Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay - and about eGPUs


Yup that was the reason it won the vote. Rather have it there so someone can leave their phone in their pocket and doesn’t have to go into gdrive/one drive/Dropbox to fetch the file, just go into file explorer. My thoughts were to get rid of it and have a better webcam but hey ho, that didn’t get as many votes.


Untapped demographic

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If you think that is a bad WiFi signal drop you should try a Surfacebook, mine went from 300mb to 5 through one 4 inch brick wall.


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I won’t include a TL;DR or a Summary


Mine arrived last week so we’ll before the V :wink: did you get yours already too?


Yep, got it, but didn’t need to charge my V yet :laughing:


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I actually came back to quote some posts here for the keyboard super guide, and i just wanted to report that i haven’t noticed the fan sound hallucinations in a while.

Well how about that. Yay! my therapist will be SO pleased.


I just made a discovery that might be useful as user feedback for potential V customers who want to use an eGPU!

If you’re primarily going to be using the GPU for gaming

  1. save some money on the GPU you’re going to pair with your V
    • anything 1070 and equivalent/above is too much power that will be bottlenecked.
  2. spend that money on a G-sync/freesync monitor instead.
    • that will improve your experience far more than even an Nvidia Mega-Titan-Lightsaber KVXP4
(or whatever confusing crap they’re gonna call the next one)


might be interesting but not exactly relevant to the actual point i want to make

First of all, here’s my setup:
The eGPU dock is the XG station 2, connected to an X34 monitor. (Please note that my X34 is not the X34. it is the other X34. Please don’t confuse my X34 from Acer with the X34 from Acer, because the other X34 is in fact a different model from my X34. The one i have is the Ultrawide 3440x1440 Acer Predator X34, not the Ultrawide 3440x1440 Acer Predator X34).

(product names are so great.)

both the XG station and the monitor have a dedicated USB port for their USB hubs - that means my 8 peripherals (2x HDDs, 1x SSD, KB+M, 2x game controllers, Headset, Speakers) should be working over USB and not taking up the bandwidth on the TB3 connection. That means the TB3 connection should solely be working with display data!

Having the dedicated hubs is also super handy for other reasons: because my girlfriend’s laptop doesn’t support TB3 - when she wants to use the desktop setup she just uses the HDMI cable (instead of the TB3 cable) to connect to the monitor, and the same USB cable that connects my V to the hubs and boom everything just works. (i don’t have a stationary PC at home, without a laptop / my V, my desk is just a monitor and peripherals.)

I’ve recently noticed windows game bar isnt the worst thing ever, and because its so damn easy to use, I’ve recorded and posted some in-game footage (expand the quotes to see the videos).

edit:here’s one i seem to have forgotten to link, its basically me doing the same derps as in the laggy af 18 background tabs one (but without the 18 background tabs) that i recorded for comparison.

The thing is, i’m never satisfied with how the videos turn out. I mean they’re literally just video captures i dumped on youtube with ZERO editing, but they’re so much worse than what it actually feels like to play it. As you might be able to tell from the quotes, i initially chalked it up to sub-optimal hardware for video capture while gaming as well as the oddball resolution on my screen being downressed.

The point is, it is considerably worse in the videos than it is when i’m playing - and I just realised that G-sync is the reason why. it all but eliminates stutter and tearing (things that we associate with lag and poor performance), and when the videos are recorded at some random refresh rate and then recoded to 30fps when they are uploaded - this makes everything terrible again.

Like i mentioned about playing Vermintide 2, i get frame dips to ~25 when there’s a lot of fighting and shadows, but even though tbh ~25 is kind of a shitty fps - it never feels like my performance is shitty - and i only just realised that its G-sync making it that way.


  1. how did you make it to the end to need a tl;dr when i put the main damn point in huge frickin text at the top of this reply?
  2. get a lower range GPU, spend the savings on a G-Sync/FreeSync enabled monitor. imo that will give you a much better gaming experience than throwing all your money at the GPU.


I’m with you on preference for a right CTRL vs a context key. I used SharpKeys to change it myself.