Linus tech tips Eve V review!

Is that how it works for Intel MCUs?
I fully acknowledge the lottery effect but above remark for Intel MCU is unclear for me. Intel CPU won’t select it’s max frequency by itself, is it? To me the Bios has to setup the max frequency (among allowed choices by manufacturer) as I do not think that the MCU can recognize whether he is a “lucky” one or not.
Is it correct?

Maybe bcz it’s not individual key RGB with customizable effects :smirk:

anyhoo… at first I wondered why he didn’t acknowledge the fact that we can also use Surface pens with tilt functionality, but then I remember whoever is buying a V is buying on a budget, thus icomparing only the bundled pen is fair enough.

though, I would like to see him test the DAC with headphones and gaming over TB3. He’s also one of the few reviewers that say sound from the speakers is decent?

Especially considering the V can be used with the Surface or other higher quality pen if that’s what someone needs. I’ll use it for basic note taking and sketching, nothing fine art related so it should be fine for my needs.

The thing I was more surprised by is that he
a) didn’t make a big deal about the Y-series processors like every other reviewer
b) didn’t mention the keyboard supporting bluetooth


popped over to their forum and peeked around, says using MS pen is worse than bundled pen, interesting.


a) He’s a pro at this. He knows that you either loose battery life or perfect performance.
b) Well it happens

did you mean separately or were you actually curious about the DAC performance while gaming?

by the way - objectively speaking, the current sound quality of the V is the worst i’ve ever encountered - even musical greeting cards sound better.

because i can vouch for gaming over TB3: its absolutely ordinary. as for audio via USB headset while gaming, performance was also entirely as expected.


I’m curious about the sound over 3.5mm plug (which I think the DAC outputs to, unless I’m mistaken)

that is an interesting point!
Why would it actually be worse? M st every device be calibrated for every Pen seperately? Is this an N Trigg thing?

Yeah, although it IS a “nice little bonus.” The fact that the backlight changes color isn’t a main selling point of the V, compared to the amount of ports or the low price.

i miss the old Linus. Seems like the review was rushed. Guess the affiliate links is his main goal now.

Didn’t go into detail the CPU or EGPU, keyboard etc.


So another review of a top spec model.
These reviews are really usefull since most people will be buying i7 16GB 256GB model.


I get the sarcasm :slight_smile:
But I also get why the reviewers mostly have the higher spec model. Eve stated that from the demand sofar it looked like most people wanted the higher spec models. Plus I have yet to see a reviewer that rather wants to test the lower spec model :wink:

Anyways, yes I would also be interested to see some reviewers do a comparison between the different models. But they would need to invest additional time into a product that is not widely available.
Just my two cents.

yes!! I very much expected/wanted to see an eGPU Benchmarkfest, since this is one of the more enthusiasts part of the eve. But he did not stress the RGB keyboard as much as well… so yeah.
Still… On Monday 4th of Dec I was still undecided on buying an eve. But after watching his review on floatplane (solely subscribed for the eve review) I was as hyped as in the beginning :smiley:

Also thought it was a bit biased because he was using the i7 16GB 512GB SSD model in the review yet used the V’s i5 model for price comparison with the equivalent Surface Pro 2017. The price savings would have been north of $900 if he was comparing the i7s.