Little pre-update


We’ve sent out most of the V’s and those who havnt have been sent an email.

That’s what that says right?

This is some fuckkng Donald Trump behavior, people do this now I guess. They just lie. It’s like spousal abuse, abuse of power, its sadistic.
Like am I wrong?

THEM: “I just sent you the email”
US -checks email, nothing there

THEM “Well I dunno, I sent it to you”
US -realizes we have no power and are having money and property withheld "Ok maybe Gmail is broken, I’ll call Google.

THEM “Yea you do that”
US “Yes Sirs”


Did I just figure out what ‘gas lighting’ is?


I wonder which supplier, distributor, or payment processor will get the blame this time. I’m starting to feel like I was robbed…

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

My Story. 20 months ago I was in the market to purchase a SP4, having previously owned the SP2 and 2 * SP3’s. The EVE V seemed to be too good to be true but was promising.

So I took the plunge. With all the delays it came time that I actually could wait no longer. So instead of purchasing a SP4 I said to my self the EVE will be here soon, so I went a purchased a Lenovo 710. This turned out to be a heap of shit, Fan Noise wise, it was like a jet engine even with all the fixes including third party fan control software.

Anyway I then took the plunge on a dell XPS which is perfect in every way possible. I can hear some people say that the XPS is a different beast to which I will reply to by saying yes it is. But I was still waiting on the device I actually wanted in my briefcase as I traversed across Europe on a regular basis. I spend a minimum of 164 hours traveling and commuting for/with work in each 4 week period, that does not include working. Yes I am a very busy bee. I love my XPS and for heavy lifting computing tasks it is, how can I say this, literally the best 15" laptop money can buy.

But my desire for an excellent tablet that would lend itself well to taking digital notes during client meetings an all the rest was still very high.

This may irk people who can only afford to have the EVE they purchased delivered. But these are tools of my trade.

So all in if the EVE was delivered as promised I may have saved 3000 euros, but I would definitely saved the money I dropped on the lenovo. Never mind the inordinate amount of wasted time looking for updates in the forums, writing posts, logging support issues that are never updated.

The ironic thing was if they had properly project managed this project they would have had way better outcomes. I was also in the market for three additional tablets, well as you can imagine that order went else where too.


Initial payment for my V in December 2016 (not a typo; EB). Received my V on February 27th 2018 in perfect working order. All accessories (Power adapter, pen & protective sleeve) were missing and after 2 emails to support are still missing as of today, June 29th 2018.


My wife works for a community health clinic. They will be shortly in the market for at least 12 windows tablets. The V looked perfect for them. That was one of the reasons I ordered it. I wanted to give it a good test drive before making a recommendation to them. Poor management and lack of capital will be the cause of failure in the final post mortem of Eve.


I had same for couple small to mid size oil & gas and environmental companies. EVE lost 100+ potential orders …

I’m testng V and it is great for fieldwork, problems are - missing GPS (it was promised but not delivered), missing 3G/LTE version (again promissed), terrible support, delivery, …


For you wife’s health clinic, good support is critical. Go dell, best support bar none. I have dealt with them for 20 plus years and all I can say since Michael is back at the helm, dell is back with a bang, product wise and support wise. It was less than stellar when Michael was not at the helm but they still beat the pants of every other vendor.


Or purchase an SP4 basic model from amazon, 740 dollars for a new one. Plus Amazon has a no questions return policy. If I was buying the SP4 I would only buy from Amazon because of their customer service, also you can add your VAT (valued added tax) number to your account so you don’t pay sales tax if you are a business.


What does Majority mean in Finnish, 80%, 90%? I suspect it means 5% as you aren’t saying. I realize I wasn’t part of the the December 5 flash sale, but waited 2 months, I should have read the community updates, but I am still willing to wait. I am really frustrated with you, because your updates make politicians updates seem specific and detail oriented. Yours is a tech company, you have the ability to put up specific updates and quantifiable numbers. Unless this is simply more of a marketing ploy. I will wait for Monday’s update.


on the 3G/LTE i purchased a load of Surface 3, not pro model. They were ex stock, only purchased them a few months ago, specifically for LTE. There were on ebay, new in packaging, got them for between 200 to 270 dollars each. The other worker bees were very happy with LTE without having to use an additional phone to connect. Be carefull if you do go this route and make sure you get 4gb model, the 2gb constantly keel over.


Hey konstantinos.
Well. I’ve been waiting for a replacement keyboard since march and i was told it would be shipped out to me in mid june. However if you have noticed that the time ur reading this, it may be late june or early july. I emailed support to see what’s up but yet to get a reply. Thnx


I can honestly say that:

  1. I have received the V (I’m an HEB)
    See pictures here:
    Does the V anti-reflective coating make a difference? Have a look at these pictures
  2. I’m not an Eve Agent (though that does sound like quite an exciting title to have)
  3. The V is an excellent machine (other than a few niggles), in my opinion

So, it is a great shame that Eve have not been able to deliver the machines to the many flash sales buyers who are posting here (nor provide replacements, accessories, etc. for those waiting), and have, yet again, missed another deadline. I must admit that the K’s statement that “we did ship the majority of the Vs before the end of June” does not seem to be reflected in the forum - perhaps they shipped to the “silent” majority, who are happily using their Vs and ignoring this forum.

Let’s hope that Monday’s update has some concrete information in it, but I completely understand why it’s too little too late for many customers.


I have received no email yet, although I bought it in 4 Dec. In the first 20 minutes (16XX)…

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

@nawthor I see you are able to add a like to the comment I was replying to earlier , but you are unable to answer as community manager when EVE will fulfill its warranty requirements and missing accessories for customers that ordered 20 months ago.

I think this in indicative of EVE as a company. Ignore your customers grievances no matter what the cost to EVE. Brilliant customer service…sarcasm


Just checked my emails and nothing, nothing in junk mail either so I can safely say I’ve not had any news from them.

I’m not sure why they’re relating the news about how to get a refund till Monday though, why not just tell us now?

Unless by some miracle I get an email over the weekend I’ll be opting for the refund.


wow replies on their way, let’s not hold our breaths


Nope, might wait until Monday to see what the full update says, for shits and giggles.
But it’s looking like it’s getting to be refund o’clock here, too bad really. :slight_smile:

This whole thread is laughable again though :smile: People sure like their drama and speculation. Truth is none of it matters in the end.
It looks like EVE is breaking their promise again, so yeah, that sucks. But my “flowchart” remains the same:

  1. Had enough? Get a refund.
  2. Can/want to wait? By all means, your choice.

In any case no need for all the drama :stuck_out_tongue:

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

Im one of the December batch since then I dont received any updates from them. Six months of waiting! How can I proceed with my refund??

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

(Emphasis mine)

Yes I am. Like you say, I’m a community manager. My job is to handle this community (and honestly, there are things I could have done better recently, but I try to do my best). I don’t know whether you’ve noticed it or not, but I do live in another country than the team. This has multiple implications, but the most noticeable (in this case) is that I don’t get the minute to minute information you might get from being in the room where the stuff happens. So yes, I’m unable to answer, because I don’t know.

I’ve said it before that I can’t help with these things. I’m not part of the support team. All I can do is give people the link to the support page. Sure, I can (and admittedly occasionally do) look into support cases being reported in the community, but I try to avoid it. Posting about something in the community is not and should not be a way to expedite support questions.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about or emphasize with those of you waiting. Reading everything in this topic has left a bad feeling in my stomach, to the point where I really don’t want to keep on reading.