List Your Favorite Tech Media Sites/Forums Where You Want Pyramid Flipper to Appear


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During the last couple of weeks so many of you devoted members have contacted us. You care, it is evident, since the message has been “Why haven’t media X noted this?”, “Can we get to media Y?”, or “Where can we find more people to join this, there are techies out there who will hate to have missed out on this”. You want the message of Pyramid Flipper to spread. We all want this tech crowd venture to get shared more.

Of course it’s easy to understand why bigger audience carries more impact. More of our peers get to join, more people means more versatile, experience-rich input to spec selection considerations. Etc.

Now we have come up with a staggering idea on how to make Pyramid Flipper something that tech reporters will not be able to disregard as a mere blip on their radar. More on that later…

Right now, we ask you a simple question:

What are your favorite tech media sites?

(Magazines, forums, press outlets… Any online site where you get your head for you daily dosage of tech talk. Like The Verge, or TechCrunch, Reddit perhaps?)

What we ask is easy for you to deliver. Just list your favorites. And keep in mind that those sites will sooner or later cover Pyramid Flipper, which is created by you. You will have done it.

Care to share your list?

There are no small journalists, only small stories - Reviewers take note!



The verge
Mobile.Nations’s sites (Windows Central, Android Central, Connectedly, iMore)
Pplware and Tecmundo (portuguese sites)
Wirecutter (it’s more a site which chooses the best tech from each category)

#5 (maybe more phone oriented but they frequently feature tablets)



I do follow:

  1. PocketNow
  2. Windows Central
  3. The Verge
  4. MobileTechReview


  1. Windows central
  2. Engadget
  3. TechCrunch

not that supportive to go for the verge, since they only grade apple devices with high scores


I do follow, well, everything, but few sites are noteworthy:

  3. reddit (so many subreddits that can be interesting, from hardware, pcmasterrace, to android and amd)

More popular ones, like polygon, verge, engadget are fun from time to time.


If you want tech reporters, there’s a few Windows specific ones I follow:
• WinBeta

Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley each run the first two sites individually, and do a weekly podcast called . . . wait for it . . . Windows Weekly. They might be willing to do a “plug” on their podcast or at least you might be able to advertise with them, since this is a specifically Windows fan audience that listens. This podcast is done through a group called Twit TV, which has quite a few tech review YouTube videos out there and things of that nature.
I would avoid The Verge and CNet as they tend to be anti-Windows in my experience - it doesn’t matter how good the device is, they can’t say enough BAD about it.

Other websites I use are already listed by @Filip_Ka above.


Media channels seem to be the usual suspects then. For the most part. New insights already gotten!

Here is one question that many people, like me and member’s who have contacted me, have:

(it takes less than a minute to invite a buddy)

  • I don’t know how to invite
  • I want to keep this thing only for myself
  • I don’t know anyone who I think would want to co-create Pyramid Flipper
  • I lack time and/or interest to actually do it
  • Other (what?)

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Like Jules Wang noted in recent article, the action here is deep:

“Eve is still inviting input through its forums which you can access below — and a fair warning: when we said “thorough,” we meant it. Be prepared for long posts and deep dives if you’re going to get in.”

The ones participating have the power to really impact. The ones who don’t get to hear about this before April, will be sorry to have missed out on…

Media is important, so are you!


Most people I know laugh when I say I like Windows and can’t stand Android. They don’t want any part of Windows and only use it because they have to for school/work.




Sites I follow:


What would also be a good idea is to get some big YT tech-channels to (hopefully) review the Pyramid Flipper.

Like e.g.

  • LinusTechTips
  • MBKHD (Don’t know if he’d make a video on a 2-in-1 since he’s more of a phone guy)


Thank you for the Lists guys! We have a great plan for some those now:) We will need some of your your help dudes. Next week we start Operation Guerilla !



@Konstantinos As long as it’s not Operation Kamikaze it’s OK :smiley:


OK, so we have wiiiide coverage over media overall by the members. Nice, this means no news go unnoticed by our community :slight_smile: .

As we also know, media hunts for the catchiest headlines and the “sexy” topics.
Unfortunately for the people who haven’t heard of Pyramid Flipper yet and who have thus missed out, this revolutionary project that you @iKirin @Artur @Sonny @gkmess @alberttw21 @Filip_Ka @vithren and other members are driving forward, isn’t noteworthy according to many big houses with ginormous readership.

Just mark here the large sites that you think should give the Pyramid Flipper the attention it deserves.

= Who should take notice on Pyramid Flipper?

  • Engadget
  • TechCrunch
  • The Verge
  • AnandTech
  • CNET
  • The Wirecutter
  • Neowin
  • Gizmodo

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And hey shout (or private msg) out if you know a journalist who you find covering similar things, but who hasn’t yet stumbled upon the fruitful gorunds of