gives a very good grounding on the principles involved

For those of you in the EU the above may offer some clarity for you on your rights.


Thank you for your reply and honesty. Very much appreciated. Refreshing actually.


Thanks @nawthor, I actually enjoy when you are truthful like that.



Can you honestly tell how many devices were shipped and how many devices left to be shipped ?

No one is believing you because you give zero numbers and provide just vague update every week


I think the post by @nawthor should make us appreciate what an awkward position the Eve website community managers have been put into.

They are not the bad guys here, and if anything, they are victims like the rest in that they signed on for a wholly different experience than the one that they have received.



I know, as we discussed this already, that you consider all this drama. But I would like to point 2 facts here.

1/ when you are asking for a refund, it’s normally the responsibility of the company that you have interacted with. Here it’s Fortress, but if you would buy from a local shop in Flanders like tones or mijnitshop it would be them not the assemblers. So you shouldn’t be using your payment sub processor as PayPal or your bank to do this. Agreed ? It’s like asking in IT that it’s the browser should stop a webpage running because of the lack of caring of the web dev in their JS code. Yes the browser do that job but it’s not supposed to that. Or the OS who needs to kill the zombie processes, why the process is a zombie one in the first place ?

So good for you that you bought from PayPal, but do you forget about my case ? And I’m sur I’m not the only one since you pretty well know that accountant in Belgium prefer to work with professional CC and not PayPal where it can be used for professional and personal use. So what about then ? It’s the job of fortress to reimburse me. I shouldn’t go to the police, then send a copy to my bank, then full fill an incident report with the Spf Economie about no delivery and send both to Atos customer support. Don’t you think?

2/ it’s not just about no delivery, as I’ve stated in our previous conversations, I suspect that konsta is lying. And that’s worse than telling we didn’t succeed for this and that reason, sorry for that you’ll have to wait more or fill a complaint with your payment processor. Take the other thread « about to be shipped » + the previous update. Did you count the number of people complaining? Now cross referenced that with the people still complaining now and now cross referenced that with the order numbers that people sent in a previous thread too … don’t you see that: people are majority the same complaining, their orders numbers are actually not in the same range and are widely spread across the board ?

So yes this is a lot of drama, but if we need to take the whole thing into a legal case then we need that drama to begin to move people because this is, for me at least, very very « erg » ! In terms of letting it down the customers. And I know on the principle you would agree with me, you just don’t like the drama, but you would have read a similar story in de van Antwerpen or de standaard about a company in Wallonie that would have done Ponzi scheme in the real because they would not have delivered a big portion of their clients because of lack of money and management problems, you have been shocked or something like that by saying it’s classic from Wallonie or something like that.

So yes we understood that you don’t like that drama but I really think we actually need this right now.


Yeah fair enough, I guess my reasoning/chart doesn’t apply to every case here.
Didn’t mean to discriminate or downplay other cases just to be clear…



Some of the lines of my previous message is applying to you too.
If I remember correctly you are from France no?
So what would have been your reaction if you would have ordered something at Fnac and didn’t receive it ? And if at the top of that, Fnac would have responded to your complaints by saying : we are sorry but it’s not our responsibility, just go through you credit bank refund process…
And what if there were none ?
Do you take all that into account or you are too focused on your situation to have imagined all that?

Problems of liquidity and management happens very often in companies and customers don’t get delivered and some yes. Plenty of companies go brankrupt because of this.
So we should do what ? Stay silent ? Take that into the fact that when you buy something you are not entitled to get a refund if no delivery because that’s the risk when you bought something from someone in place of doing this yourself ? What do you know of behind the scene ? Just because you are one of the few that was complaining in March and May and did finally receive one ?


@ownerer thanks for acknowledging that. Now I know it’s a lot of drama and I really don’t enjoy this.
But just imagine the quantity of time I will need to spend to get some ressemblance of a refund of my 2100+ euros I actually spent on fortress inc without any certainty to get some euros back because I actually don’t know if I can get one from Belfius nor if fortress have actually the money to refund us.


I’m not from France. A quick google shows FNAC as a large retailer. I don’t think you can compare FNAC to Eve. I certainly didn’t order my product thinking it was going to be an Amazon-style experience. I certainly ordered it expecting to receive it, but I knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be a straightforward transaction.

My own process was the following:

  • Order the V on Dec 4th
  • Join forum after initial shipping date missed
  • Post a few concerns about lack of communication
  • Post a few more concerns about lack of communication and whether stuff was happening. Wondering whether I’d get a product or I’d have to try cancel / recover the money
  • Watched the overdue video updates from Konsta about the problems with frozen funds etc. and thought you know what, the situation isn’t ideal but I’m going to wait it out. I just thought I like the project, I think the guys are honest and are simply caught between a rock and a hard place so let’s just see what happens.

That was my approach. If I was still waiting for a V now what would I be doing? Hard to say whether my stance would have changed, I don’t think so as not much has fundamentally changed in how I view things. I think I’d be emailing support to get updates and hoping for a bit more in the way of updates here on the community but overall I’d just be playing it by ear. Certainly wouldn’t be on here talking about how I’m mobilising my legal team to raid the Eve Helsinki offices.


okey fair enough, I’m trying to be diplomat here.
Now why would you ask something different from amazon than eve? the consumer law doesn’t apply to all then ?



December 4th buyer here. #16XX

No email about the updates in my mail.

I feel like being invisible or existing here, no estimation on the eve-tech website and no email about will I get my device during July or not. :disappointed_relieved:

Am I alone that I don’t get any estimator what’s ever?


Everyone here is entitled to their opinion. Nobody has to preach what they think is right or wrong and hypothesize about what they would have done in similar situations. Everyone has their own experience and their own frustrations…And are well within their right to post about actions they are contemplating. There is no reason to judge someone based on their misfortune of not having received what they paid for!

Are you from a democratic country? :wink:


@Nirut I empathize man… From the group who is complaining on the forum yes you are one of the few who doesn’t have an estimator.
where are you from ?
I guess you already debug this or no?


Of 29 votes on the poll, only one says they received an emailing confirming shipment. That person has provided no pertinent data to ascertain their veracity.


@Bill610 @lafavalente care to explain please? about your vote on the poll? when did you receive , which country ? etc


yeah, you’re right. IDK, my first time putting those up. Feel free to improve, it’s not like I’m exclusive for it :wink:



  • Did you receive a shipping confirmation email?
  • Did you receive an email saying your shipment has been postponed?
  • Will you wait for your device?
  • Will you refund your device?
  • Will you join the book club?

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Made it better. You’re welcome.


Sorry I didn’t received I punch the wrong option

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

minus 1 then !!! YAY
THAT’s even more proof for me!!! PISSING CONTEST ACTIVATED