Limiting Trust Level 0 users ability to post in some categories



We have decided to remove the ability for Trust Level 0 users to post in some categories to improve the quality of new user’s post by letting them to educate themselves before they are able to reply.

The current requirements to get to TL1 are

  • Entering at least 10 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Nothing unreasonable. Just enough let users to educate themselves on the topics before they start or reply to them.

The only downside to this is that if someone lurks for some time before they sign up, they will be forced to read even though they already have read enough. But there is nothing we can do about that apart from saying “Hey, you. Yes you lurker. Sign up before you lurk”. Though if you have spent enough time lurking, you hopefully won’t mind reading a little more.

I will go over each category in order, to offer some explanation on why or why not we have raised the requirements to post in them.

The reason we have raised the post requirement in #eve-official:news-announcements is that we want to keep the number of uneducated posts to a minimum. The category is currently used far more than it used to, and will be used once the Vs are shipped, so we have to accommodate that.

Uneducated posts are not a problem in #eve-official:community-digest, but we decided to take preventative measures. This will probably be the least noticeable change, considering how we use the category.

We have removed TL0 users ability to post in any #development subcategory because we decided that in order to partake in creating the next big thing, users should at least have the familiarity with the community and such that being a TL1 provides (preferably more, but that’d be harder to control).

We decided that TL0 users shouldn’t be able to start topics in the #community categories apart from #community:introduce-yourself and #community:forum-feedback, but we couldn’t agree on whether TL0 users should be able to reply to them, so we put each to a vote. The results were that:
TL0 users will be able to reply to #community:tech-talk, #community:off-topic.
TL0 users won’t be able to reply to #community:media-awareness.

The #support-kb category will be open to TL0 users as people who sign up only to ask a question would probably be frustrated if they were forced to read around for ten minutes before they could.
We would still prefer it if users tried to search to find the answers to their questions before they asked, but we can’t force them.

Before anyone starts screaming that the team should spend their time on getting the screens and whatnot rather than tweak the post requirements in the community, I want to offer a disclaimer and explanation on how stuff works.

This was mostly my work. Some team members offered their thoughts and everyone agreed with what I ended up with. Make no mistake, the team are all busy working on the screens and the like. They aren’t dropping everything in their hands to do this.
This is one of the reasons we have the Communitrinity (the Community Managers). So that we can do stuff like this to improve the community. Most of the stuff we don’t announce, because it is behind the scenes, but some, like this, we do.
I have also had the Senior Creators chime in with their thoughts, so don’t think this has been the work of a single mad-with-power Community Manager.

As of September the 11th 2017, new topics posted by Trust Level 0 users are previewed by the team. This is only done to weed out duplicate questions, and any topic that isn’t one will be approved as soon as a CM sees it.

Community Digest 11.07

Makes a lot of sense.

Ideally people will then more likely search topics before posting questions that have already been answered plus observe politeness more frequently - ie thinking about the effects of their posts.


I also agree this makes a lot of sense… Personally, I was one of those lurker for about 2 months last year :blush:, before jumping in… I am not suggesting in any way that this should be the norm (on the contrary, I encourage everyone who feels attracted by Eve project to jump in right away!)
I feel this is a way of showing we care a lot about Community and we would like and make everything possible to keep it a nice place to return.
Plus requirements to get to TL1 are not exactly impossible to achieve!

Thanks @nawthor, always appreciate your and other Community Manager precision :clap:


I will also point out that these requirements amount to 10-20 minutes for most people (and requires no prior posting either). It may not honestly impact anything, but seems to be a good safeguard against someone making random accounts to talk trash on the forums, or give someone a a chance to find out the info they were going to post a question about (and has been answered already). Also, if you are a lurker, as long as you make an account first, you will meet these requirements with ease!


Maybe we should add that new users should have used the search button once before they can open a thread…


I think this will be a good thing. Thanks @nawthor for looking out for the quality of the community and the discussion. I myself was a lurker for a couple months, and this requirement would not have bothered me in the least; in fact I think I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. Hopefully people will do a better job of reading and being informed when they post so we can continue to have an awesome community!:+1:


We would love to do this (and other similar things), but there are limits to what we can do with the software we’re using.


This all makes sense, but it would be cool if you pinned the trust level requirements to the banner. People who just came to the community probably don’t know what these trust levels mean at all, and they might be very frustrated whem they can’t post and have no idea how to remove the limitation.


We have a link to and this topic in the welcome message that is sent out to all new users.
So if they read the information they are provided with, they will know how stuff works.

Existing users can read the welcome message by sending a message with “Start new user” to @discobot with how we have it set up. Feedback is always welcome, and users who haven’t yet could probably benefit from taking the new user and the advanced user tutorials that are in the welcome message.