Little announcement from KK


Hello Eve Family!

Our community has always been about sharing. Be it knowledge, happiness, frustration. During the project this community did become something much more than a bunch of users from around the world creating V. I really mean it when I say Eve family.

Eve family, I want to let you know that I got engaged! :tada::tada::tada:

Christmas photo with my Feyonce, Alisa. We met on flight to Helsinki :airplane:

So Technically my cats now have parents :smiley:

I felt like sharing this with you guys(maybe because the fact that we are finally shipping is making me super happy)! I hope it’s not too off topic!


Talking about shipments or limited birds would be off topic here!
CONGRATS :tada: :clap:


Congrats, and thanks for sharing! :balloon::tada:


Once more congrats Konsta!!! Kinda crazy you got engaged while being super busy with Eve.


V are family! :raised_hands:

(yay, I could use the slogan :grin:)


Congrats and best wishes…


CoNgRaTs :boom::man_in_tuxedo::bride_with_veil:


Congratulations and all the best, Konsta and Alisa! :raised_hands::ring:


Congratulations! Wish you the best!


Congratulations for both of you :grinning: Best wishes for your new family!


wow… such a “happy ending for a new begining” you deserve it konsta… congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats, all the best!
Hope you find enough time for a honeymoon :tada::tada:


Congratulations !!! Cute feyonce!




Congrats and I hope all the best for you and Alisa! So, we’re all invited to the wedding, right? :wink:


Congratulations !!! I wish you the very best for the both of you and that you have a very happy future together.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :balloon::tada::tada:


Congratulations @Konstantinos !!!


Congrats mate, all the best to the both of you.


Congrats Konsta. Wishing you all the best and the happiest of future :smile:


Well done mate! I whish u all the best :slight_smile: