Little pre-update


Hello Guys!

We have been working hard to ship Vs in accordance to the estimator. Unfortunately, some of the units scheduled to ship before the end of June have not been shipped yet, and will take some more time. We are happy that we did ship the majority of the Vs before the end of June. We have sent out e-mails to these customers to let them know if their Vs are on the way.

While we’re working on the manufacturing and shipping front to get all the last Vs to the people, we will also give you a detailed update on Monday 2nd. We will summarize & work up the details during the weekend, so we can give you a detailed update!


Thank you for the update Konstantinos but I honestly don’t believe you. I just want you to honor your word and give me my refund. I am done. I don’t want your old V.


I’ll wait for the e-mail and then decide what to do based on its content.


I finally received confirmation this morning that my order was cancelled.

For those that are getting V’s, please tell us if you received a shipping notice or not. According to the “pre-update” the majority of units have shipped. He uses some weasel words so I am a little suspicious. Please let the rest of us know if you are a happy V customer with your V on the way.

I was looking forward to a V, but have been very satisfied these last 2 months with my alternative, which had newer technology, less problems, better support and cost less.


HP Spectre X2. Not fanless, but a bit more powerful chip than the V. I don’t notice the fan unless I consciously think about it.


No mail yet. If the shipping of my order is post-poned I will try to apply for refund, either with Eve-Tech or the bank.
If I cannot I guess I will simply wait for the order, say thanks to the courier and ship it back to Eve-Tech.

[Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

bummer. It’s not about me, I work with a microphone, and they are objective. we’ll see.


Same for me. No email. No information.
Have a active PayPal claim and if there is another postpone I will refund


Just want to confirm
U mentioned about directly cancel option for Dec.04 orders but cannot be shipped before June.30
If someone’s eve cannot be shipped and they don’t want to wait
How can we cancel? Through email?

  • Did you receive an email confirming shipping?
  • Did you receive an email postponing shipping?
  • Will you wait for your V?
  • Will you file for a refund?

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Information on how to cancel will be given on Monday.


Well @Konstantinos, you failed again in your communication. Strangely, the people that was already on the forum complaining are the same people who don’t get any confirmation whatsoever… and still you insisted on « a majority ».
1/ you are really out of luck and by the magic of the randomness the people who were already here which is something like 30 give or take ( personal counting), with a lot of different orders number range, don’t have any updates on their orders.
2/ you avoided their orders consciously
3/ you are lying and there is in no case a majority of V but only some…
so which one is it ?
I don’t trust you anymore man.
If you were honest and smart about this you would give numbers because there is no need to hide those numbers for a small startup as you. It’s not like the others companies will profit of this information.


I don’t understand. I have no email from them and no update on my shipping date.


I already orderd a surface book 2.
If they send my V i will return it anyway, can’t understand why there is no cancel order option…




Please provide update on missing accessories cases. I have yet received mine. It’s been months since I received my Limited Bird Eve V.


That’s kinda where I’m at-although if there aren’t solid numbers and info on Monday, I may cancel. Need numbers shipped already, numbers yet to be shipped. Proper update on the tracker and most of all HOW TO GET A REFUND if you want one.


And to think, All I wanted was a fucking computer to draw and sculpt with on the go and now that simple desire has perverted into a schadenfreude-filled obsession on seeing how Eve is going to climb out of this pit they dug themselves in.


The anticipation is almost too much to bear~


That post was epic mate @Dascotis


And as we can see no one has said they have had a shipping confirmation email. More smoke and mirrors? Lies?