LG 27GN850 vs Spectrum 1440p 240Hz

What are the differences in specs between these monitors with the exception of the Spectrum having the higher refresh rate? The LG is cheaper than the Spectrum too and has a set launch date.


A better comparison to the LG 27GN850 would be the base model of Spectrum which uses the same panel.

If comparing it to the 1440p@240Hz model, a quick look at the specs will show that Spectrum has several advantages apart from the refresh rate, including higher brightness, HDR600 certification, HDMI 2.1, and an awesome design.


The 4k 144 uses the LG 27GN950, correct?
If so that monitor just got a review:

So we can expect very very similar results?

Overall a great monitor. I would love to know if Eve will address some of the issues it has though, because they will end up using panels from LG (maybe the same?). For example that it has ghosting when it is set to “faster” mode. Fast looks better but I guess it takes away the 1ms response time. Let us know Eve


We’re working on tuning the monitor to get the best results. As we mentioned in the latest update, we will include test results and measurements in our next update.