Little pre-update


If you were reading the diary you would have known about this :wink: (meme reference)


Here is the kicker that shows the audacity and mendacity of the people running this company. They are still taking orders and money on the website. They claim July-August shipping. Maybe they should concentrate on shipping or refunding what has already been sold.


I still don’t understand why they don’t publish numbers or at least range of numbers. It would be at least some proof


Won’t make a single bit of difference if a case is brought against them, all payment processors will stop payments if there is a sniff of a court case going to happen, they are obligated to under risk assessment rules.

You see EVE has been very clever separating the sales site from the forums. So in effect their “potential” investors and payment processors have no visibility of the true problems they are facing with customers.

But here is the thing, requirement of full disclosure of impending legal risks to any potential investors.


Because they can’t. The numbers would “crucify” them and cause a stampede.


If indeed they lie yes and they could totally lie on the numbers too. I’m aware of that.
It’s that they are so obfuscate the truth so much !


That is why I have suspected that the whole investor thing was more a ruse than anything else. What is an investor going to get out of their investment? Pissed off consumers?
Also, Eve claims the squeezed out all of the bloat in producing their product. An investor adds bloat. Goes against the whole vision of Eve.

If there is an investor the first thing that is going to happen is previous customers and buyers will be cut lose. The old company will bankrupt and go out of business and a new company will emerge with the previous companies assets. Everyone with a V will not have any warranty coverage and everyone waiting for a V will be an unsecured creditor. In other words, go to the back of the line
I could be wrong, but should I believe Eve or what the fanboys will claim are my lying eyes?

Sorry to non-English speakers if I use too many english/american euphemisms and phrasings


This must be a mistake.

So no one here has received either an email OR a shipping confirmation?



I received an email at the very end of May and still haven’t received my device, not an updated email. This update is bullshit and they know it. Contact your bank… these guys are gutting us and leaving us to die.


@ownerer still nothing ?


Honestly, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes, I know, but it really feels like someone is poking me and laughing at me.

What email?
Like don’t tell me you’ve sent me an email and then not, please!
Like, I can’t take it anymore!
What email?!
What is it going to say this time anyway?
And the next email after that

When you reach out to them they claim to be so caring and trying so hard, but like where is this email?

Am I being cyber bullied, catfished, is this Stockholm Syndrome ?! Like WTF is going on here?


this poll is ridiculous. You cannot vote on two.
it should be possible to vote on one of the two
“did you receive an email…”
in addition to one of the the two lines
“file for refund”
Just saying.


One person lafavalente clicked that they received a confirmation email, but has not provided any information. Until they provide validating information, I am going to be skeptical.

At least Eve isn’t as big a debacle as the Skarp razor.


Ahh yes. Prob should be 2 polls or just did you receive email or not. We truly do appreciate the effort Rzabadabadoo


You may very well be correct in your analysis.

My gut feeling is Eve is financially 2 batch orders behind financially wise. By this I mean they need the money from batch 3 to fulfill batch 1, if that makes sense. So with all the negativity they need to wait until sales from the website reach the numbers cash wise to do a production run. My guess is they still need cash to fulfill Dec 4th orders. And that the cash from the Dec 4th orders were not enough to fully cover EB and HEB along with the associated warranty issues. How can you ascertain this…accessory deliveries, they have been sacrificed and the funds redirected to V production on the premise of the idea the customer will be less pissed off by missing accessories.

In addition there has not been a recall on keyboards. There is a very real issue with a batch of these, but no admission on this. Plain and simple, the issue for some customers will not be fixed with driver updates. My feeling is the supplier used cheaper or tier B/C quality components to increase their margins. During HEB and EB production there were some very real QC cock-ups on the EVE side of the process, cock-ups that would have been migrated with good QC and proper project management.


I’m surprised anyone EVER recieved an Eve. maybe that’s a lie too… maybe there has never really been an Eve delivered and those who post a story about recieving one were really Eve agents this whole time… That’s more believable than the Eve actually arriving, honestly…


I suspect the same. A Ponzi scheme in reality if not in intent.


That’s what I said yes.


I’m so sad and disappointed by all this, really.


I absolutely 100% agree! What is EveTech @Konstantinos @Helios @Mike afraid of?
That other companies might imitate their complete incompetence?
The only post I’ll be waiting for until tomorrow at midnight is how the customers who want their refund will receive those and what the planned time frame will be.
Else it’s off escalating our demands and inquiries for fraud with the credit card companies.
Don’t want to be left in the hole because EveTech opts for bankruptcy.