Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay - and about eGPUs


Since I started using a device with windows precision support I find the “two finger tap” on the touchpad more convenient for that, so I kind of see where Wickedly is coming from.


not happy about the lack of charging leds. @anon99772972

I get that, but there might be a little workaround “patch” (at least for me) anyways :wink:

I just did a quick search on charging cables with an integrated charging indicator light (there is a bunch out there) and personally ordered this one: https://www.weareampere.com/products/usb-type-c-to-usb-type-c-led-cable

Because it’s on sale right now and I do think that it will look pretty sweet paired up with my V. :heart_eyes: I don’t know if this works for you too, but as long as the product does what it claims it will be a pretty neat solution for me with no real compromise I guess.

And in the long run maybe the Eve Team could consider offering similar cables in their shop.


Thanks for your write-up. I, too, am not happy about the lack of charging leds.


Ordered one! With Royal snail delivery, only a few months of waiting :heart_eyes:


Sounds good, maybe it will arrive with my V :yum:


…You used to be my favourite CM.

Yeah… but it’s a solution that is slower and more steps than ctrlshift-leftleftleftleftleftleftteftleft…


Ok, seriously - we found one context menu key user - now who uses fn+right shift+arrow keys?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m over the moon to at least have this - but, just, wha-… How? Why? :sob:


Take some cardiac care my son :joy:


Well, i survived the mental breakdown from the home/end fiasco, and have been given a doctors letter allowing me to use forums again. it also certifies that i have been getting sufficient cardio since 14th dec.

So here are a few more (posssibly the same) points (but with punctuation!)i thought i’d mention:

  • This is the first portable device i’ve had that can keep up with my usage pattern and last more than 4 hours consistently.

  • While it is possible to increase the TDP, i really haven’t found any reason to do so other than trying for higher benchmark numbers.

  • So far, I’ve only seen the Y processor choke on anything that requires more than 2 cores, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; since most mainstream software would be developed to at least support dual-core CPUs, the only things i can’t really run are things i wouldn’t want to be doing on the go anyway.

  • The only way i’ve ever gotten the V to thermal throttle to any significant extent, is to sit the V in ridiculous places that the chassis gets really hot. As long as there’s even a bit of airflow, it will happily chug along without any significant performance impairment, while staying under 80C.
    • The V regulates CPU heat well. As long as you use some common sense you shouldn’t see any throttling at all.

    • Chances are if it does throttle, its not the processor but the chassis. The V cannot cool itself.

    • I’ve noticed that any throttling is usually because of a slightly prolonged spike (like accidentally filling your 16gb of ram when you started with a 30kb set of data because you wrote the stupidest code in the history of man that you really shouldn’t be telling the internet about)

    • If that spike causes the chassis to hit a temperature that is uncomfortable to hold, it will throttle to hell and stay there because the V cannot cool itself, and there is nothing you can do about it short of disabling intel thermal safety driver type things, but there is an easy way to fix this if it happens.

    • If your V seems to be slowing down, just touch the back of it - you’ll be able to tell if its too hot - just take this as a cue to take a break from what you’re doing, and when you resume everything should be fine.

Finally, i’d pay for an improved keyboard - something about the spacing of the keys makes it appear… amateurish - for lack of a better word - next to my Asus T3P keyboard, and its the only thing keeping me from selling the Asus right now.

…and i’m still not happy about shift-end/home fiasco. I accept the right-shift compromise, but have lost all trust in the team (in this area) and will demand letters of verification to prove your vendors have ever used a keyboard in the future. or if they might be on drugs. or maybe they just don’t like the home/end keys.

Actually, i’d be satisfied with just knowing why. i mean, i don’t like the context menu key and wish it were ctrl, but i’m okay with it because at least now I know @nawthor isn’t really my friend, and i can start to move on and love other CMs. (I may convinced to reconsider that decision if someone asked the vendor why right shift works and not left, because i’m actually really curious about this strange decision.)

But i really would pay for an improved keyboard if that were offered.

That leaves my biggest peeve: the cardio feature that was included with the V. I can’t say enough about it and actually began a really long rant that i got too angry to finish, so i shall content myself with this:

  1. noticed V had no indicator light
  2. checked forum, saw vote thread
  3. saw “no, it might disturb my sleep, no light”
  4. am hella pissed off that i may one day have to try to figure out if my V is a brick the exact same way i figure out if an actual brick is a brick because some people couldn’t figure out how to solve the problem of having a teeny tiny light in their bedroom.

P.S. additional observations:

  • Amateurs are advised to stay away from coding on the V; the safety feature that goes “WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” when you do something stupid is not included.

  • Users may start hallucinating fan sounds when double-clicking to open a program.

it occured to me that because i just put down whatever came to mind with no regard to order, i legitimately have no idea what i may or may not have already said, so i’m not sure if i’m starting to repeat myself.

Unless someone wants to summarise everything in an sensible fashion, i think any updates will be things i notice at the time than any actually useful information from having owned a V for a while.

Otherwise, any intentional updates will probably be observations from owning this unique device that i find interesting, like the fan hallucinations i developed.

…or it might be a chronicle of my descent into schizophrenia.

Either way, if any one happens to find any of info useful - like, i dunno, maybe you live in a volcano and you want to know what i mean by ‘really hot’ so you know where to put your V - just ask, and i’ll try to expand. (btw, my answer to that question would be ‘dont live in a volcano’).

i wasn’t actually serious about somebody summarising my nonsense, please dont do that.

[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off

Actually enjoy reading your replies. Also I’m with @nawthor I like the context key, thumbs up @nawthor. You’re still my favorite CM.


That doesn’t really bother me, actually - i didn’t notice until you brought it up. I find you can tell if caps lock is on if your computer suddenly decides THAT IT REALLY WANTS TO HELP YOU EMPHASISE SOMETHING OR SEEM LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING.


I remember that… and found it weird at that time that people listened to (and acknowledged) this… :frowning:


I’m genuinely surprised that people do, because i see most people be like ‘bro do u even mouse’ and don’t even know what that key is, and of those who keyboard, i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone who uses it.

All the context key has done for me is transform my intention to select a bunch of text into an odd compulsion to open a context menu in the middle of a word for no reason, for the first few days of owning my V


There’s also no charging lights in most if not all smartphones, most tablets (all iPads), so survival without should be possible. That said, those all give visual feedback when plugging or un-plugging the power cable. This is actually something that was brought up by the community, and will be looked into as a feature-add through firmware upgrade. (There is hope yet!)

Keep in mind that this is unintentional behavior and is on the list of things to be patched. So it’s a workaround for now in this particular situation, but it kind of breaks the cursor keys for people who want to have the Function row permanently switched

It’s not a decision: it’s a limitation of the electronic grid layer of the keyboard module, which was not designed to distinguish these key combinations (though all keys should work with all modifier keys by themselves and most combinations with more modifiers will also still work).

How to Keyboard: The super secret community guide to successful keyboarding

Are you saying that the left-shift not working properly (and not like the right-shift) is a design “feature”? Seems strange that the two shift keys don’t work the same way.


Good to hear. I’d be dead certain narcotics were involved when it was make each shift key different. Consider the drug test requirements from withdrawn from the verification letter requirements.

please don’t go back to that. that sucked so hard. i never sucked at keyboarding so hard in my life. want to refresh? lower volume. toggle. want to move back one character? start of line. toggle. the only competent enough to do that week before the hotfix was watch youtube.

…and i even messed that up because trying to maximise the browser turned on aeroplane mode instead.

do. not. want.

The keyboard module has a limitation that doesn’t support a common keyboard function?

So keyboard module wasn’t designed to distinguish all key combinations, but fn+[single key] should all work, and some multi-key combos were too?

So… they were designing a typewriter?

I mean i get that its a technical limitation - and i get that having it on right shift is a compromise, but was there a specific reason that a common keyboard function had to be mangled like that?


So, this thread is awesome for a few reasons:

  1. I am definitely in the camp of shift-home/shift-end being a staple shortcut. Frankly, I think that having to do any kind of function+home key combination is worthless. Just give me dedicated home/end keys. I guarantee there are other keys people use less that currently have dedicated buttons.
  2. I can count the number of times I’ve used the context menu key on one hand. And I can assure you that every single time I did use it, it was completely accidental.
  3. @Wickedly is freaking hilarious to read, whether or not you agree with him.


Keep going Wicky :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::heart_eyes:

(please add edl)


Yeah i wouldn’t trust that guy - i caught him lying about his credentials. who knows what kind of lies he could be telling us about his opinions?

Anyway, thanks for the comments, i just wanted to talk about my experience with the V, and some of the things that irked me just happened to be too stupid to describe properly, glad to see my attempt to portray the silliness of the whole thing turned out well.

BTW, you are all evil people for taking joy from my suffering of these very real issues. i wish ctrl-shift-leftleftleftleftleftleftleftleftleft on you and all your families.


Think yourself lucky you’ve received your ‘V’. 15 months. 15 months. Nearly 12 months overdue. I don’t even have an expected delivery date. I have kept sticking by the ‘V’ hoping the delivery dates are true as they go back and back.

I wish I had cut mt loses six months ago and bought the new Microsoft Surface Pro, at least I’d now have a now laptop rather than struggling by with a laptop nearly a year past its use by date with no end is sight!


There is reason to be frustrated, but no end in sight ?
Courage bro, they will arrive. :hugs: