Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay - and about eGPUs

Update after 1 week of rambling

So - i’m pretty sure i’m done with this. I feel like i’ve ( finally ) said all i want to say ( about this ).

i’ve tried to distill the essence of it for you.


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Summary ( in a manner of speaking )
  • Author’s note: had mental breakdown.
  • Author’s note: for clarity, this is the path to enlightenment: let go of everything, and do not let yourself be burdened by your worldly desires.

    • what i mean to say is you have to have transcended your mortal self and moved on to a higher plane of existence to not get pissed at the damn wait and all the delays.

      • or be really forgetful like me

        • or, on a lot of drugs. not like me - just saying it’s a possibility.
    • The last guy who managed that ( the enlightenment, not the being forgetful ) became known as Buddha ( good chance he might have been baked though. i swear, some of the shit he said… ), So its kind of ok if you’re upset at the wait.

    • what i really mean to say is “holy shit THAT WAIT i almost died”.

P.S. lol i just noticed i just gave up numbering my points like, immediately - AND LITERALLY THE SECOND WORD IS A TYPO. Good job me, -2/10 for consistency and attention to detail.

P.P.S. I have chosen to leave out some gratuitous praise for the team peppered throughout. Clearly these douchenozzles can’t take a hint as i haven’t received any kickbacks or such ( not even a pic of Konstaninos without his orange wig! ) in payment gratitude for my stellar appraisal of the team, so i’m not including them in the summary.

P.P.P.S. If that still wasn’t clear douchenozzles, i want free stuff. Gimme free stuff and i’ll include the nice things i said in the summary.

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P.P.P.P.P.S. Everything about the above is a lie except the part about me wanting free stuff. Honesty like that is commendable and should be rewarded ( with free stuff ).

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. (This is the last one i swear) This thread is done, and needs a solution so it’ll have the checked box in the title. I think we can all agree, this honour should be given to the only logical solution to the problems in this thread presented in point 9 in the very first reply to this thread from @Xify:

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This isn’t going to be more of a “V Experience” than “V | User Experience”, because everything that can be said about the V has been said, somewhere or other, so I’ll just highlight a few before moving on. In no particular order, good and bad, just my favourites:

  1. V will happily run at 10W, 13W - giving decently improved performance with marginally increased but still reasonable temps which is pretty darn cool. ( wasn’t me who did it, of course. i heard this from @xify. i dont even know how to computer. tooootally didn’t do anything that would void my warranty. :innocent: )

  2. There was an attempt to implement fan sounds in a fanless 2-in-1, and i know it wasn’t just a joke. C’mon, admit it - i know some of you have thought ‘i don’t know if my V is working’.

  3. The finish of the V chassis looks really good, and the Alcantara keyboard is a nice addition that adds a bit of a luxe feeling, i have to admit it really grew on me.

  4. There are ALWAYS fingerprints on the chassis and the Alcantara can never stay clean. I suspect a conspiracy. have begun surveillance on coworkers.

  5. The keyboard. Oh dear god, the keyboard, this is subpoint territory:

    5.1. I miss my right ctrl key
    5.2. who uses the context menu key?
    5.3. Why is the white backlight blue?
    5.4. Why won’t you let me have shift/ctrl-home and shift/ctrl-end? What did i do to deserve the horrible punishment of having to ctrl-shift-leftleftleftleftleftleftleft?
    5.5. Why do the F-keys default to media keys, and why can’t i change the default?

  6. ctrl-shift-rightrightrightrightrightrightright. Do you see what i have to do without shift-end, you monsters?

  7. Typing on the keyboard is actually quite nice though.

  8. This is the thing that bothers me the most: charging/activity indicator light. there isn’t one. there is no charging indicator light on a fanless 2-in-1 that has no moving parts. The only good thing about this that i get my cardio in more regularly - whenever my V decides to hibernate, i have a mini panic attack wondering if i killed it.

  9. I’m a pretty heavy user and prior to the V, every other CPU I’ve had has been quad-core at least, and i haven’t had to change my using habits at all on the dual-core Y CPU. It is truly amazing.

  10. Eve V is a slightly cumbersome name - I’ve taken to just bookmarking the Eve V IGG page letting people see that when they ask.
    “It’s an Eve V.”
    “Huh, EE?”
    “No, Eve V.”
    I can’t be the only one that has to deal with this all the time, right?

  11. The audio quality issue was fixed promptly, and whatever anyone else might say, i’ve compared it with other 2-in-1s and i’m happy.

  12. As a bonus, audio quality is even better for the person sitting opposite you.

  13. I got the V on 14 Dec.
    …I only found the FFH engraving on 8th Jan. :neutral_face:

Hmm, well i guess that’s it in general - although i’ll keep making snarky comments about the charging/activity indicator (WHY ISNT THERE ONE) because you may not have noticed my subtle hints, but i want it.

In any case, i’m not going to be bothered to read whatever i just typed, but just to clarify, I’m enjoying my V. Its not perfect by any stretch, and there are just so many flaws - but they’re not big enough to turn me off of the V - i can’t really get annoyed at ctrlshift-leftleftleftleftleftleftteft, its not that big a deal after all, but everytime i do that i am acutely aware that the left arrow key is also the home key BUT THE fn KEY DOESN’T WORK WITH SHIFT. But more importantly, the things they set out to do were done right.

So all in all, that’s how i’d describe the V. The potential in it is amazing (just like the potential of this left arrow key btw. it could be more. just saying.) and everything it does right, is done very well. but there’s these little things that are overlooked that i am so used to that the lack of it becomes painfully obvious (like the left arrow key.)

The @Team as well - you’re super cool, and i’ll be keeping an eye out to see what else Eve-Tech will be coming up with after the lessons from this project.

TL;DR: Good job Eve, I truly believe the only way you guys could have done better is with an industrial design team with years and years of expertise, like the larger players. I look forward to seeing where you guys go in the future. as long as it has a charging indicator light.

Was it worth the wait? Well, no, because you forgot the charging indicator light, but other than the light, i do not regret making the payment in 2016. Seeing the teams commitment to deliver a product in the face of all the problems that cropped up convinced me that they believed in their product, and i’m happy to have been even the smallest help with my purchase, and i am absolutely satisfied with the product that has come from this startup that set out to do something their way.

The V will be compared with the surface, and it will come up short - but that’s to be expected when you put a team of 20? 30? against a multinational corp.

The V is a fantastic device, and no matter what, a job well done.


BTW not having a charging light is the worst part because it can’t be patched in. Ever!


My V was cool at 13W for sure when I went outside with it at -35°C :rofl: Otherwise it’s simply way too hot. 9W/10W should be the max people should use for reasonable temperature and maximum performance.

  1. Closing the kickstand and the keyboard is smooth and silent. It sounds stupid to say, but when I wanted to close my Surface Pro 4 to go somewhere else, closing the keyboard made a huge * SLAP * sound. But with the V, no problems.

  2. Gaming performance is pretty fantastic overall with an egpu. Only avoid open world games with lots of AI, ex: GTA, Watch Dogs, AC

  3. 3D application performances are pretty good even with Intel HD graphics. Everything can be done with minor slowdowns here and here.


I wouldn’t know, i dont even know what Ws are, definitely did not bring them above 7, nope. :innocent:

Btw, you reminded me of some actually useful feedback i have, lol

  1. The V runs Hyper-V vm’s perfectly fine, so virtualisation technology isn’t an issue.

  2. The V will laugh at office based work. in the VM, I set up an analysis services instance using the integrated workspace in visual studio, and tried running a few queries to see what performance would be like - well it was terrible but thats because the VM had 1 core - but i would say that it indicates to me that MS office will not be a problem at all.

to summarise

  • if you aren’t really sure what the above is about, you can be confident you will never notice any performance issues with the V.
  • if you know what the above is about, by terrible i mean dont bother lol. ssas on the V itself might work- didnt try that - but the VM was just a ‘i wonder if…’ thing.

the little Y processor really never ceases to amaze.

  1. if you’re gonna hook up the V to an eGPU for gaming, the sweet spot is a GTX 1050/1060. don’t go any higher.

I’m comparing the V to a Macbook 2007 and to a 2012/13 HP ultrabook with Intel Core i5-3427U, so I can’t pass judgement till I see it but I am excited.

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what kind of workload do you run on your HP? i should be able to tell you what you can expect

edit: actually i don’t need to know - a 2007 laptop and a U processor, i think i can confidently say you’ll be more than satisfied with your V, its a good device - and the processor technology made some significant leaps too.

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even based on ark.intel.com, the power consumption is much better in the new cpu and i havent had an SSD either, so i am looking forward to the speed there for boot and sleep modes plus this eye melting display is supposed to be a hit :wink:

Do you find cleaning the V to be fairly easy? Like is it easy to remove the fingerprints from the chassis with a damp cloth? Also will a few swipes with a lint roller do the job on the Alacantra?

Lol, yes. Fingerprints aren’t hard to get rid of at all. There’s just always one mystery fingerprint lol.

The Alcantara is pretty resilient, it doesn’t really get dirty, it just looks that way. 90% of the time, just using my palm to swipe it so the… Grain? Of the fabric is facing the same way fixes it.

I’ve never used a lint roller - every once in a while i take a damp cloth and wipe it down though. i’ve had the V since early dec, i’ve wiped it thrice, so like, a decent wipedown once a fortnight on the keyboard and just a soft cloth to the chassis whenever is all i do.


Nice, I was watching this review: https://youtu.be/-gx9xC2eHdc and the reviewer suggested getting one of the newly released skins that dBrand announced for the V to avoid the fingerprint problem.

Lol, yeah, dbrand skins are sexy, definitely on the to do list.

but its not a problem as in something that must be dealt with, just a gripe - you’ll see if/when you receive your V i suppose - the finish is really quite nice as is, but when it is absolutely pristine, it is a extremely satisfying to look at.

ugh. maybe someone else who know’s what i mean will come along and explain better lol.

Fn and arrow keys should be home end page up page down

shift-end to highlight the rest of the current line is the missing functionality i’m bitching about.


Ahhh I see. Hopefully they add that through an update.

it was the first thing i asked @Xinjie after they implemented shift-pgup pgdown. The keyboard makers said can’t be done.

so: fn+shift+up arrow works, but fn+shift+left arrow does not.

you can understand why im making it sound silly? i know most people dont use that command, and i dont use it often enough that its a hindrance, more a slight inconvenience.

… but the left arrow is right there! next to the up arrow! how does it not work?! :sob:


I want to start this of by saying that this made me smile to the point where a like wouldn’t have been enough. But being a CM, I couldn’t write just that, so have some comments:

I do. All the time, and I am fairly certain I was the main proponent for there being one.

You can actually achieve this by toggling fn-lock when you want to select the rest of the line. With fn-lock on, shift+left/right works as shift+home/end. It’s not the best workaround, but it is a workaround.

Here I will wholeheartedly agree with you. Even the impractical little light inside the USB-C ports that I have on my prototype is better than having no light.

This is probably the bit that had me smiling the most.

I’ve taken to just calling it “the V” (“Ven” in Norwegian). But as I’ve been carrying one with me for almost a year now (okay, 9 months), I’ve mostly presented it to everyone who’d care at this point

It could be added to the charging cable. Which currently is the solution that has my vote.

One day I’m going to be able to write something like this without a million quotes. One day.


I’m working on my bachelor’s thesis on the V (monitoring DotNet applications) and even in the super battery saver mode with only ~800 MHz I don’t have any issues when coding (bar from some thread sync issues that are due to the low clock)

Now I’m coding more again I feel you. Miss that the most on the V :confused:

Autohotkey to switch the home/end vs pg up/pg down? Home/end is more useful IMO, though we reply should have all 4
Whey kenot it be dun? insert random shouting scene

It works with the right-shift, it just doesn’t work with the left shift. See:

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Great description :blush:
You may add that there is no indication if the ‘shift lock’ key is on or off.

As a “keyboard” search gives +50 results, is there any use for keyboard fac where all those workarounds / hints will be found ?