Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay - and about eGPUs


Trust me, when I heard about this I was baffled as well. This is… annoying to say the least. We did not specify it exactly, and yeah… this seems to happen when you don’t exactly specify something in China. We’re checking if we somehow can work on a workaround for it :wink:

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Seriously? It was a decision somewhere for someone - perhaps not from the community but someone somewhere decided it was too hard to make the keyboard work like all other keyboards.

I ordered 2 V’s - one for my wife and one for me. Due to the delays I’ve ended up buying a Dell 7390 2-in-1 instead and by the sounds of it that was the right decision for me. I’m a programmer so not having left shift-home/end working would have been a pain. My guess is that it won’t affect my wife.


I gather you’re a 1tb upgrader then? Man, I know it sucks extra for you. I initially backed the i5, then I upgraded to the i7 by swapping with someone solely for the larger ssd.

The primary reason I’m not in your shoes right now is I wasn’t going to pay more by the point they announced the 1tb ssd option. A 1tb i5 would have been perfect for me, I think.

There really isn’t much we can do about the delays - I replied somewhere else about forgetting about the order and receiving surprise presents from yourself.

I know a lot of the things I say sound silly, but it’s a matter of perspective - I stopped bothering to care about updates when the seemed like they were nowhere near meeting the original IGG deadline, only picking back up when they announced that they secured the new Sharp and had produced the first production V.

Even then, I only really started checking daily after I received my shipping update. So I had to check for like 8 excruciating days with no updates and boom flurry of updates, next day I had my V.

My heart fell everytime I checked my shipping status only to see there was no update, I almost died waiting those 8 days. I suppose the cardio feature is to help with rehabilitating my heart - ah, I totally didn’t think of that - man, the V guys really think of everything.

I don’t want to imagine what 15 months must feel like.

But unless we can contribute in a meaningful manner i.e. directly addressing the cause of the delay (for example, if you had a factory not in China that you’d be willing to lend Eve, pay for shipping to move the components to your country, retool your entire production line, train your workers to build the V so they could continue production during CNY, and THEN relocating everything back to China after CNY), we’re just tilting at windmills.

The only reassurances I can offer you are:

  • I’m 90% sure Konstantinos isn’t an evil mastermind because he failed the cackling portion of the interview, and you’ll receive your V someday.

  • make that 82.4%, I think he might have scored extra on the evil mastermind accent portion.

  • :thinking: he also has a cat. So 68.4%.

  • so… There’s a 31.6% chance he’s an evil mastermind. :no_mouth: …uh, that’s better than 50% amirite?

  • The V will not be past its use-by date, not for a long time to come. You won’t find it lacking for at least through the Intel 8th-gen chips and likely much longer than that.

    • unless you live in a volcano. If so don’t get the V. Or move. One of these is the logical option.

Yeah, I’m not a programmer so I can live with the compromise, but right-shift home/end feels unnatural. Btw, I’m not his wife.

I CALLED IT! Eve said “design us a typey typey thing for our tablet”, supplier said “ok, you want typewriter.”


maybe come out with modern typey typey thing ASAP?

btw the right shift is an abomination of nature and should not exist :slight_smile:


No, I didn’t upgrade to 1TB, I didn’t want to delay even further.
I am based in Asia which may have caused a further delay in getting a delivery date compared to those based in the US and Europe.


Don’t think it’s that easy. What I gather is they hardwired it that way and either is not possible to fix it or the vendor is wanting to charge an unreasonably exorbitant amount to do so.

Well I wouldn’t be too bothered by that, it’s really probably just more logistics than anything else.

By the way, I realise I’ve been making assertions and using percentages a lot recently.

While I legit do have the expertise / academic qualifications to believe there’s basis in most of what I’m saying (lol ikr, hard to believe), they are really nothing more than educated guesses.

I don’t feel like I need or want to prove that to randos on the internet - so what anyone chooses to do with what some other Internet rando who obviously has too much time on his hands (and might possibly have no friends to talk to) is entirely up to them.

I would however like to point out that 50% of statistics and facts posted on the Internet are untrue.


they just have to make an N-key rollover typey typey that’s 1 inch thick with mechanical switches


Edit: There’s ( well - an attempt at ) a tl;dr in the first post. So read that if you want.

Okay, i’ve got an update and a conclusion to what i meant to say about the V, and i’m confident i’ve been through enough group therapy sessions so that can write this in a way that it can not be used by my Psychatrist as clear indication of trauma induced mental instability and have me recommitted, so here i go - some more of my thoughts and what i think should be a wrap up to this “conversation”.

  • The front camera on the V is a waste of everything.

    • Everything involved in the design, production, assembly and everything in it is a waste - the only reason i would use it for video calls is because there is no other option.

    • The existence of the V’s camera is evidence that

      1. someone thought “charging light no good for sleep” but nobody thought “Sometimes when i play D&D, i like to dual-wield a cock-mouse combo” (don’t try to deny that shit, i know, you know, we know. it’s OK);

        • D&D = Dick & Desktop. Yes i came back to edit this to include this pun and i don’t care, it was necessary.
      2. and “sometimes i have the front camera on. Those are two things i probably don’t want to happen at the same time. It’d be nice to have some form of indicator to help me prevent that.”

    • The resultant effect of this and the speaker problems is the best way to have a video call is to sit on the wrong side of the V with the decent rear camera and better-than-correct-side sound.

    • The only demographic i can think of that this specific camera situation benefits is a camgirl who hasn’t decided on camgirling as a life decision and wants all her hoochie exhibitions for now to be slightly censored as an insurance policy, and also believes in interacting with her viewer base 100% of the time.

      • If you’re in this demographic, 10/10 would recommend please support Eve

        • Then… it isn’t really a waste then, is it? Um… good job, Eve?
  • This is not just a problem with the V but (for me) with laptops/2-in-1s in general - what is the point of the rear camera?

  • Why is the rear camera always better than the front?

  • Why not stick the better rear camera on the front and just pretend there’s a camera on the rear? did that not come up during the crowd design phase? how did it not win?

In hindsight, i realise i may not have actually thought of any substantial feedback but just had a lot to say about the camera situation. I don’t even video call much so holy crap this is some nitpicky whining.

Anyway, i’m going to pretend this somehow actually ties in to what i have to say about the V.

Since i received it until now i’ve been going back and forth whether or to sell the V and keep the Asus T3P that i own, or sell the Asus and keep the V.

Every single petty complaint i have about the V is a feature i miss from the T3P: a more visually appealing (imo) keyboard ( that is not a fkin typewriter ), a right-ctrl key, an activity indicator ( i should clarify, not just charging indicator, the light that blinks on processor activity - the other safety feature that informs you your code is stupid and you should be ashamed ), a better camera (for the video calls i don’t make), and basically the rest of the stuff earlier in this thread.

Expecting troubleshooting tools that is slightly more advanced than what is present on a brick is the only complaint that i feel has any kind of valid basis.

I’m keeping the V, and the primary factor is i’ve given up on debating the pros and cons of the situation. Its too damn tedious.

So, as a customer who has given up on trying to form an impression on the product to express, here’s what i can say about the V:

  • There’s some awesome shit

  • There’s some ridiculously minor but decently aggravating messed up shit ( i don’t appreciate the implication that i need additional cardio, thanks. i’m 6’3 239lbs. Perfect Health. )

  • I don’t fkin know, I don’t even care if you do get the V - Get the V if you want a good device and think there aren’t enough unsolved mysteries in life i guess.

    • Except… the answer to all the mysteries of the V is either “we voted on it” or “inexperienced team”.

That leaves “I don’t fkin know, I don’t even care if you do get the V - Get the V if you want a good device.”


I’ll be honest, i’m not even pretending here: i’m genuinely surprised my final conclusion turned out to be (in essence) “the V is a good device”. As frustrating as this whole experience has been - i hadn’t expected as positive and concise a review as this.

So - get the V, or don’t. I don’t know even know why I think you might think my opinion matters, and if it does, it shouldn’t - but the V is a good device. Just - sigh - side effects may include discombobulation, confusion, uncontrollable fits of irrational anger, a healthier heart and longer life, and hallucinations.



How to Keyboard: The super secret community guide to successful keyboarding

I have no idea. Everybody has a smart phone with a better camera than on a computer. It’s not an iPad. I just don’t understand it.


Shit, i forgot:

  • The USB-C ports are weird
    • the USB-C port is very very loose.
    • the thunderbolt port is fine.
  • The USB-A ports both grip my Corsair Voyager Go like their lives depended on it.
    For reference, THIS is the Corsair Voyager Go;
    and THIS is what it looks like plugged in. This is literally the worst thumb drive to have to pry out of a tablet. I shit you not that was a fkin ordeal.

Just more strange problems that are part of a V owner’s life, i guess. This doesn’t affect the conclusion so let’s just pretend it’s always been here.


image image


Here I was thinking that @Wickedly and a few others here were among the brightest candles in the Eve community box.


Don’t you see guys?

Nobody really cares about the camera, its absence of having a light or it’s pixel rate.
Or any other complaint put up in the last few days.
It’s all just a smoke screen!

Don’t you guys GET IT?

It’s the same bunch as before.
They can no longer say that there are no “updates” or production has been f…ked up, or their email has been ignored, or deliveries are late or KK won’t respond to their personal inquiry, or my knee has a new itch and caused them irreparable discomfort.

This is all because in the past they didn’t want to read the updates above in the same damn thread, or they were just too zoned out to read more than 3 or 4 posts.

Now the poor buggers don’t have anymore to post about, because their V is on the way!

So now they have to make up some new and hopefully interesting stories about some measly innocuous crap that everyone else ignored and never even cared about.
Can you believe they even forget they have smart phones for some of the stuff they want the V to do.
Go Figure!

When I get my V next week or so, I’m going to start a new thread.
"Where is the damn diamond in the middle of my V key? _
I waited bloody long enough to justify its inclusion._

I just sat here and I didn’t join the discontent club.
Surely I deserve something valuable!

That’s so unfair of KK, Mike and the Team not to have my diamond there right in the middle of the V to appease me for my patience.

It’s Just So Bloody Unfair.
I’m going to tell my mum.
Oh No! - I can’t. She left this world years ago.

Maybe I’ll just have a talk with @Cluster_Stuff. He understands me.

What the hell can I do now.

Maybe I will take my case and grievances to the International Court of Unfairness & Conciliation in Genoa.
I read somewhere that they might give me a fair hearing, or at least they might give me one of those ugly FIAT cars and then I can at least sell it to LukasF because he just loves them.

Hey don’t laugh, at least that way I might be adequately recompensed, for all this tragic unfairness.
Though not sufficiently recompensed mind you.

And best of all at least that way I will receive some compensation for having to read and put up with all the tedious dribble of unimportant posts of discontent about not having minute to minute updates, useless keyboard combinations, Shitty USB ports, production delays, management mistakes, deceitful lies, flimsy screen protector, lack of charging LED, camera LED absence, speaker too tinny for my Top Gun movie, 2 different kinds of SSD to expect, broken promises and all this unfairness that’s been foisted upon us by EVE and the TEAM.

I am not sure when I will again I have the opportunity to be entertained and sometimes annoyed by reading the all the issues posted here by so many who are too lazy to take a few minutes and do some normal research or check using the right channels.

I think the main cause is because, all the while many of these well informed post writers have stayed glued to their desktops covered with their noise cancelling headset playing on their games like Monster hunter, PUBG or League of Legends, and no doubt they’re probably thinking - “This is the real cool life, and I just solved another world problem in my sleeping clothes, and I didn’t even have to have a shower or leave my desk.”

And also while doing this, they’re probably are feeding their bodies on good nutritious foods such as Uber delivered pizza, burgers, hotdogs, fries, and snacks laden with sugar and salt. Then they’re most likely quenching their never ending thirst using liquids saturated with caffeine, taurine, niacin, guarana, glucuronolactone, the rare seminal fluids of bulls & dragon monsters, sugar and a healthy overdose of Vitamin B.

Fortunately for Eve this era of discontent posting is fast drawing to a close.
As well this version of entertainment for me is nearing its end.
What on earth will I replace it with?

Now I’ll have to revert to boring work, travelling, reading books, jogging, taking the neighbours dog for a walk and generally having a life again.
How boring, sad and unfair.

@kk, @Mickey and @TeemEve you’ll have to do something about this coming dilemma for the guys and me.

BTW please get off your collective lazy arses and answer me quickly in the next few minutes or I might have a nervous knee spasm or other such unfortunate itching occurrence.




F***ing awesome post, possibly the best ever :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh oh, there are flash sale guys visible on the horizon :hushed:


Oh No!

I hope nobody left the gate open.

Shutter the windows, bolt the doors, load the weapons, turn on the electric fence and activate the minefield.


Office Lens, maybe?
(I don’t know if that app or a similar one is available on Windows, like on smartphones)


Oh yeah riiiight… Forgot about that, because usually when I want to capture a documents its just handier and better to use my phone.

Fine, you can keep your dinky rear camera, it’s not useless.


Well, maybe having a single use for it doesn’t make it useful, just not very useless.
Really, I thought the community put the rear cam just for that, because we can all agree it’s not suitable for taking pictures (and here is where I use my phone).
I can’t think of any other reason :man_shrugging:


Undecided camgirls. They’re a very niche, very untapped target demographic.

V Keyboard scratches off anti-reflective coating

I’m not so certain they’re untapped or not.

That would be a rather large stretch to make.


Okay screw the conclusion - this is obviously the neverending review so bear with me:

i was transferring files from OfB to Onedrive, so i thought i should capture some snapshots of how the V performs.

Here’s the V downloading (then uploading) 100GB of files (to separate locations) at once - on battery; Best Performance settings; screen on darkest (though it was at brighter for a while); no BIOs changes or tweaks.

I’d just done a reset at the beginning of this week because my idiot friend decided my V needed his desktop customisations and installed 80GB of cracked software.

Notice the 2hr 45min battery runtime estimate @ 80% battery life.

Also notice how i only have edge and task manager open. I could maybe do one more thing concurrently with still decent performance (one more browser tab actively browsing or stream a video), but that’s about it.

Transfer speeds dip a bit toward the later part because i was walking away from the router to the bedroom.

When i was standing over my wifi router, i saw download speeds of up to my advertised speed on task manager, (500Mbit/s), though speedtest says otherwise:

and in the bedroom (about 8-10 metres and two solid concrete walls between me and the router):

Like i (possibly) mentioned, the shortest battery runtime i’ve seen on the V is ~4hrs - i achieved that when i was trying to swap the data between 2x 2tb external HDDs; so data was going both ways (read/write) from USB-A port to the other USB-A port.

And this is battery life about 1hr after the 1st pic. i went into the bedroom immediately after the previous pic and paused the UL/DL about half an hour later. So there should have been about another 30 minutes of bedroom-speed wifi UL/DL doing on, then very light browsing at darker brightness.


And finally, battery life estimates from the battery report. Actually, looks spot on to me.

If i were spitballing it, i’d have said (and i think i have said this, elsewhere) i get about 6-8 hours of runtime, but i’ve seen upwards of 13hrs. This is uncannily accurate, lol.

There really isn’t much to be said about the processor’s performance. Its a passively cooled dual-core that can boost like crazy. Its gonna suck at sustained loads and multi-threaded loads - zipping large files takes forever - otherwise, the difference between this and a (admittedly previous gen) U/HQ processor in day-to-day use is surprisingly small.